Travelers Season 2 Episode 6: U235 Recap


This episode brings the plague and Faction civil war arcs to a close with a giant hand wave from the Director and a whisper from Grace. It’s all very Deus Ex Director Machina. As with episode 6 in season 1, Helios 685, the team spends the episode doing Very Important Things that mostly don’t matter, because the Director will eventually manage to pull off the save.

The episode picks up back at headquarters, with Jenny being moved onto a gurney. They toss her on it instead of placing her gently, then start questioning her again. Carly brilliantly holds her at gunpoint. I don’t know what happened to her IQ this season. Jenny tells her to go ahead and shoot, she wants to die anyway (They brought her back from a suicide attempt 5 minutes ago in their time, FFS.)

Jenny won’t tell them where the frame is or how many Faction members are in the 21st. Grace reminds them that there could be thousands more in the frame. Trevor says it could be anybody they meet.

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Travelers Season 2 Episode 5: Jenny Recap


As with season 1, this season’s episode 5 is a game changing episode that reveals what the future world is like, and just how dangerous the 21st is for the travelers. This time, travelers inadvertently start a plague instead of preventing one, and realize that they’ve been used by the Faction for months.

Almost everyone’s life is at risk from the new plague. Victims bleed from their eyes before they die, so you know it’s bad. Global pandemic stories are the best.

Part of me feels like this recap should be a transcript of the entire episode. There are a lot of important facts thrown out at a rapid pace, so it’s easy to miss some. I’ll try to control myself.

We pick up not long after 11:27 ended. Jenny commands Phillip/3326 to access memory chain 71985VX and write the information down on her white board. He does so silently, as if he’s in a trance. When he finishes, Dr Derek/D13, the Director’s favorite super doctor, arrives to get a copy of the formula. Jenny told Derek that she would send him a copy, but he was so excited that he wanted to see it for himself. He says that parts of the formula will be difficult to reproduce, takes photos of the whiteboard, and leaves.

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Travelers Season 2 Episode 4: 11:27 Recap


The team is ordered to take part in not one, but two terrorist attacks this episode, occurring simultaneously, against a thinly veiled version of agribusiness conglomerate Monsanto and MacLaren’s old friend Congressman Bishop. They are forced to improvise, as always, with the usual mixed results, but this time the Director is watching them closely.

Carly buys a bomb from a guy at a preagreed spot next to a dumpster in an alley, using codewords and a text conversation on her phone to identify herself. She tells the guy they shouldn’t have any more contact, now that their business is concluded.

Trevor delivers a bomb to a woman using the same code words and text conversation as identification. The package is a different size than the one Carly received. The team has inserted themselves as a middle man in this transaction to make sure that the woman (Abby) is successful with her bomb.

She asks Trevor questions about the safety parameters of the bomb, and he gives her some very specific warnings, including telling her she shouldn’t take it through a metal detector, or blow herself up trying to get through security. Guess we know what went wrong the first time.

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Travelers Season 2 Episode 3: Jacob Recap


This episode is a race against time, as more travelers who have been tortured while bound to wheelchairs are discovered, and the team realizes they have a serious problem on their hands. These travelers died instead of escaping, but their team leader was spared, so Mac and the gang race to find him and the man responsible for the abductions. There is also a significant time jump, allowing the team to become old hands at living in the 21st, and the spring flowers to become dreary fall clouds.

We open with Mac watching Kat through his rainy car window as she approaches. She’s all out of focus and flowing, idealized and soft. Here we go again. He gets so annoying when he decides to be the perfect husband to his perfect 21st century model wife. Future girls never looked like that.

She gets in the car and asks if he’s told Walt about the baby. He replies that he hasn’t told anybody. They share a soft, secret smile. Ha, he’s not keeping it from people solely for the reason she thinks.

Cut to an abandoned building with bloody, tortured travelers bound to wheelchairs, being asked familiar questions by the screen in front of them. What is your mission? When are you from? The sound of a gunshot can be heard as the screen goes dark.

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Travelers Season 2 Episode 2: PROTOCOL 4 Recap


The travelers take a minute to deal with their personal lives in this episode, after the events of the last few episodes have left them in an upheaval. Phillip finds a missing family member and a new friend. Mac and Carly seem to have given up on each other for the moment, and instead work on their hosts’ separate relationships. Marcy and Trevor spend time with David and Grace, as they all heal from injury and trauma. The team is finally starting to settle into their new lives and personas.

Phillip frantically searches headquarters for Poppy the turtle, who is safely crawling around on the floor. He picks her up and gives her a heartfelt apology. You’ve gotta love a man who loves his turtle.

Meanwhile, several people experience the worst timeshare sales pitch ever, as the salesman locks them in the room after they’ve already been there for hours. They’re quickly turned into travelers, even though there’s no visible threat to their lives. The consequences of the timeshare pitch just aren’t worth the free meal or whatever they promise you, kids.

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Travelers Season 2 Episode 1: Ave Machina Recap


Welcome back to the 21st, fellow Travelers! It’s been a long year for us since we’ve heard from the Director, but only a short time has passed for the characters. We get a huge new mythology infusion this episode, courtesy of an important new character. We also check in with virtually every character from season 1, answering the question of who is and isn’t coming back this season, along with picking up the story within hours of the finale.

But first, we meet Vincent Ingram, who is in the process of describing his recurring nightmare of his experience as a survivor of the 9/11/01 tragedy. Only this nightmare has a twist, because he isn’t the original soul to live in his current body. He’s traveler 001, sent as a test case, then meant to send the future an email confirming his arrival and die in the attacks. No plan survives contact with the past, including the first one, which went wrong from the moment of arrival.

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