Dark Season 3 Release Date and 1st Trailer


I walk away from my computer for a couple of days to reread the Hunger Games trilogy before reading the new installment, and look what I miss- a trailer finally announcing the release date for Dark season 3.

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The release date is what we all expected, based on the clues within the show itself- the date of the nuclear apocalypse, June 27, 2020.


Here is someone else’s quick breakdown of the images in the trailer:


It all looks intriguing, obviously. I agree with Pete Peppers’ assessment that the 3 new characters are the 3 different age iterations of one person. They don’t strike me as friendly, benign characters. I wonder if they have something to do with Jonas being absent from the alt world. Maybe this character is Hannah or Michael’s replacement son, so he has a vested interest in how the cycle turns out. Maybe he is somehow the son Martha and Jonas should have had, but Adam stopped his conception and birth. Then he would hate Adam and wants to prevent Adam from continuing to play the same role in the repeating cycles.

If Martha is Jonas in the alt world, then she’s now symbolically Dionysus, while Jonas symbolically becomes Ariadne, a potentially tragic figure. Martha 1 died at the hand of her first love on the way to her rescue, betrayed, one of Ariadne’s potential fates. That makes Adam Theseus, the one who brings on Ariadne’s death. Perhaps Martha 1 died so Alt Martha, could be the reborn immortal version of Ariadne, who is Dionysus’ wife.

(The previous paragraph will make more sense if you’ve read my Dark recaps and analysis- found HERE.)

We know Stranger Jonas is still in love with Martha and listens to her letter, but Adam, who says he’s Old Jonas, is so over her that he murders her in order to end her influence on his younger self and move his feelings toward the nihilism he needs to end the recurring cycles.

I still haven’t completely put aside the theory that Adam might be insane or have dementia, since it’s hard to reconcile how you go from Young to Stranger to Adam. From Young to Adam, okay. Stranger must have some redemptive experiences that are undone during Adam’s time. Or he meets someone who is akin to the Clockmaker and Claudia who doesn’t mind giving clear explanations for once. Maybe Alt Bernd understands everything. Or Hannah and Egon figure everything out and tell Jonas how to stop the eternal recurrence.

We definitely see two things in this trailer. Adam is playing with the God Particle and the new triple character is burning down Adam’s sanctuary, including his collection of photos. Those photos have been key for the last two seasons. It’s not an accident that we’re watching them burn now. We’re being told to set aside everything we thought we knew and look at the mystery with fresh eyes.

We don’t know how much can be changed in the prime universe, but we do know that there is at least one parallel universe in which things are very different, so different histories are possible. What does that mean for everything we’ve seen before? We know that many times we’ve watched characters outside of their own time. Are some characters also outside of their own universes? Is Adam trying to find a way to send himself to a universe where he’ll be happy? Is he trying to find a universe where Jonas can be born without time travel?

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  1. I just finished watching first episode of season 3 and god I miss your review and explanation.
    Watch it soon please 🙂 🙂
    Watching Dark is not the same without your detailed explanation


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