About MetaWitches



Hello! We are Cathy and Sarah, a mother-daughter pair who like to analyze everything we watch (endlessly), whether it’s movies, TV, or live theater. One night, when Sarah was already asleep, Cathy, who is a night owl, had a meta epiphany that she had to share right away, before she forgot it. So, she wrote a long email for Sarah to find in the morning. We both discovered that we liked having our thoughts written down to refer back to so much that we started emailing each other more and more, even though we live together! This website is our way of sharing our ideas even further. Posts by Cathy are tagged metacrone. Sarah’s are tagged metamaiden. We live in New Mexico, where Sarah is a college student and Cathy is a retired homeschooling mom. The general slant of the site is toward entertainment, media, women and disabilities (we both have disabilities, it’ll come up eventually). Movie reviews will virtually always be late (or nonexistent, as it turns out), since we have a hard time getting all three members of our household out of the house at the same time.

*Metacrone is currently struggling with the tendency to name every post as if it were an academic paper. I apologize to everyone who doesn’t need the flashback to an English Lit class. I would also like to apologize for my inconsistent tagging abilities.  In addition, I appear to be incapable of getting everything in a post right before I hit the “publish” button. You’re not crazy, it really did look different 5 minutes ago. I probably went through and edited the format, added a photo or comment I’d forgotten, or corrected my endless spelling mistakes. Or maybe it was magic.


The metawitches’ familiar and muse, Chloe the lap cat:



Spiral Bar Header Source: Public Domain Pagan Clip Art

Source for Witch Picture on This Page: Pretty Witch with Halloween from clipart.me