The Rain Season 1 Episode 5: Have Faith Recap


Have Faith, which is Lea’s episode, tells the story of where Lea was and what she was doing when the plague rain came, while also showing the survivors finding a mysterious mansion full of thriving people. The title refers to faith because Lea is a devout Christian, despite the tragedies she’s faced. In fact, it’s almost like God has directly answered her prayers at times, though not in the ways she expected.

This episode examines each survivor’s ability to let go and believe in a fantasy world, based on a little reality, some storytelling, and a lot of trust, faith and hope. But this is still the harsh, post apocalyptic world. Nothing is too good to be true.

As the episode begins, night is falling, the rain is coming, and Simone can’t find the next bunker. The electronic map isn’t working and they’re out in the woods with no landmarks for her to use to orient herself. Tempers flare and everyone yells at everyone else. Patrick becomes aggressive toward Simone, then toward Rasmus.

Lea drags Patrick away from the group before things can escalate further. She tells him that she misses Jean too. He says that Jean was a pain. She agrees, but she still misses him. Patrick admits that he does too. They hug and cry together. Lea tells Patrick that Jean is still in their hearts.

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