Travelers Renewed for Season 3 by Netflix Exclusively- Showcase Is Out


Well, that’s new. The long awaited press announcements officially confirming Travelers’ season 3 renewal have finally come through, but with a twist. Travelers will now be produced exclusively by streaming service Netflix, instead of as a joint production between Netflix and the Canadian TV network Showcase, as it had been for its first two seasons. The delay in the official announcement might have been due to working out the details of the divorce. Travelers is one of the most binged shows on Netflix, but must not have had the ratings Showcase wanted to see. Presumably Canadian viewers will still be able to watch Travelers on Netflix.

More details on season 3, including Eric McCormack’s Twitter announcements, after the jump.

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Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Episode 12: The Real Deal Recap


The 100th episode is here, and the showrunners went for an emotional episode that tugs on the heartstrings of longtime viewers, rather than loading this installment up with cameos from every past cast member they could get to show up. Mike Peterson, who played such a big part in the pilot and in season one, returns for the episode, and Hive gets a cameo, remembering longtime cast member Grant Ward/Brett Dalton. But most importantly, the focus is on SHIELD as a family, facing their fears together, and on upcoming major life transitions for the Agents of SHIELD, including birth, death, and marriage, making this a satisfying episode no matter what the show’s fate is at the end of the season.

The cold open begins with one of Fitz’s dwarfs scanning the technology storeroom after the explosion has died down. It looks like the bomb site that it is. The dwarf spots bloody three-toed footprints (from Vrellnexians), the remains of the beacon and a black robed figure. Also, this, which has been blown into the Marvel Universe from the Dr Who Dimension:

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Hard Sun Season 1 Episode 1: The Sun, The Moon, The Truth Recap


My review of season 1 is HERE.

Hard Sun is the code name for a secret government file of documents that show the progress of a world-wide extinction level event occurring over the course of the next five years caused by changes in the sun. It’s also the code name for the event itself, which is already underway. Though there will be graffiti all over London that reads “Hard Sun Is Coming”, that’s not really true. Hard Sun is already here.

The government doesn’t want you to know that, though, and they’re willing to kill to keep the secret for as long as possible. Hard Sun, the TV show, begins with a government agent reading the Top Secret file in her office, her face turning ashen as she understands its implications. She is Grace Morrigan (Nikki Amuka-Bird), MI5 agent and one of our major characters.

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Avengers: Infinity War Behind the Scenes Video Plus Photos [Updated]


StuckyNat are hanging out with T’Challa and Michonne in Wakanda and they have matching outfits now!!! And look at the amazing new arm that Shuri made Bucky! His wrist and hand are so flexible!

In anticipation of tickets for the film going on sale Friday (as has been leaked anonymously by a theatre employee), Marvel is releasing new promotional content this week. Black Panther’s sequel has been confirmed, as well. Infinity War debuts in theatres Friday, April 27th, with preshows on April 26th.

Update: Theatre websites are adding showtimes for Infinity War.

Update 3/16/18: Tickets are on sale now. A few hours in, sales are already breaking records. (This morning, Metamaiden and I got tickets for the 26th. 🏇)

Plus there’s a new trailer.

EW decodes the trailer.

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Hard Sun Season 1 Review


Welcome to HULU and the BBC’s new apocalypse prequel! Hard Sun is a 6 episode crime drama/”end of the world is coming” combination, from Luther creator Neil Cross, focusing on two detectives who accidentally find out about the prediction that there are only 5 years left until the sun destroys life on earth, and an MI5 agent who’s determined to keep the news under wraps and maintain normal society for as long as possible, no matter who she has to hurt to do it.

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Hilarious New Santa Clarita Diet Trailer


They’re back! The fun-loving Hammond family of cosy, typical California suburb Santa Clarita returns March 23rd for more wild and wacky hijinks as mom Sheila and dad Joel keep their real estate careers afloat, daughter Abby copes with high school, and her best friend and next door neighbor Eric fits in like one of the family.

Oh yeah, and Sheila’s a very life-like zombie. You can hardly tell at all. Most of the time. Except when a stray small body part falls off. Or she gets hungry. For humans. But it’s no problem, really. They’re a loving family, and coping with Sheila’s illness just fine. Except for that cop who lives next door and the growing trail of bodies…

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Altered Carbon Season 1 Episode 10: The Killers Recap


It’s time for Tak and Rei to work out their sibling rivalry issues. In episode 9, Tak got Rei to confess to driving Laurens to temporary suicide, which solved the bulk of the season’s mysteries. But there are still a few new revelations in this episode, along with the big, season-ending battle between the good guys and the bad guys, which everyone takes part in.

Kristin climbs the stairs to her brother’s apartment. She finds him lying dead on the floor, just as Leung left him. She reaches for her gun, but doesn’t have it, so she picks up a candlestick and follows the sounds of gunshots to the boys’ room. There she finds the boys both dead, laid out on the floor in a growing pool of their own blood, partially hidden behind a couch.

She drops the candlestick in shock and starts to panic, but then she hears her mother’s voice. She searches the house until she finds Alazne, who falls into her arms, bloody and dying. As Alazne is dropping to the floor, she warns Kristin, “He’s behind you!”

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Agents of Shield Season 5 Episode 11: All the Comforts of Home Recap



We’re back! Everyone made it home, to no one’s surprise, and an extra, tree-hugging passenger tagged along. Dove Cameron, who is generally cute and adorable, joins the cast this week as General Hale’s bratty teenage daughter. Since this is the MCU, she’s not just a typical teenager. She has special talents. And a few demands. And she’s not sure if she’s a good guy or a bad guy, which might be because her loving mother has kept her sheltered. So sheltered, in fact, that her bedroom looks like a bank vault that’s guarded by some of Ivanov’s lower rent LMDs.

A bank vault decorated like a teenager’s bedroom from the 1970s, plus a Quake is My Hero poster. Okey dokey then. Ruby is a fan. Mom’s assignment is to capture Daisy. Hale doesn’t answer directly when Ruby asks if Hale’s supposed to kill Daisy or not. Hale is tasked with finding SHIELD and ending the entire fiasco that is the SHIELD era. Hale is just following orders and building a better world for the downtrodden citizens Ruby.

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Legion Season 2 Full Length Trailer and More

legion-season-2-premieres-april-3-2018-on-fx-photo-credit-matthias-clamer-fx_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery
My name is Legion, for we are many.

Legion season 2 returns to FX on Tuesday, April 3 at 10 PM ET/PT. Luckily for us (but not so much for him), his world continues to unravel.


FX put out a full length trailer today, and has released several shorter promos recently. I’ve gathered them together, along with photos and the season 2 synopsis released by FX, after the jump.

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New Trailer for Netflix’s Lost in Space [Video & Photos]


I’m old, guys. So old, that as a tiny, tiny child I watched the original Lost in Space during its original run from 1965-68. The phrase “Danger, Will Robinson” is part of my DNA, and part of why I’m a scifi fan to this day, along with original Star Trek, which ran at about the same time, and Twilight Zone reruns.

I have mixed feelings about the upcoming Lost in Space reboot. Few filmmakers and TV showrunners have been able to match the spirit of combined optimism and camp that ran through television in the mid 1960s, which peaked in the 1966-68 Batman series. The Star Trek franchise has shown that, as long as the basic spirit of the original is remembered, a universe can grow in many different directions and have great success. But few fictional universes have the strongly articulated world building that Gene Rodenberry gave to Star Trek.

Lost in Space has a lot going for it in its basic story. It’s an archetypal tale of a pioneering family setting out for parts unknown and running into unforeseen danger and adventure. They bring an intelligent duo of leaders, a couple of allies and a potential betrayer with them. Plus, there’s a cute kid who functions as a reverse ET, discovering the universe with wonder and reckless abandon. They have a spaceship that can be repaired and used to explore the galaxy, providing endless fodder for new storylines.

Watch the trailer after the jump.

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