Snowpiercer Season 3 Trailers and Preseason Promotional Media Roundup

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Snowpiercer season 3 premieres on TNT in the US on 1/24/22 and then on Netflix internationally the next day. As in the first 2 seasons, episodes will air weekly and there appear to be 10 episodes in the season. Metawitches recaps of seasons 1 and 2 are HERE. I’ll add links to recaps for season 3 as the season airs and of course they’ll be featured on the home page. Snowpiercer was renewed for season 4 when production wrapped on season 3. Production on season 4 has already begun.

Let’s start with TNT press releases and videos, then move on to photos, articles and analysis. The season 4 renewal announcement also included a reminder of how season 2 ended and a preview of what’s to come in season 3. Daveed Diggs’ video announcement follows the print announcement:

LOS ANGELES – July 29, 2021 – TNT’s just celebrated the wrap of season three production on its hit drama series “Snowpiercer” with the announcement of a season four pickup. Produced by Tomorrow Studios, “Snowpiercer” seasons one and two are currently available to binge on the TNT app, with season three set to premiere on TNT early next year.

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A Discovery of Witches Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: In Which Diana and Matthew Have Unexpected Family Reunions

In episode 5, Matthew and Diana continue to work with Chris and Miriam to analyze creature DNA. Father Hubbard returns Jack to them, with mixed results. After Benjamin reappears, Matthew agrees to form a scion.


The episode begins with modern day Father Andrew Hubbard kneeling in his church while doing a little light devotional reading. Hubbard recognizes Benjamin Fuchs’ footsteps as he approaches from behind. He says he told Benjamin never to darken his door again. Benjamin won’t leave until he gets what he came for (not “who,” though he’s referring to a vampire). Andrew says he hasn’t seen the person in question in months. Benjamin is sure he’ll show up sooner or later and orders Andrew to inform him when that happens. As Benjamin walks away, Andrew whispers, “Why can’t you just leave him alone, Benjamin?” Since Benjamin is a vampire, he hears the whisper, but ignores it.

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The Wheel of Time Season 1 Episode 4: The Dragon Reborn Recap

Much of episode 4 takes place in the Aes Sedai encampment, where Moiraine, Lan and Nyaeve stop for the night after meeting up with the sisters in episode 3. Moiraine reconnects with Liandrin and the other Aes Sedai sisters, has her wound healed and evaluates Logain, the potential Dragon Reborn. Nynaeve learns more about the Aes Sedai and their Warders.

Rand and Mat travel with Thom the gleeman, stopping at a local farm for the night. Egwene and Perrin travel toward the White Tower with the Tuatha’an and learn about their peaceful philosophy, the Way of the Leaf.


The episode begins with a flashback to the recent past in Ghealan, where Logain (Álvaro Morte) is waging war on his own people. This is the war the Two Rivers villagers discussed in episode 1 that’s taking place in the south. Logain’s peasant army has stormed the gates and is sacking the king’s castle. The king’s retainers attempt to move him to a secure location, but he’s a dedicated leader and refuses to leave the battle. Logain approaches, all power and intensity, repelling attacks with barely a twitch of his finger.

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A Discovery of Witches Season 3 Episode 1 Recap: In Which Diana and Matthew Return to the Present

Fellow creatures, it’s time to travel back to 21st century France and Britain for the 3rd and final season of A Discovery of Witches. After their sojourn in 16th century Europe, Diana and Matthew timewalk straight into Sept-Tours and find themselves in the middle of several crises- as usual. Before long, Matthew’s brother, Baldwin, arrives to stir the pot further.

Season 2 Summary

At the end of season 2, Matthew and Diana had spent almost a year in Elizabethan London, with a side trip to Prague in search of the Book of Life. While there, they spent time with Matthew’s vampire nephew, Gallowglass, and fostered an orphaned human boy, Jack. Before they left, Diana secretly asked the vampire-priest who ruled the creatures of London, Father Hubbard, to watch over Jack for her. On their way to Prague, they stopped at Sept-Tours and stayed with Matthew’s vampire stepfather, Philippe, who sanctioned their mating and marriage, then adopted Diana as his blood-sworn daughter using a vampire blood vow.

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Creamerie Season 1 Episode 1: Pilot Recap

Creamerie, a new half hour, 6 episode dark comedy from New Zealand, takes place eight years after a plague kills all the men, when women have had time to rebuild society in their their own image. Alex (Ally Xue) and her sister-in-law Jaime (JJ Fong), who run a local organic dairy farm, and Jaime’s best friend, Pip (Perlina Lau), who works for the mayor, live together peacefully, even blissfully, in a small utopian community modeled on Wellness philosophy. The mayor, Lane (Tandi Wright), is positively evangelical about ensuring the Wellness of her constituents, down to the most intrusive details of their lives.

If this is starting to sound dystopian on the order of Brave New World, you’re on the right track. Creamerie also takes cues from The Handmaid’s Tale, Y: The Last Man (obviously), Mad Max: Fury Road, Stanley Kubrick‘s work and the Wellness industry. Creamerie blends these influences into an unpredictable, wickedly funny send up of the modern world while also leaving viewers with hope for the future.

The comedy, which is streaming on Hulu in the US, was co-created by showrunner/director Roseanne Liang (Shadow in the Cloud) and its three main stars, Fong, Lau and Xue. All four previously created the web show Flat 3 together, which is available on Youtube.


The episode opens on a men’s locker room with Reb Fountain’s cover of What A Wonderful World playing over the scene. As we watch, the helpful ticker at the top of the screen fast forwards through the first 2,920 days of the apocalypse. On day 1, the guys celebrate their team’s victory, until one sneezes bright red blood. By day 14, women in hazmat suits scrub blood from every surface of the room, while outside the men’s bodies burn in a heaping funeral pyre that belches thick black smoke. At day 30, all that’s left of the guys is the funeral pyre, which soon becomes a pile of ashes that then turns into a hill growing grass and a memorial tree.

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The Wheel of Time Season 1 Episode 3: A Place of Safety Recap

Wheel of Time S1Ep3 Danya Waits for Payment

After a brief flashback to Nynaeve’s capture by the trolloc, episode 3 picks up where the previous episode left off, with Nynaeve’s knife at Lan’s throat and the four villagers on the run from the sentient evil of Shadar Logoth. Once they get past their initial hostilities, Lan convinces Nynaeve to help treat Moiraine’s infected wound. Perrin and Egwene encounter a pack of wolves who chase them toward a group of travelers. Mat and Rand find a mining town with an inn, where they have some educational encounters.


Before the opening credits we jump back to the trolloc battle in Two Rivers, moments after Nynaeve (Zoë Robins) was taken. As a trolloc drags the Wisdom out of the village by her impressive braid, Egwene can be heard crying for her in the background. Nynaeve’s captor drops her on the ground while he stops to brutally murder and cannibalize a wounded trolloc comrade.

I’m sure it was a mercy killing.

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A Discovery of Witches Season 3: Video Recap of Seasons 1 & 2 Plus Watch Season 1 Episode 1 for Free

Season 3 of A Discovery of Witches, based on Deborah Harkness’ supernatural All Souls Trilogy, premieres in the UK on January 7, 2022 (on Sky Max and NOW) and in the US on January 8, 2022 (on streamers AMC+, Shudder and Sundance Now). The third season, based on the third book in the trilogy, The Book of Life, consists of 7 episodes.

AMC tweeted a whirlwind video recap of the first two seasons which you can watch below. It manages to hit the high points of the series in just 5 minutes. Or you can stick with Steven Cree’s (Gallowglass) especially succinct version. He hits some of my high points. 😇 ❤️ 😉

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A Discovery of Witches Season 3: Preseason Promotional Media Round Up


The third and final season of A Discovery of Witches, based on The Book of Life, the third book in Deborah Harkness’ supernatural All Souls Trilogy, premieres in the UK on January 7, 2022 (on Sky Max and NOW) and in the US on January 8, 2022 (on streamers AMC+, Shudder and Sundance Now). Season 3 consists of 7 episodes.

There are currently no plans to film Harkness’ 4th book about Diana and Matthew’s world, Time’s Convert, which tells the story of Matthew’s son, Marcus Whitmore. Harkness is working on more books in this universe, so let’s hope for another trilogy which can be filmed together!

Now that season 3 is almost upon us, here’s a collection of season 3 trailers, photos and interviews for those who want a sneak peek.

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Snowpiercer: Every Recap in Order

Links to every Metawitches post about Snowpiercer, in chronological order. New posts added as future seasons air.

Season 1

Snowpiercer Season 1 Episode 1: First, the Weather Changed Recap – Loosely based on the graphic novels and 2013 film of the same name, this is the story of Snowpiercer, 1,001 cars long, which was meant to circle the Earth every 3 months as a luxury rail cruise for the 1%. When Mr Wilford, one of the richest oligarchs in the world, realized climate change was inevitable, he retrofitted the train as an ark. Now this perpetual motion machine holds the last of humanity, divided into a cruel class system, as it plows through the endless winter that has engulfed the entire planet. Mr Wilford’s representative, Melanie Cavill (Jennifer Connelly), brings former police detective Andre Layton (Daveed Diggs) forward from the last train cars where untouchables known as Tailies are kept, so that he can help solve a murder.

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Y: The Last Man Season 1 Episode 10- Victoria Recap

Episode 10, the season, and potentially the series, finale, brings us the Battle of Marrisville vs the Amazons. Beth and Jennifer escape the Pentagon and hide out in Jennifer’s house, while Kim and Christine sleep in a barn. The Culper Ring lets 355 know that they’re still watching her.

As of this writing, Y: The Last Man is a one season show. We love this show and are really hoping someone picks it up. Season 1 can be watched as a complete story, but the ending sets up what are sure to be fascinating season 2 storylines. Y: The Last Man explores human nature in a unique way, far beyond the fact that most of the cast are women. The writing, acting, production design and technical values work together to build a world with a depth that’s rarely seen on television, let alone built in 10 episodes. Showrunner Eliza Clark and her team deserve the chance to show us more of that world.

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