Agents of SHIELD Season 5 Episode 3: A Life Spent Recap


This week the team continues to learn how to navigate in the future. Blending in comes easier for some than others. Daisy doesn’t even try, leading to serious consequences. Jemma helps an inhuman girl and gathers intel, but also draws attention to herself, which could come back to haunt her. The rest of the team stays undercover while gathering information, although there are close calls along the way.

Jemma is on display in Kasius’ court, unable to hear anything but his voice, or to see anything clearly but him, thanks to the device in her ear. She still puts her spy skills to use. Kasius has a sumptuous meal laid out for an important guest, and is finishing his own preparations, when an emissary from the guest, Lady Basha, arrives to say that she won’t be attending the meal. Kasius is angry and insulted, but tries to play it off as no big deal.

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