42 Hairspray Live! GIFs to Brighten Up Your Day


Courtesy of the Folks at BroadwayWorld.com

Who were apparently goofing off and making gifs while they were supposed to be covering the event. (Just kidding, they made the gifs to insert into their live tweets of the broadcast.) The gifs include the entire cast, and moments from the length of the show, from opening to closing credits. Here are a few to get you started.

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Hairspray Live! Review: Welcome to the 60s!


Now that everyone’s hair has been sprayed so that it won’t move until the next decade, let’s review the show!

Overall, I really loved the show. To be fair, it’s kind of a can’t miss show for me anyway, and with this cast, that would be hard to do. There were some things I didn’t like, which I’ll get to later, but I found it to be a well done production in general.

The opening was great, though I don’t think anyone will ever top last winter’s Grease Live! opening with the beach fake out and the run across the studio lot while Jessie J sang. Good Morning Baltimore opened the show with the same sort of excitement and movement though, and the momentum kept up throughout most of the show. It did drag a bit at times, mostly because they added enough commercials to turn a 2 hour show into a 3 hour broadcast.

In the current political climate, it was incredible to see a show centered around so many women of different sizes, ages, and ethnicities, celebrating them all, asking for them all to be respected. The show has an important message of acceptance for everyone and encouragement to keep fighting the good fight while working together.

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Hairspray Live! Watch the Full Show Now!

NBC has put the entire show up on Youtube in a single video, so everyone can watch at their own convenience on whatever device they please. Here it is. Enjoy! (And then take our POLL and read our REVIEW.)

The official versions have been removed. This Youtube isn’t ideal, but it’s the best one available right now. Let me know in the comments if it’s removed too.

It’s only available for rent or purchase now, sorry.


Hairspray Live! The Official Song Performance Videos Are Up!

We Have the Full Cast and Song List

The songs and other official videos can be found on the Hairspray Live! Youtube channel, or on NBC’s Youtube channel. We’ve embedded some of them below (above- It Takes Two). You can take our poll and tell us what you thought of the musical HERE.

ETA: Youtube has taken almost everything down from Hairspray Live! I’ve replaced the live videos with songs from the soundtrack so that there’s something here. The copyright owners really, really want to sell you the video.

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