The Rain Season 1 Episode 3: Avoid the City Recap

In episode 3, the survivors make their way to the big city of Copenhagen as the first leg of their trip to the Apollon headquarters in Sweden. Copenhagen follows the Walking Dead big city model introduced with Atlanta: When the disaster hit, everyone went there to find shelter and relief, so food is scarce and crime is rampant.

The Rain follows a modified version of The 100’s model for Black Rain. The 100’s radioactive rain became safe as soon as it hit the ground (kids, don’t try this at home). On The Rain, the water is safe as soon as it lands, as long as it’s not collected in a pool of any quantity. A wet roof is safe, but a puddle will kill you… Don’t think about the science of it too hard. The virus probably really needs a lot of room to swim free, or it dies quickly.

After getting to know Simone in episode 1 and Martin in episode 2, this episode is Beatrice’s turn. Beatrice is a complicated person and a skilled survivor who’s not easy to get to know. She’s learned to use what she has, mainly her good looks and ability to charm people, to keep herself alive.

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