Happy Winter Solstice Season 2021 from Metawitches

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A Pentatonix A Capella Christmas 2016 (VIDEO)

The a capella group Pentatonix had a Christmas special on NBC last week, but so far I haven’t been able to find the full show posted anywhere. They also released their third Christmas album this year, which they’ve been heavily promoting. So, there are a lot of videos of them making promotional appearances singing Christmas carols, along with the official music videos from the album. That all adds up to too many to post here, but, in lieu of the special, I’m posting some of my favorites. Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice, Happy New Year, Happy Everything!

More under the cut, including a Pentatonix yule log video. (They have a collection, if yule logs are your thing.)

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Watch Michael Bublé’s 2016 NBC Special (VIDEO of FULL SHOW)


NBC has posted the video of Michael Bublé’s 2016 Christmas special, Michael Bublé Sings and Swings. The special aired on NBC earlier this week. It will be available to watch on the network’s site until 1/15/17. It’s 42 minutes long.

More video under the cut.

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For Your Viewing Pleasure: Avengers Fireside Holiday “Yule Log” Videos


From Marvel and Coca-Cola, a peak inside the Avengers’ apartments during the holidays as we hang out by their fireplaces.

These Marvel Fireside Heroes videos are like a Yule log video, but instead we’re sitting in Steve Rogers’ apartment, listening to swing jazz versions of Christmas carols for an hour as we watch his fire, or on the Guardians of the Galaxy’s spaceship watching Baby Groot dance next to the fire. They’re filled with tiny details, like the pictures of Bucky, Peggy and his mom that Steve has next to the fire, and his original USO tour shield hung over the mantel. One chair leg is held up by a stack of books, because Steve is still a thrifty Depression era guy at heart. The apartment furnishings look like they could be straight from the forties, just like Steve himself. It’s a lonely looking place, from a lonely time in his life, but we could totally join him and make it better, right?

Captain America’s Brooklyn Apartment Fireside video. The close up version is above:

Under the cut: Thor, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, the Guardians & Deadpool

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