Travelers Season 3 Episode 1: Ilsa Recap


This is a recap. For my review of episodes 1-3, click HERE.

If you need to catch up, my recap for Season 2 Episode 12, 001 is HERE.

Are we ready for season 3 of Travelers, kids???

Netflix and Brad Wright (the Stargate franchise) have dropped 10  new episodes of the time traveling, body swapping science fiction drama. Travelers stars Eric McCormack (Will and Grace) and a cast of young Canadian actors which includes MacKenzie Porter, Nesta Cooper, Jared Abrahamson, Reilly Dolman, Patrick Gilmore and Jen Spence.

It always feels like a long wait between seasons for Netflix shows that drop their entire seasons at once, but the wait was actually a little less than a year this time, for those of us who are outside Canada. Because Canadians now will also be watching Travelers on Netflix, instead of the Showcase network, they had a little extra wait.

But, enough chitchat. Let’s talk about the episode!

Season 1 begins in a hospital room, with a woman we will come to know as FBI agent Joanne Yates, sitting by the bedside of her dying mother. Her mother is unconscious, but then her eyes open and she turns her head to her daughter. She says, “Joanne, I want you to listen to me carefully.”

Next we see the Traveler team and the significant others who were kidnapped by Vincent at the end of last season (001, Season 2 Episode 12) riding together in an old school bus. The significant others are unconscious, except for Grace, who doesn’t need her memories altered, since she’s a Traveler. Grant remembers Kat slapping him as she rejected him, after learning he wasn’t really the man she married. He asks the bus driver to slow down, so the bumps don’t wake up the sleeping passengers.

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Travelers Season 3: Spoiler-Free Review of Episodes 1-3 (Ilsa, Yates & Protocol 3)


While I’m trying to calm down enough to write my recap of Travelers season 3, episode 1, I’ve decided to write a quick, spoiler-free review of the three episodes I’ve watched so far. I need to watch so closely and pay so much attention to detail in order to write recaps that sometimes I forget how much I LOVE THIS SHOW!!

I suppose a review has to be more than emojis and me saying, “I really, really love Travelers,” over and over, though. 😘❤️

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