Agents of SHIELD/HYDRA 4×16 Promo and Returning Character Teaser [Video] [Interviews Updated]


Plus Interviews with Showrunner Jed Whedon

Aaah!! Spoilers ahead for the third pod of season 4 of Agents of SHIELD, and episode 15 if you haven’t seen that yet!

This is so exciting! Self Control was an amazing episode, and I’ll have my recap up in a few hours (it’s up), but I wanted to put up the interviews and promos that are being published first. I’m not sure yet if the pod title is Agents of HYDRA or Agents of Shield: HYDRA, but HYDRA flashes in place of SHIELD at the end of the episode and in the promos, so it’ll be something like that. I was so happy to see the Triskelion intact at the end of the episode, and then to see the HYDRA logo!  The showrunners are saying in interviews that the arc will be split between the real world and the Matrix Framework, so we’ll get to see what the world would be like if HYDRA had won at the end of Winter Soldier. There’s nothing like a good canon AU! It would be incredible if they would mention what the Avengers are all doing in this brave new world, if they aren’t dead.

The interviews, promo and teaser videos are under the cut.

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