Marvel’s Runaways Season 1 Episode 10: Hostile Recap

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In its season finale, Marvel’s Runaways finally lives up to its name. The kids run away, drive away, then run away again. The parents run away in spirit, as they plot rebellion and revenge against Jonah. The cast is separated into three camps, the kids, the Pride rebellion, and Jonah and his minions, including former best parent Frank, who’s been seduced by Jonah’s power into betraying his wife and child. Alex turns to gang leader Darius to act as their sponsor and surrogate parent. It’s a sad day when the least dangerous choice for guardian is the lifelong member of a notorious gang, but that’s where we are.

The battle is on. The kids power up themselves and their gadgets in readiness. Catherine notices that everyone but Alex has a little something extra. Dale says that Gert’s a regular kid, too, just as Gert’s psychically linked dinosaur runs up to stand beside her.

Dale shoots Old Lace with a tranquilizer dart, causing the kids to attack back. Chase fires the fistigons and Karolina fires her light beams, but Tina uses the staff to deflect them. Molly tries to throw a heavy barrel at the parents, but Jonah appears and fires his own light beam at her. She drops to the ground. The parents yell at Jonah to stop and tell their kids to run. Jonah sends out an energy pulse that throws the kids backwards in a pile. Darius watches through the construction site fencing.

Defiant, the kids get up and get back in position. Karolina tells the rest to leave. Jonah wants her, so she’ll keep him busy while they escape. Reluctantly they go. Nico doesn’t want to leave her.

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Marvel’s Runaways Season 1 Episode 9: Doomsday Recap


There’s a lot of excitement to be had in the penultimate episode of season 1 of Runaways. The kids’ romances finally start to sizzle, Jonah puts the parents on notice, we find out what Molly’s parents died for, Molly gets an origin story, and Jonah’s giant hole and drill are revealed. Why are these Marvel shows so obsessed with giant holes and things going in and out of them? Never mind, it’s a rhetorical question.

Adorable tiny Molly returns in a new flashback! Ten years ago, her parents, Gene and Alice Hernandez, had Molly in their lab with them as they paced nervously and finalized their preparations to flee the country. Gena and Alice get a video call from The Yorkes, and explain that they’ve discovered something important about the new dig projections and rock samples, but they have to tell the Yorkes in person. The Yorkes say they’ll be right over.

Molly is playing with one of the rock samples, which glows from it’s cracks, undulates, wiggles, and moves on its own. After throwing a bomb in, someone slams the lab door closed tight and locks it from the outside. By the time the Hernandez’ see the bomb, there’s nothing they can do to stop it from detonating.

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Marvel’s Runaways Season 1 Episode 8: Tsunami Recap


In Runaways episode 8, Tsunami, the cast plays Survivor: Pride edition, while Victor Stein bleeds out on the floor. They prove to be as inept at life saving as they are at parenting and loyalty. The kids are also confronted with life and death issues, as Chase faces losing his father, Nico and Alex explore Amy’s death, Molly receives a message from her long dead parents, and Gert and Karolina try to help Chase while dealing with their own messed up families.

The episode picks up right where episode 7 left off, with Victor having been shot in the chest moments before by Janet , who managed to wear fabulous shoes to the occasion, because a woman has to some talents, and chic but understated dressing is one of hers. You’ll never catch her coming to the murder party underdressed, even if she was just lying around her bedroom when she heard her husband firing the fistigons at her son. We can also add stepping up when it matters to her list of talents, and pretty good aim with a handgun.

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Marvel’s Runaways Season 1 Episode 7: Refraction Recap


In this week’s episode, Refraction, the characters spend most of their time dealing with the fall out from last week’s episode, Metamorphosis. Refraction, in its various definitions, refers to a bending or changing of light to alter the way things are seen. In this episode, various agents, including the Jonah juice cure-all, Jonah himself, Leslie, and Molly, alter the perceptions and dynamic of Pride and the kids. But change is not necessarily good, and the metamorphosis that was referred to in the last episode is going to be complex and difficult for the characters, at the very least.

In the opening flashback we watch Victor and Janet Stein meet for the first time. He uses a pick up line that compares light refraction to time travel, then insults her intelligence when she doesn’t fall for it. She takes the bait. The scene changes to Victor holding newborn Chase as Janet watches. He’s in awe of his child, declaring that Chase is the only thing that matters.

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Marvel’s Runaways Season 1 Episode 6: Metamorphosis Recap


This week we get more background on the early days of the Pride, the kids pull off a complicated plan, and the parents interact with the mysterious Jonah. Everyone’s personal lives, youth and adult, begins to get in the way of the goals of the group. The kids’ romantic entanglements and personal dilemmas are charming to keep up with, since they are mixed up with the discovery of their powers. The parents aren’t as much fun, but Julian McMahon might just be playing the devil this time around, instead of just a character who’s devilish. He certainly gives Lucifer a run for his money.

We learn over the course of the episode that Jonah had gifted the parents with many of their hearts’ desires over the years, with the understanding that eventually he’d need something in return. Apparently none of them had ever read fairytales or seen movies about the mob, because they all agreed, thus getting themselves involved in an evil bargain that they couldn’t escape.

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