The Crossing Season 1 Episode 6: LKA Recap

This week on The Crossing, we find out more about the case that led to Jude moving from Oakland to Oregon and leaving his family behind. Jude revisits his old stomping grounds, hoping that a contact from his last case will help him with the current one, but he’s forgotten how much pressure is put on government employees to stick to the party line and not make waves.

Sophie and Reece make plans to reunite Reece and Lea, but Lindauer gets in the way. Then Sophie’s heart condition acts up and tragedy becomes a serious possibility. The refugees question the nature of their detention even more than usual, and Caleb puts Hannah’s phone to good use.

LKA opens on a flashback to Jude’s last big case with his police unit. They were making a last minute bust on a drug dealer in a run down neighborhood. Jude’s partner, Cory, says something about their commander, Doucette, getting a kick back from a rival drug dealer for taking this one down. Jude thinks he’s joking and ignores what Cory said. They play rock, paper scissors to decide who knocks on the door. Cory loses.

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