Travelers Season 3 Episode 10: Protocol Omega Recap

Another woman, Jo Yates, pulls a gun on MacLaren, echoing Carly in the season 1 finale. At the end of season 2, Kat had to settle for slapping him. 😉

We’ve made it to the final episode of the bloodbath that is season 3 of Travelers. This has been the most exciting season yet, and the finale is no different. It’s full of surprises and fresh overwrites, plus a twist ending that no one saw coming.

The finale begins with a family meal at the big table in ops. Philip sees an alternate timeline version in which David survived the radiation exposure and is regaling everyone with a funny story. Everyone is doubled over in uproarious laughter at his story. Jeff is there, too. Boyd is not.

Probably because in that version, Boyd wasn’t needed to help with his care. Maybe the Director had the clean up crew from the archive send some military grade nanites over for David at the same time as they arrived at the archive. If he’d gotten the nanites within an hour or two of exposure, maybe he would have improved before much permanent damage was done.

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Travelers Season 3: Could David and Marcy’s Fates Have Been Predicted?


Was There Foreshadowing for What Happened to Everyone’s Favorite Couple?

Spoilers Through Season 3 Episode 10, Protocol Omega

The short answer to the title question is, yes. The fates of David and Marcy were foreshadowed from season 1 all the way through season 3. Knowing this doesn’t take away the shock of what happened to them, but perhaps it does make it easier to process, if we realize that this was always the path they were on. There were timelines in which things could have turned out differently for David and Traveler 3569, but this timeline was unlikely to bend in that direction.

First, let’s look at a related side issue, the one pictured above. What does it mean that David fell in love with original Marcy in a different version of the timeline? Does it negate his love for Traveler Marcy?

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Travelers Season 3 Episode 9: David Recap


Episode 9, David, is the penultimate episode of season 3, but it actually feels like episodes 8, 9 and 10 are meant to be watched together as a trilogy, since they breathlessly flow from one to the next.

This season goes out with several bangs, beginning with this episode. It’s crazy and intense and will have you on the edge of your seat.

The episode begins in Shanghai, with a Traveler team infiltrating a dark building. Inside the building, they climb on top of a self-contained vault, similar to the archive in Seattle. Next, they wave a Geiger counter over the roof, then mark a spot with chalk. They drill through the metal of the vault, then lower a wire cable, hooked to a small tool, down to a device below. It’s a nuclear bomb, and they’re attempting to disarm it. The design for the bomb can be seen on a pad held by one of the Travelers.

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Travelers Season 3 Episode 3: Protocol 3 Recap


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Aleksander Part 2 Protocol 3 takes us back to an almost forgotten episode from early season 1, the third episode of the series, Aleksander. In Aleksander, Philip was struggling with both his unexpected heroin addiction and the burden of his historical knowledge. He decided to take action and save as many individual lives as he could. This culminated with him creating a fake mission to convince the team to save a young boy who’d been kidnapped by serial killers, Aleksander Andrieko. Aleksander is saved, but the mission turns disastrous and the team discovers Philip’s deceit. The Director orders the team to leave Aleksander behind to die, but Philip won’t let them do it.

I always wondered if Aleksander and that episode would come back again eventually. They weren’t mentioned in season 1 or 2, but dealt with important concepts that haven’t been fully dealt with otherwise. So, I’m happy that the show has returned to Aleksander, and we get to see the effect that being rescued under such strange conditions had on him.

We also get a glimpse at the Director’s process of continuously reassessing timelines and the infinite branches that are always forming and reforming, as every new variable creates new possible futures. This episode shows us that not only is the Director not infallible, its mistakes arise from the unpredictability of human behavior.

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Travelers Season 3 Episode 2: Yates Recap


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Now that the worst of 001’s mess is cleaned up, the team moves on to a more normal mission and Mac gets a new partner, FBI Agent Yates. Neither is thrilled with the situation. They are ordered to protect a TV pundit who spreads fake news and has latched onto the Travelers as a good source of inflammatory rumors to keep his fanbase riled up. Some fans take the rumors too seriously and pull off a tragic attack on a candidate for Congress and his wife.

The Travelers and their significant others continue to deal with the fall out from the kidnapping. David, Kat and Jeff have been through multiple traumatic experiences, some at the hands of people they trusted and care about. The memory inhibitor might work for a mind wipe, but, as we were already seeing with David and Kat in episode 1, the physical, muscular memories of fighting back during an assault are still carried by the body. And, as Carly tried to point out, for David and Kat, the erased 24 hours is just the tip of the iceberg, as far as evidence that something is wrong and that their partners have changed.

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Travelers Season 2 Episode 2: PROTOCOL 4 Recap


The travelers take a minute to deal with their personal lives in this episode, after the events of the last few episodes have left them in an upheaval. Phillip finds a missing family member and a new friend. Mac and Carly seem to have given up on each other for the moment, and instead work on their hosts’ separate relationships. Marcy and Trevor spend time with David and Grace, as they all heal from injury and trauma. The team is finally starting to settle into their new lives and personas.

Phillip frantically searches headquarters for Poppy the turtle, who is safely crawling around on the floor. He picks her up and gives her a heartfelt apology. You’ve gotta love a man who loves his turtle.

Meanwhile, several people experience the worst timeshare sales pitch ever, as the salesman locks them in the room after they’ve already been there for hours. They’re quickly turned into travelers, even though there’s no visible threat to their lives. The consequences of the timeshare pitch just aren’t worth the free meal or whatever they promise you, kids.

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