The OA Part 2 Episode 6: Mirror Mirror Recap

mv5bntdjztgxzjqtngq0yy00nzy2ltgzztytyjgzmgzlowy3mzy0xkeyxkfqcgdeqxvyndg4mjkzndk40._v1_sx1777_cr001777999_al_The OA part 2, episode 6, Mirror Mirror, brings us back to the original dimension and OA’s Crestwood gang, as they travel across the country so that BBA can say goodbye to her dying uncle before she jumps to a new dimension. It’s one of those epic road trips that changes your life, opening your eyes to how big the world is, how many possibilities there are, and how much you’re capable of that you’ve never imagined. At least until they reach BBA’s uncle’s house, and things begin to go terribly, terribly wrong. Then the trip begins to look a lot like the lives they’re trying to escape.

Which brings us to the title. Episode 3, which was the first time we focused on the Crestwood group this season, is titled Magic Mirror. In that episode, Rachel lived in Buck’s mirror, until it broke and she was set free to live in the world. She learned to communicate through TV rather than an old-fashioned photographic plate. Even ghosts need to change with the times.

The mirrors reflect the dimensions and the characters while also serving as a way to travel through the looking glass. Multiple reflections equal multiple dimensions and multiple points of view. Breaking the mirror means breaking free but it also means losing those perspectives. If you’ve gone through the glass into a new dimension, breaking the glass could mean that you’ve lost the way home.

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