Who Wore It Better: Darren, Lena, or Euan? Hedwig Transformation Poll

All three of the actors who have had regular gigs playing Hedwig in the national tour of Hedwig and the Angry Inch have given us photos or videos of themselves in the middle of their preshow preparations. (Darren took his during his Broadway run.) Which national tour Hedwig wore the makeup-only look best?

Click on each photo to see it full size.

Vote for your favorite after the cut!

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What Did You Think of Hairspray Live? Take the Poll



Did you love it? Hate it? Vote, then tell us why in the comments.

We’ll have a full review up later. For now, let’s just say we loved it! It’s one of our favorite musicals, so it’s hard to go wrong with this show. This production did an exceptional job. It wasn’t perfect, but that’s part of being live. Everyone has different tastes, though, so let us know what you thought below.