Travelers Season 3 Episode 3: Protocol 3 Recap


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Aleksander Part 2 Protocol 3 takes us back to an almost forgotten episode from early season 1, the third episode of the series, Aleksander. In Aleksander, Philip was struggling with both his unexpected heroin addiction and the burden of his historical knowledge. He decided to take action and save as many individual lives as he could. This culminated with him creating a fake mission to convince the team to save a young boy who’d been kidnapped by serial killers, Aleksander Andrieko. Aleksander is saved, but the mission turns disastrous and the team discovers Philip’s deceit. The Director orders the team to leave Aleksander behind to die, but Philip won’t let them do it.

I always wondered if Aleksander and that episode would come back again eventually. They weren’t mentioned in season 1 or 2, but dealt with important concepts that haven’t been fully dealt with otherwise. So, I’m happy that the show has returned to Aleksander, and we get to see the effect that being rescued under such strange conditions had on him.

We also get a glimpse at the Director’s process of continuously reassessing timelines and the infinite branches that are always forming and reforming, as every new variable creates new possible futures. This episode shows us that not only is the Director not infallible, its mistakes arise from the unpredictability of human behavior.

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Travelers Season 3: Spoiler-Free Review of Episodes 1-3 (Ilsa, Yates & Protocol 3)


While I’m trying to calm down enough to write my recap of Travelers season 3, episode 1, I’ve decided to write a quick, spoiler-free review of the three episodes I’ve watched so far. I need to watch so closely and pay so much attention to detail in order to write recaps that sometimes I forget how much I LOVE THIS SHOW!!

I suppose a review has to be more than emojis and me saying, “I really, really love Travelers,” over and over, though. 😘❤️

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