The Crossing Season 1 Episode 5: Ten Years Gone Recap


Major progress is made in solving the mysteries of The Crossing in episode 5, though the characters don’t necessarily realize the implications of their actions. Jude finally starts doing some things right, while Emma is MIA. But Emma left a trail of breadcrumbs for Jude, so he and Nestor are on the case for reals. Leah takes a turn for the worse, while Sophie and Reece race to make the treatment that will bring her Mantle’s Disease under control. Marshall struggles with his tragic memories and his goals in life, instinctively knowing that he has a connection to the refugees. The migrants from the first wave gather to make some decisions, and face some hard truths. The show’s theory of time is called into question again. Can it be changed, or are they living in a fixed universe?

The episode begins with Marshall reliving the car accident that killed his mother ten years ago. He’s having a nightmare in which the family is driving home from dinner at a restaurant. Dad’s at the wheel and Mom’s riding shotgun. They’re driving on the edge of a hill, happily playing a car game, when suddenly there are a couple dozen people standing in the road. The car swerves to miss the people and drives over the side of the hill, crashing and rolling as it hits bottom. In the present day, Marshall wakes up.

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