The OA Seasons 1-2: Every Recap in Order

Links to every Metawitches post on Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij’s amazing series, in order, so y’all can skip the tag. Fingers crossed that someday there will be new material in The OA universe and I can add to this post. #SaveTheOA

Season 1

The OA Season 1 Episode 1: Homecoming Recap – A young blind woman returns home after 7 years in captivity with her sight restored. She seems changed in indefinable, mysterious ways and is at first unable to talk about her ordeal. Slowly, she makes connections with others in her troubled midwestern community and reveals her extraordinary story.

The OA Season 1 Episode 2: New Colossus Recap – Prairie continues to tell the story of her tragic childhood in Russia and adoption in America, through her kidnapping when, as a young woman searching for her biological father, she trusted the wrong person. Prairie’s parents have a difficult time coping with her eccentricities. Her new friends get to know each other better.

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