Santa Clarita Diet Season 1 Episode 10: Baka, Bile and Baseball Bats


As we start our last episode of the season, everyone is putting up a good front, but covering up a deep well of anxiety. There is some hope that Dr Cora Wolf will come through with a cure. Eric has put together a background reel to introduce us to the doctor.

Dr Wolf is a genius who was a prodigy. She was working for the CDC when she came across her first zombie case. The subject had murdered and eaten his entire family, and partially eaten two hikers. Her research led her to believe the condition was caused by an unknown virus, but the rest of the staff at the CDC didn’t believe her. She was ridiculed and fired. Dr Wolf started her own biotech company to search for a cure.

Sheila is still worried about what will happen if she ends up randomly murdering people and Joel needs to put her down. She wants to play a game where he tells her how he’d kill her, sort of like f*ck, marry, kill. Joel knows that, no matter what, this isn’t going to go well for him. He tells her he’d bash her head in with a baseball bat, like they do in zombie movies. Sheila is appalled. Just like Joel feared, wrong answer. Sheila wants him to make it special, maybe even romantic. He should kiss her, then put a silk pillow over her face, and shoot her with a pearl-handled revolver. It’s a nice picture for an assisted suicide, but I don’t know if it would work with a feral zombie. Maybe Joel could just bedazzle the bat.

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