On the All Important Peaceful Transition of Power

The transfer of power between independent Austria and Nazi Germany was largely peaceful as well. The rest of the world stood by and watched while Germany invaded and subjugated Austria because their own peace and stability was too important to them to interfere with Germany’s ambitions. Austria allowed themselves to be subjugated because they thought it wasn’t worth giving up their own physical comforts in order to fight Hitler. Appeasement turned out to be a dismal failure. Had people stopped Hitler earlier in his career, we didn’t have to have a world war. We didn’t have to have concentration camps. We need to keep working and speaking out now, to stop what might happen in the immediate future, when Trump takes office and can write Executive Orders that will affect us now. Not be told to go quietly keep working for some fairytale future that we’ve already been working for all along. That future just got a hell of a lot further away. Fascism needs to be nipped in the bud now.