Trump Supporter Proves What We All Already Knew at Hamilton Chicago



Friday night (11/18/16) in NYC, Mike Pence attended the Broadway Hamilton performance. He was booed on his way in, then after the show a cast member read a prewritten statement asking Pence and the Trump government to respect the rights of all Americans, even the ones Trump and Pence haven’t shown any respect for so far. A twitter war ensued between the theater crowd and the Trump crowd.

According to, last night (Saturday, 11/19/16) a Trump supporter attending the Hamilton performance in Chicago decided to get his revenge. When the cast sang the line “Immigrants, we get the job done,” from the song Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down), he became enraged. During the song Dear Theodosia he allegedly shouted “We won! You Lost! Get over it! Fuck you!” from the balcony. He continued to shout profanities at the security guards that the other theater patrons got to deal with him. Cast members were reportedly crying by the end of the show, though they didn’t let their emotions affect their performances during the show, because they are professionals.

This guy was intoxicated and had an altercation with security guards that lasted through 2 songs as they were trying to escort him out. Who is it that’s rude? And do these guys seriously think they aren’t descended from immigrants themselves, probably more recently than the time of the founding fathers? Who is it that keeps crying whenever they are slighted in the least? Donald Trump’s little boy pout and temper tantrums have gotten old very fast.