No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 7: No You Say It First Recap


Rain in seattle/ The reason for rain kisses/ A blessing indeed.

Street Poetry, A Fuschia House, and Space Tourism

This week, Xavier continues to deal with his financial crisis, and the Cybermart warehouse gets a visit from Cybermart founder Casey Corey, which inspires Evie to make another play for the Cyber Hugs job, and Hank and Deirdre to try harder to hide their relationship. Evie’s sister Mary Anne and Xavier try to work past their differences. There’s a lot of fuschia involved.

-Xavier is the coolest of the apocahipsters, living in his new silver stream trailer. However, though the music they played over the reveal was similar, they did not use Gomez’s Airstream Driver, which was a tragedy.

-The CYBERMART big boss wrote Fresh to the Core: The Casey Cory Story . The book jacket also says: The #1 bestseller, More than 2 million copies in print, The Brain Behind Cybermart.

-Casey Corey is modest, unchanged by that last 200 million after the first 800 million, and has the requisite billionaire eccentric tastes (60s space rock, renovating private jets, and vacationing with the Olsen twins).

-Like many famous, powerful men Casey Corey has a thing for waiflike blondes that seems suspiciously close to pedophilia.

-Evie is persistent but won’t use her looks to try to get the job she wants, even though she closely resembles the Olson twins.

-Oops, Evie’s blurted I love you slips by Xavier, as it would most people in the middle of brushing their teeth.

-The Kareema/Sophia ship continues to sail, but off camera this week. We need to touch base with them every week, along with Hank & Deirdre and Timothy & Fernburger.

-Ooh, the Grace Slick reference almost pulled Casey Corey in, despite his handler’s determination, but, damn Deirdre and her business-like efficiency, she scooped Casey up and stole him away anyway.

-Xavier seems awfully sure the Seattle Street Poet doesn’t make any money. Guessing he doesn’t make any money on his paintings either.

-Deirdre and Hank’s relationship is definitely interfering with their work. It’s interfering with MY work. Their romance novel trysts are highlights of every episode. Sebastian Stone. His battering ram storming her castle walls. Sex moat. Also, Deirdre has the best lingerie. Hottest new couple of the season.

-Deirdre is the only employee invited to the Cybermart party, because she is apparently the only manager in the building. Everyone else is told to be happy they weren’t laid off because “we haven’t yet figured out a way to replace your specific jobs with robots. All in due time. For now we’ve come up with other ways to tighten the belt. We are moving to 1-ply TP and switching to powdered water. Oh, and also, I’m cutting Cyber Hugs. Welcome to the Future.”

-Bravo No Tomorrow. The Cyber Hugs cut is a set up for Evie’s story for the rest of the ep, but the rest is both a set up for next week’s ep, and a reality check for Trump voters and the working class. Jobs aren’t so much disappearing overseas at this point, as disappearing to automation, and the jobs that are left for unskilled laborers are currently low wage. The profits are there that could be shared with low wage workers in the form of higher salaries, but it won’t happen unless workers organize the way they did 100 years ago. In the meantime, pay, working conditions, and benefits will continue to worsen for middle class Americans.

-Evie proves she may be sweet and plucky, but she’s no dumb blonde. She’s mostly just lacking confidence in her abilities, probably because of how often she’s told she’s incapable. Xavier’s unfailing belief in her gives her the support she needs to take chances she would never take otherwise. It could be done in a misogynistic way, with her needing the man to smooth the way for her, but Xavier doesn’t take over and do the job for her. He gives her a few words of support and maybe some words of advice, sometimes intended, sometimes not, then she’s off to solve things on her own, unless she asks for help. Once again, Bravo, No Tomorrow, for leaving the female protagonist with her own agency.

-Evie finds the statistics that prove how the Cyber Hugs program actually brings in more money than it costs, then develops a plan to get those numbers in front of the Cybermart CEO. Hijinks ensue, of course, including the gang posing as a 60s space rock band.

-Timothy does his Steven Spiel (no copyright infringement intended) but needs to focus on Evie to get through it. He realizes he’s still stuck on her romantically and says they need to take a break in their friendship while he gets over her. Evie and I are sad. Please don’t take Timothy from us, show. We’re still not over Greg moving to Altanta on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

-Mary Anne is the show’s enforcer of conformist norms, Xavier’s natural foil. Does anyone else think she’s clinging so hard to the rules because her unseen husband has left her and she’s barely holding on? There’s trouble in paradise on some level, for sure. This show likes to subvert stereotypes too much to leave her the typical white suburban mom who was wild in college and now has no fun and no color in her life. At least I hope so. That stereotype is as toxic and untrue as any other. Though the stifling suburban neighborhood association is realistic. Those places will kill you. Break out as fast as you can, Mary Anne! Life is better when your house can be fushcia, or you can have chickens, or your grass can be a couple inches too long, or every one of your neighbors’ socioeconomic status isn’t exactly the same as yours.

-Deirdre and Evie’s not-friendship is interesting. They both seem like they’d like to be friends, but Deirdre’s social awkwardness and higher work status gets in her way, then Evie takes that personally and treats Deidre callously, going around her or using her like she tries to tonight with the plus one date to the party. This show could improve in the amount of attention it pays to its platonic female relationships (and its one f/f relationship). It doesn’t feel like Evie is particularly close to any of the other women in her life.

-After his big cost cutting speech, Casey Corey is going to put his TP savings into space tourism.

-The Seattle Street Poet gets his act together and tells Evie he loves her, with rain kisses, poetry, bright fall leaves, an umbrella, and an “I love you” back.

Though the end is nigh

You and I are forever

I love you, Evie.

The apocahipster did good. A grand gesture, but not too grand. Nicely intimate.

Next week, Xavier gets a job at Amazon Cybermart and starts a demonstration. Thank you, No Tomorrow! Can’t wait to see how they cover this. It will be so disappointing if they back away from the employees organizing. Mainstream media needs to get a clue and start doing stories that show low wage workers choosing collective bargaining over Trump and the alt right. Someone needs to educate people about what unions can really do for them. Xavier with an X is a good man to start the ball rolling.