Crazyhead Season 1 Episode 2: A Pine Fresh Scent Recap



Raquel and Amy are shopping for shovels so they can bury Amy’s dead roommate, Suzanne. They can’t find any, so Raquel suggests serving spoons. That’s a firm no from Amy. The cashier helps them out and calls for someone to bring shovels to the check out, while they try, unsuccessfully, not to look guilty as hell. Ironically, the inside of the store looks just like the one where Lisa Lancaster, Riann Steele’s character from In the Flesh, was killed and eaten by unmedicated zombies.

Callum assigns Mercy, a single mom, with the task of stopping Sawyer from interfering with his plans. Mercy rounds up Dylan and the stalking begins.

Then it’s off to the forest to bury Suzanne. The burial goes off okay, but the two demon hunters continue to deal with their emotions. They cycle repeatedly through arguing, blaming, crying, apologizing and forgiving.

On the drive back to town, their car breaks down, so they call Jake to give them a ride home. Amy goes upstairs with Raquel when they get to her place to get their stories straight about Suzanne’s death, while Jake waits in the car.

Sawyer, the protective demon, is waiting upstairs with Tyler. Raquel drags Amy to the bathroom to talk. She wants Amy to distract Tyler with sex so that Raquel can have a private conversation with Sawyer. Amy is dubious, but ends up in the bedroom with Tyler.

Sawyer warns Raquel that she’s in danger. Raquel makes him admit that she’s in danger because of him. He’s tries to tell her that Callum’s people are after her, and she should go stay at his house in the woods where she’ll be safe. Raquel is antagonistic toward him and won’t listen.

Tyler and Amy have the most awkward bedroom encounter ever. He gives her a one second tour then tries to leave, so she grabs his crotch. He grabs her breast to reciprocate. He asks if they should kiss, and she says no. They stand like that, two feet apart, not moving, pretending to enjoy it. When she leaves the apartment, she tells him to be naked when she gets back.

The lights suddenly go out. Sawyer goes to investigate. He’s attacked by several of Callum’s henchman, but uses his powers to fight them off. Raquel follows Sawyer. Mercy sucks Sawyer’s powers and strength out of him, then they take him to an ice rink. Raquel, Amy and Jake follow. Jake realizes they’re chasing some kind of trouble and says he’s in, always running towards the flames, head down, balls out.

The demons drag Sawyer onto the ice rink. Raquel follows. Amy decides she’s a demon hunter after all, instead of just a girl who works in a bowling alley, and chases after Raquel. Raquel finally tells Amy the truth. Sawyer is her demon dad. She’s half demon. She started seeing demons at puberty. Raquel has always rejected the demon side of her dad, but he’s never given up on her. When her bio dad died, Sawyer jumped bodies and found her again. Raquel always felt like a freak growing up. When she met Amy, she thought something good could come out of her pain if she could help Amy.

Sawyer is being held on the center of the ice rink while Mercy prepares for a ceremony. A shard of ice through the heart will send a demon back to the underworld. Amy and Raquel show-off their bad ass demon fighting skills as they work their way through the facility. They’re out numbered, though, and they get caught by the demons and forced to watch the demon-killing ceremony.

Raquel causes the electricity to surge and fixtures to fly around the room as Sawyer is being stabbed. She and Sawyer have a moment before he’s taken from his body back to the underworld. He tells her she’s special and he’s loves her. Raquel realizes she loves him, too. Sawyer’s last words are to run from Callum, not to try to fight him.

Raquel and Amy talk for a minute before they leave the rink. Raquel remembers how big a part of her life Sawyer’s always been, and how devoted he was. She realizes she inherited her newfound powers from him. Jake comes in to check on them and sees Sawyer’s body. They have to tell him the truth about demons. He thought they were tree-loving lesbians, so the demons are a big shock to him.

They go home. Amy and Raquel apologize for misunderstanding each other when they first met, and not being able to save Sawyer and Suzanne. Amy says she can’t go into Raquel’s apartment right now, because Tyler’s inside waiting to have sex with her. Raquel calls her a spoon-faced slut. It makes sense in context.

Callum and Dylan survey the scene at the ice rink, and Callum is pleased to see the destruction Raquel caused. He clearly has plans for her.

Amy faces her empty apartment and is confronted with Suzanne’s death again. Later, when she’s brushing her teeth, Suzanne appears behind her. She’s still covered in dirt from having dug herself out of her grave and walked home. Suzanne says, “You killed me, you silly bitch.”

So, we lost Sawyer this episode, because all good parents must die, in order for their children to have character growth. I’ll miss him, even though it was only two episodes. He was one of the more interesting characters, and better actors.

Mercy is the Mother from Hell, right? I find her completely annoying, and not just because she killed Sawyer. The “sweet mummy who’s crude and kills people” jokes got old fast.  It is refreshing to have an adult woman be the chief henchman, though.

Raquel became a more intriguing character with her confession this episode. She was interesting and fun before, obviously, but now we know there’s more to her. I get the feeling she didn’t know the extent of Sawyer’s powers, and thus has no idea what she’s capable of.

No one has even asked why Amy can see demons. Does this mean she has demon blood, too? Or are there other ways to see demons? Amy’s so caught up in Suzanne’s death and the other events of the night it hasn’t even occurred to her to wonder yet.

And Suzanne is back! Somehow I don’t think she’s completely human anymore. Let’s see, what dies, gets buried, then comes back to life and digs itself up?? Right, a vampire! That exorcism really did not go as planned.


-Jake: Any friend of Amy’s is a friend and potential sexual partner of mine.

-Raquel: I really need a wee. So does Amy. It’s starting to run down her legs into her shoes.  (Everyone in the room runs their eyes down Amy’s legs to her shoes.)  Amy: They’re waterproof.

-Amy: I’m sorry I thought you were a crazy weird freak. Raquel: When did you think I was a crazy weird freak? Amy: When I first met you. Raquel: Well, I’m sorry I thought you were a wet delusional shitty little princess with a big spoon face. Amy: Ok.