Crazyhead Season 1 Episode 3: Shave the Cat Recap


We pick up right where we left off, with Amy brushing her teeth, and Suzanne sharing the bathroom with Amy, while also busy being back from the dead. Then the blame game starts, but Suzanne is a good friend and gets over it quickly. She takes a quick look in the mirror to lament the effect being buried and digging herself out of her own grave had on her hairstyle, then it’s off to the kitchen for a snack. Nothing in the kitchen tastes quite right to the Goldilocks of the Undead, and she’s not even neat about it. Amy is a good sport about the insults to her cooking, though she did kill Suzanne with an exorcism and bury her in the woods outside of town, so she probably owes her.

Suzanne explains that she remembers dying and leaving her body, then being pulled back in. She figured she might as well just come home, but it was a long walk in filthy bunny slippers, ok? She doesn’t want to be alone, so she sleeps in with Amy. Even the Undead need snuggles.

As soon as Suzanne’s asleep, Amy calls Raquel, who wonders again if they’re gay. Raquel’s never had a really close female friend, or she’s interested in women herself. At any rate, Raquel spends the night researching dead best friends who come back to life, being the devoted demon hunting partner that she is.

Suzanne gets up in the morning and figures that what she needs is her boyfriend and sex. Raquel has figured out that Suzanne isn’t really alive again. She’s a revenant, someone who’s died, and come back to life, and now craves the life force, which they get by sucking other people’s blood. In other words, a variation on a vampire. They figure out that Suzanne probably went to her boyfriend’s house, and follow her there, but, oops, too late. It was good for her, but probably not the guy who’s now dead.

Suzanne didn’t mean to kill him, but she couldn’t stop herself, and it was amazing. Raquel and Amy decide to take Suzanne out to Raquel’s family cottage in the country. They’ll keep her away from people and feed her animals while they look for a cure. Jake drives them while cracking inappropriate jokes.

Dylan the demon henchman was tailing them for Callum, but lost them. Callum isn’t happy. He says that Raquel can set them all free, allowing them to come out of the closet, and he’s sick to death of hiding who he really is. Callum will find Raquel on his own if he can’t trust Dylan. He goes to Raquel’s apartment, gets Tyler to tell him that Raquel is at the cottage, and sends minions out to find her.

When the gang gets to the cottage, they discover that Sawyer had been living there before he died. Raquel gives Amy a taser to use on Suzanne, then heads out to find a phone signal. Suddenly, the hills are alive with the sound of music, but Raquel is no Julie Andrews. We go from a dense, dark forest to a bright, grassy hillside. A cute, young guy is hanging out. He wants to use his phone as well. Raquel goes all demon hunter on him, but he talks her down, and heads to another part of the hill. They end up talking and sharing some Starbursts.

Amy ties Suzanne to a tree. They talk boys while Amy tries to start a fire. When Raquel gets back, she tells Amy that Suzanne came back because when half demons do exorcisms, they act as a bridge that allows the souls back into the world.

Later they tell stories around the campfire while Suzanne snacks on guinea pigs. Suzanne lets slip that Amy did something memorable on a high school field trip, and the others pressure Amy into revealing that she had sex with the teacher. That night Amy has nightmares about Suzanne. In the morning Suzanne tries to attack Amy when Amy won’t let her go.

Raquel finds that Harry, the guy she met on the hillside, made her a bracelet and left her another Starburst. They meet again to use their phones and chat some more. His friend has a cat that the friend’s girlfriend is allergic to. Raquel suggested they shave the cat. The friend got drunk the night before, and took Raquel’s advice. He’s sent a picture of his now hairless cat. I sense a metaphor in there somewhere.

That night, Suzanne tricks Jake into unchaining her. She runs away from the cottage. Jake, Raquel and Amy search the woods for her. Dylan and another demon have also been watching the cottage.

Raquel’s new friend Harry is in his tent, and sees someone pressing against the side. He goes outside to investigate, and sees Raquel nearby. It wasn’t Raquel touching the tent, but she covers by asking for his phone number. When she leaves Harry, she calls for Suzanne to come and suck her juicy blood. Raquel is successful in luring Suzanne to her, and tazes Suzanne, but it’s not enough to slow Suzanne down. Suzanne starts sucking Raquel’s blood. Dylan hits Suzanne in the head with a bat, knocks her out, and saves Raquel.

Amy and Jake find Raquel passed out on the forest floor. They’re all confused about why demons would save Raquel when she’s killed so many of them, and what they want with Suzanne. They pack up and leave to go back home. Harry watches them drive away.

Callum has Suzanne in his apartment. She’s fine. In fact, he’s got someone there to be breakfast for her, while he has huevos rancheros. Chiles and blood, both are addictive. Callum tells Suzanne that he has a plan, and Raquel is essential to it. She’s a real game changer. Amy keeps getting in the way, and Suzanne can help him with that.

Callum wants to change the world. The bridge that Raquel is able to form between this world and the underworld is most likely part of his plan. He could call up as many new demon minions as he wanted and form an army. Wonder if it also means Raquel could find a way to bring her dad back, albeit in a new body?

Shaving the cat is a temporary fix, that doesn’t change the true nature of the cat, and is unpleasant for everyone. Sort of like trying to make a revenant live on guinea pigs, yes? Or pretending you’re not half demon? It’s a denial of the real issue, Raquel and Amy.

We still don’t know why Amy can see demons. It doesn’t seem to have started at puberty, like it did for Raquel. Maybe it will have something to do with the geography teacher? Did he pass on the gift to her somehow when she ran into him in the grocery store recently? They’ve shown us that she’s not the type who just jumps into bed with people. It means something that she slept with him. He has some sort of magic. It’s interesting that Amy hasn’t gotten around to asking this question yet. Maybe she doesn’t want to know the truth about why she can see demons.