The Gifted Season 1 Episode 5: boXed in Recap


It’s payback time. Jace does not take the mutants’ escape lightly, as promised last week. The search turns into a man mutanthunt with Sentinel Services throwing every resource possible at it. The Mutant Underground has to stretch its own resources to the limit in response, and put aside differences until a better time.

But first, we see how Javert Jace lost his daughter. He was working in Dallas, but had taken a day off to picnic with his family in a park. There was a Mutants’ Rights March on the other side of the park that got out of control. Before Jace could get his wife and young daughter out of range, a powerful mutant let off a blast that knocked out Jace and killed his daughter. Jace has had a vendetta against all mutants ever since.

In the present day, the group that rescued Reed and Lorna rendezvous at a meeting point to change cars and clothes. Johnny tells the others that it was Pulse who suppressed their powers. Marcos and Lorna can’t believe it.

John hears a Sentinel Services drone in the distance. Marcos and Lorna take one car to draw the drone away and destroy it. Lorna floats a mirror next to the car. They bounce Marcos’ light beams off of the mirror to fry the drone. Then they make out. Definitely the hottest couple with the hottest powers. Their powers even include making out while one of them drives.

Reed, Caitlin and John go straight back to HQ. I’d forgotten that Reed hadn’t been to HQ yet. Weird. Caitlyn explains the way station’s functions. Reed is surprised that Caitlin hasn’t been moving forward with the plans to go to Mexico. Dude, she hasn’t had the luxury of hanging out in a holding cell all day. She’s been working for a living. Reed and the kids reunite.



John sees the extra activity in HQ and asks Shatter what’s going on. Shatter directs him to Sage. Sage is in the control room, monitoring the Sentinel Services mutanthunt. She explains that Sentinel Services has been conducting raids without warrants since they rescued Reed and Lorna. People are fleeing for their lives. They can’t be moved out of the way station because Sentinel Services is monitoring everything too closely right now.

As the family is showing Reed around, Tex, the mutant bartender/refugee van driver spots Reed. Tex runs over and starts a fight with Reed, because the last time they saw each other, Reed was in the van and ready to lead SS to HQ. Instead, Reed jumped out of the moving van, allowing Tex and the others in the van to escape.

Tex tells the assembled mutants what happened. Most of them aren’t inclined to trust the former prosecutor to begin with. Finding out that he was working as a double agent for Sentinel Services looks very bad. Reed sends Caitlin and the kids to save Harry, who was shot during the rescue and needs urgent medical care. He tells Caitlin that the accusations against him are true. He was doing what he needed to do to protect his family.

Clarice and Dreamer sort through medications. Shatter comes in to warn Dreamer that they may need her powers to manipulate Reed’s memories of HQ and its location if the group decides to throw him out. Alarm bells go off in Clarice’s head. She remembers the strange memories she has that don’t seem to be her own.

Jace has yelled and pulled strings and used every bit of influence he has to beef up the hunt for mutants. They are circling in on the location of the downed drone. It’s bad news for Lorna and Marcos. Jace sets up a roadblock in a place Lorna and Marcos are likely to pass. and calls for reinforcements.

Sage calls John back to the control room. SS has changed their tactic. They are now using codes for minor crimes to disguise mutant sitings. Reed offers to help them understand what they’re hearing, since all of this was part of his job. He grabs a map and notes where the calls are sending officers. He explains the strategy behind the radio calls and the distribution of officers.


Marcos and Lorna talk about her pregnancy for the first time. Lorna can feel their baby’s energy inside her. Despite the antimutant world they’re bringing the baby into, they’re excited to be parents. They hold hands over Lorna’s belly and make Northern lights again. They decide to call the baby Aurora if she’s a girl. They aren’t so sure about Rory for a boy. Still the world’s most adorable mutant couple.

They arrive at Jace’s roadblock before the reinforcements. Marcos wants to turn around before they get close, but Lorna insists on a confrontation. She’s Magneto’s daughter and she’s had enough. She mentally takes control of the car and forces it right up to the Sentinel Services van. She forces some of the officers into the van, then disarms the rest. A few get off shots at her and Marcos before she can disarm them, but those bullets are easily deflected. Lorna keeps one gun for herself.

Marcos insists that they get going. Lorna is ready to leave, but she’s taking Jace with her. They go to an abandoned building, where Lorna bends a piece of rebar out of a concrete wall and around Jace’s neck to restrain him. With her mind. Just cause she can. Who could resist showing off for Jace little, after the shock collar he put on her?

Marcos is uncomfortable with the situation, but Lorna explains that they need to question Jace. Pulse wouldn’t just turn on his own, and they were trying very hard to force her to turn. She was on her way to some sort of creepy facility. Marcos starts to understand the serious situation Lorna and the baby escaped from.

Harry is doing poorly. HQ is running low on medical supplies again, so Caitlin has to improvise. Andy volunteers to donate blood. His blood type is O-, universal donor. They set up an IV line going straight from Andy to Harry. Andy spends the rest of the episode holding his arm up above his shoulder. You’d think that they’d get him a stool or a ladder or something to perch on so that her didn’t have to stand in such an awkward position for hours while his blood is drained.

Reed figures out that the Sentinel Services search is coming too close to HQ. They need a distraction. He offers to provide it. If he allows himself to be seen in another part of town, the officers will focus their search on that section instead.

Marcos and Lorna question Jace, who refuses to acknowledge that he’s engaging in genocide. He tells them that his daughter was killed by the 7/15 protest, so anything he does to mutants is acceptable. He’s trying to keep the peace for humans. Marcos is temporarily swayed, now that he’s about to become a father himself, until Lorna reminds him of all of the mutants who’ve unfairly suffered and died since that day.

Since Jace isn’t going to give them information, they call Dreamer to come and find information about Pulse in Jace memories. Before long the building is surrounded by SS agents. Does Jace have a tracker on him? Blink and Dreamer portal in so that Dreamer can fish through Jace’s mind just as Jace is blathering on about how he won’t give in to the mutants torturing him.

John orders Tex to take Reed to the other side of town so that the police will see him there and be drawn away from HQ. Tex balks, because he hates Reed, but gives in to Johnny’s orders. Tex drops Reed off on the other side of town, in an area where there are a lot of traffic cams. Reed instructs Tex to meet him a few blocks a way, once he’s walked past the cameras. The traffic cams are wired directly to the police station, so the response time will be fast.

Reed limps down the block, still in his prison garb. He’s recognized by a few cameras and some of the passersby. Johnny and Sage let Reed know that he’s clear to get out. He runs for the meeting point, despite the screws missing from his knee.

Tex isn’t at the meeting point, so Reed keeps moving. The police are rapidly catching up to him. Tex appears just in time. He tells Reed that he was testing Reed to be sure of which side Reed is really on. Tex disappears the car, and they escape.


Harry takes a turn for the worse, so Caitlin decides to do surgery to remove the bullet. She does a long midline incision and finds the bullet quickly. Harry begins hemorrhaging soon after. An artery must have been nicked, and Caitlin doesn’t have what she needs to stop the bleeding. Lauren thinks quick and uses her shield to surround the bleeder long enough for Caitlin to stitch it up.

As Sentinel Services amasses a small army outside of the building, Dreamer uses her power on Jace. She needs to work fast, because SS is about to storm the building. First they shoot tear gas inside, then begin their assault. Clarice creates a portal, and the mutants flee. Dreamer is forced to leave Jace’s brain scrambled.

Really not going to feel sorry for Jace. He wants to kill all of the mutants to make up for losing his daughter. It’s better if he’s permanently incapacitated.

Dreamer draws and explains what she saw, including the logo that ended up on Pulse’s arm. One of the buildings she saw was the federal building in Baton Rouge, LA. Reed says that some of his mutant cases were transferred there, then disappeared.

The Struckers sit down for family dinner. They discuss their situation and plans. They all agree that they should stay at the way station and continue helping the Mutant Underground.

Clarice confronts Dreamer about her inserted memories. Dreamer admits the truth, that she gave some of her own memories of Johnny to Clarice so that Clarice would have a bond strong enough to open a portal to save him and the rest of the people with him. Clarice is angry that she has to live with memories of loving someone who she hardly knows. Dreamer offers to remove those memories, but Clarice tells Dreamer to stay out of her head.


Jace comes home to his wife after a long day at work. He seems fine, but then he asks if Grace, their daughter, waited up for him. His wife has to tell him that Grace died 4 years ago. He reacts like he’s hearing it for the first time.

Javert with fresh grief should mean extra fun for the mutants.



Lauren’s power continues to be the best. Is there anything her sticky bubble wrap can’t do? No job is too large or too small, too dangerous or too delicate.

Andy adds the very important superpower of being a universal donor. Caitlin should pick up some blood typing kits before she has to bleed him dry.

Imagine what kinds of experiments creepy Dr Campbell would do on a fetus or a newborn mutant. Something similar to what was done to the Fenris Twins? I’d be very angry, if I were Lorna.

It’s pretty clear from the sounds of the Mutants’ Rights March that it was a peaceful protest which was handled badly by the police. A few unstable mutants lost control because of police abuse, and all mutants are blamed.


Hope one of Harry’s powers is making his own antibiotics, or they just didn’t think to mention that part, because that was a giant opening in his stomach. The women didn’t even tie their hair back, like they would if they were serving food, never mind trying to cover their mouths and noses so they didn’t breathe into the incision site.

Shatter has the coolest facial make up of any mutant on the show. Only Porcelain, the blue prison mutant, rivaled it. He’s been hanging around HQ since the pilot, so I’m glad they finally let him speak. I hope he continues to be at least a minor character, and uses his power to turn liquid into crystal.

HQ needs a black market source for medical supplies, fast, or at least a financial backer. Many supportive care materials like IV bags, syringes and bandages aren’t prescription, and can be bought wholesale by anyone. They just need a way to buy the supplies that won’t get them caught. A sympathetic person on the outside, like Caitlin’s brother, a medical care provider or someone with a chronic illness. Hospitals are also forced to throw out a ridiculous amount of unused, sterile materials. Bribing a maintenance worker could pay off. But they also need to find a doctor or pharmacist who’ll supply them with key medications, like antibiotics and whatever Caitlin used to bring Clarice back. Or Marcos needs to work his Mexican and Colombian connections.

And shouldn’t something be done about Reed’s knee? Can Lorna put a screw back in? Do any of the mutants have x-ray or mri vision so that they could help her? Maybe her senses can pick up enough metal residue to count as an mri and place the screws properly.