Trailers For Upcoming Series: Manifest and The Passage


Update: My recap for the Pilot (episode 1) of Manifest is HERE.

Let’s have some hopeful news after all of the cancellations last week. This week the broadcast networks unveil their shiny new fall schedules, complete with trailers and presentations for most shows. FOX and NBC went first.



The Passage/ FOX


The Passage is based on a popular series of books which span decades, depicting the beginnings of a dystopia and moving forward from there. Medical experiments with viruses to produce an immunity-boosting drug go wrong and produce vampire-like creatures. Turning this series of books into a TV series is like taking on Game of Thrones, The Stand, or another epic story that can only be told as a long term serial with a commitment to changes in cast and locations over several seasons. Is FOX willing to make this commitment? Only if enough viewers are, obviously. But this is the network that gave us Fringe and Glee. Occasionally they do something surprising and stick with it for the long haul. There are three books, so they could commit to a three season series. The star, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, brings a certain number of fans with him to help boost ratings. Fingers crossed that it’s good, and book fans like it enough to keep tuning in.


Manifest/ NBC

Mondays at 10/9c

I think they’re going for This Is Us meets Lost/The Leftovers/The 4400/insert random missing persons series here. I love Josh Dallas, so, what the heck, I’ll give it a couple of episodes. Based on the trailer, I have a feeling that it won’t have enough scifi for me, especially if it’s going to survive on NBC for more than a season or 2. I’ve been burned by the Big 3 networks too many times to invest much in their shows until they’ve run for several seasons.

Are y’all interested in either of these shows? Did you read the books The Passage is based on? How do you think it will translate to the screen? What do you think about Manifest and its family drama meets potential body snatchers vibe?

4 thoughts on “Trailers For Upcoming Series: Manifest and The Passage

  1. The Manifest preview was a kind of science fiction I like. Can you recommend any similarly subtly-SF books? Looking for books like that is actually how I found this post. 🙂


    1. I watch and write about so much scifi that I tend to read other things these days, so I can’t recommend specific books. I would suggest looking at the genres of speculative fiction and urban fantasy, and trying the young adult section. Maybe readers have some ideas?


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