Sense8: The Series Finale Official Trailer…One Last Mission

7 Sensates…One Last Mission…To Save the 8th

Netflix has released a full length trailer for the series finale movie that wraps up season 2 of Sense8, the innovative story of a diverse cluster of telepathically linked humans that comprise a possible next step in our evolution, created by the Wachowskis.

Watch the trailer after the jump.

The trailer shows the cluster, their friends, and allies on a globe-hopping adventure to rescue Wolfgang from the evil sensate Whispers and the even eviler corporation he works for (and is possibly enslaved to), BPO. It looks to have everything we’ve all loved about the series, and will hopefully bring the series to a satisfying conclusion, while tying up the storylines that the end of season 2 left hanging.

Image courtesy of Netflix.

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