The Crossing Season 1 Episode 10: The Androcles Option Recap


In the first half of the two part series finale of The Crossing, the stakes are building toward a breaking point for the refugees and the people who want to be rid of them. Jude, Nestor, Marshall and Diana race to rescue the time travelers before Eve and her minions can carry out her plan to murder the refugees, while the Homeland Security agents unknowingly prepare to slaughter the refugees in the camp. Eve goes so far off the deep end that even Lindauer can no longer deny how out of control she is, while Sophie makes some desperate choices that will have a huge impact on the future.

Another person of color/camp director has met their end. We’re told at the beginning of this episode that Agent Bryce Foster, who was shot at the end of the last episode, has died off camera. No tears or moment of silence for him either, just like Emma, just an excuse to further crack down on the refugees. The whole structure of his death was nearly identical to Emma’s, other than the shot being fired at the camp instead of in a house.

We also lose Paul during this episode. Instead of it happening off camera, and being nothing but an excuse for more oppression and violence, as with Emma and Bryce’s deaths, the death of the white guy is shown in its entirety, on camera, framed as a Hitchcockian horror show, and it triggers Lindauer to eventually find his conscience.


The episode begins with Lindauer on the phone with the Secretary of Homeland Security, who’s ordering him to shut down the refugee camp within 48 hours. Eve is listening to Lindauer’s side of the conversation, and says they’ll have to move up their mass murder timeline. She asks if that will be an issue for him. Lindauer assures her that the refugees will have committed their fake suicides before the busses arrive at the camp.

A fugitive alert on the missing refugees who left with Naomi pops up on Lindauer’s laptop. He explains to Eve that he couldn’t stop that one. Eve informs him that Doyle will be accompanying him to the camp to make sure he goes through with the mass murder to make sure he has all of the help he needs. When they step outside, Doyle is waiting with Leah, who’s being sent back to rejoin the gen-pop at the camp. Lindauer is definitely not okay with this move, but goes along with it, telling Leah she’ll be with her mom soon.

He’s holding her mom hostage and torturing her to death.

Jude and Nestor raid the evidence locker at the station for a livestock stunner so that Diana can use it in the device that will help save the refugees. The trio discuss where they are with the rest of the plan: They still need to get a warning note to someone inside the camp, and they still need buses to transport 40+ people. They also need documentation for the refugees so that they can disappear off the government’s radar.

Jude offers Nestor the chance to stay out of the dangerous parts of the mission. Nestor says that the refugees came there looking for help and a better life. He was born there, with every advantage. It seems wrong not to help them when he was lucky and they weren’t.

As always, Nestor is my hero.

Sophie’s condition continues to decline. She only has a few to days to live at best. When she wakes up from a nap, her colleague, Dr Spencer, has the Apex serum ready for her. He’s nervous about Sophie taking it because of the chance it could kill her. Basically, he thinks Sophie should live out the few days she has left, rather than take a chance on the serum, since the serum could kill her now. Spencer weirdly acts like she’d be giving up months rather than days.

Diana and Marshall chat while she works on the device that will help rescue the refugees. She tells Marshall that he’s a world class scavenger who would have fit right in 200 years in the future. He asks if she built the time machine, and she says that it wasn’t just her, it was a whole group of people.

The device Diana’s building is an EMP generator that works on a similar principle to the time machine. “A small time loop can produce a stable, massive burst of energy.” That’s interesting, but the show’s cancellation means we’ll never get a chance to explore it. 😒

Then Marshall wants to talk about whether time and fate are predetermined or fluid and changeable, but that’s way outside of Diana’s area of expertise. Her wife, Grace, was the philosopher. So Diana understands how to manipulate time, but not the true nature of it. Obviously the time travelers hoped they could change the future, but so far they haven’t. So they aren’t sure if time is a multiverse with branching, changeable timelines, or if time is fixed.

The question Marshall specifically asked was whether the time travelers from the future were changing his and his family’s future or making him who he was always supposed to be. Who knew Marshall was so deep?

Jude brings Diana the supplies and gives her permission to use his laptop for whatever she needs. He asks for a time estimate. She tells him it’ll be 12 hours, then they argue about doing a test run. Diana only has the supplies to build a device that will work once, so they only have one shot.

How would they do a test run anyway? The camp’s not going to let them do a fire drill, and using an EMP in town would be noticed.

Sophie shows up just then, to ask Jude to rescue Reese.

Reese is still strapped to the table and being tortured. She’s hallucinating Leah begging her for help.

As soon as she gets back to the camp, Leah runs to Caleb, who tells her that Rebecca’s gone. Lindauer’s ears perk up. Caleb takes Leah back to his cabin.

Lindauer moves on to briefing the HS agents about the transfer to detention facilities and the “vaccinations” the refugees will be given before they go. Roy questions why all of the refugees need to be moved, when the guilty parties have already left the camp. Lindauer threatens to reassign him immediately to shut him up. Then he asks to talk to Rebecca’s husband to see if he knows anything about the escape and shooting.

Jude is lecturing Sophie because she didn’t run to him the minute she found out Reese had been taken. He can’t go rescue Reese right away because he has to rescue the refugees, but says he’ll get to Reese in a couple of days. But Jude is the only one who’s allowed to be busy and have priorities. Sophie being busy dying is no excuse for not doing what Jude expects of her. 🤢

When Nestor comes back, Jude and Nestor discuss whether they should rescue Reece after all, since she might help them get the refugees out of the camp. Jude guesses that Lindauer must have Leah, since he has Reece. That would be motivation for Reece to work with them. Now that Reece is potentially useful to him, Jude suddenly has the time to rescue her. 👿


The torture doctor increases the level of Reece’s auditory overstimulation, assuming it will kill her. Instead, her eardrums burst, but then her Apex strength kicks into overdrive, like a surge of adrenaline, and she busts out of her bindings.

Eve gives Paul new documentation, but he’s not sure he can become a different person the way that she has. She confesses to marrying someone else as soon as she arrived in this time period, since she thought she’d never see him again. But she’s divorced now, and she wants to make a new life with him, if he wants that, too. Paul agrees.

Lindauer questions Caleb in Naomi’s cabin. Caleb tells Lindauer that Naomi offered Rebecca a chance to feel close to their daughter again, since Naomi had been turned into an Apex slave, the same as their daughter Rachel. Lindauer realizes that Caleb’s daughter and his own daughter are the same person, and cuts the interview short before racing out of the cabin.

Eve takes Paul to meet her son, Aaron, a piano prodigy. He’s also Paul’s son, though she introduces Paul as a dear friend. Paul is moved nearly to tears to meet the son he never knew he had.



Sophie takes Jude to the lab where Reece’s escape is already in progress. He helps Reece finish the last couple of guys off. She’s temporarily deaf because of her damaged eardrums. Before they can get out, the doctor brings Sophie in as a hostage. He wants to exchange Sophie for Reece, but first he wants Reece and Jude to drop their weapons. Jude agrees, and bends forward to put his gun down so that the gun shoved in the back of his pants is revealed to Reece. Reece grabs that one, as he intended, and wounds the doctor, freeing Sophie. She forces the doctor to tell her where Leah is, then kills him.

When Marshall brings the last of the supplies, Nestor tells him that his part in the plan is done. Nestor is trying to protect Marshall by keeping him away from the dangerous and illegal parts of the plan. Marshall won’t have it though. He shows Nestor Hannah’s locket, and tells him its story. Marshall believes the locket means he’s there for a reason. He’s supposed to help Hannah and the people at the camp.


Eve and Paul drink wine together and talk about Aaron. Eve says that someday she’ll tell Aaron that Paul was the love of her life. Then she plays a recording of Paul’s phone call to Jude. Paul apologizes, and explains that he didn’t want the other refugees to get hurt. Eve gently says that she understands that he doesn’t know how important this is. That’s why she wanted him to meet Aaron. As she’s talking, Paul starts having trouble breathing. She watches him slowly die from poisoned wine as she tells him that she wishes things could have been different, but she can’t watch while their children and grandchildren are slaughtered by Apex.

Lindauer rushes to his laptop to compare a photo of Rachel with the intake photos of Rebecca and Caleb. Rachel looks very much like what you’d expect their child to look like, especially Rebecca’s daughter.

While he’s staring, Eve calls to tell him that she gave the poison for the refugees a trial run and it worked great. The dosage was perfect. Lindauer is confused and horrified that she gave the poison a trial run at all, and even more so that she used it on her own husband. Meanwhile, Eve is calmly standing next to Paul’s body while she’s on the phone. No one is safe from her.

Reece brings Sophie back to her lab. Before she leaves, Reece figures out that Sophie has made a cure for herself using Reece’s Apex genetics. She makes Sophie tell her where the cure is, then destroys it so that Sophie won’t be the one to create Apex. When Sophie is upset because Reece just effectively killed her after she saved Reece (and saved Leah in the earlier part of the season) Reece thanks her for her help, then offers to take Sophie to the hospital to die.

I know Reece did the right thing, but that was still cold.

Sophie refuses to go to the hospital, and Reece leaves. As soon as Reece is gone, Sophie says that the destroyed “cure” was actually a B12 shot. She gets the real cure from a locked refrigerator, and prepares to use it on herself.

Diana sees a fugitive alert pop up on Jude’s laptop. Her wife Grace was one of the women who escaped with Naomi. She immediately looses interest in saving the doomed refugees and packs up to leave the workshop. She runs into Nestor on the way out, who tries to talk her staying to continue to help everyone still in the camp.

She’s pretty cold-hearted, too. Diana wanders off into the sunset as soon as the device is finished, despite her lack of leads on where Grace might actually be.

Marshall shows up at the camp front gate, demanding to see Hannah. Roy goes out to talk to him, and Marshall starts a fight to cover up when Marshall slips a note for Caleb into Roy’s pocket. Marshall is taken to a holding cell.

By the time Jude and Reece get to Jude’s house, Diana has finished the EMP device and taken off. She left some instructions that only another engineer or an Apex can understand, but luckily they have Reese.


Caleb brings Leah a snack in her bed/blanket fort and tries to convince her that everything is fine and he’ll protect her. He tells her that he won’t let anything bad happen to her.

I hate it when adults say that to kids. There are way too many things that he can’t protect her from, from very small things to huge, horrible things. Promise her that whatever happens, you’ll get through it together. But don’t speak in absolutes and raise false hopes. Kids are too literal for that.

Dr Spencer finds Sophie seemingly fully recovered, and eating everything in the kitchen. But then her eyes go strange and she passes out.

Late that night, Roy brings Marshall’s note to Caleb. He tells Caleb to round everyone up, and get ready to get out if they want to leave the camp alive.

Marshall is tied to a chair in a shed. Lindauer arrives to question him, but is soon followed by Doyle, who pulls out her taser and gets to work. She didn’t even ask a question first. She tells Lindauer that he can leave, and he does, but he looks unhappy and disgusted with her methods.