Manifest Episode 2: Sneak Peeks and Episode 3 Promo (Video)

Spoilers below, obviously.

NBC has released two short sneak peek videos, plus the promo, for episode 2, Reentry, of its new series, Manifest, which follows the passengers of a plane which disappeared for 5 1/2 years. This should be an interesting episode, since most series use their second episodes to highlight secondary characters and introduce the universe’s mythology in more detail than they had time for in the first episode.

That appears to be the case in this episode, since in one sneak peek we meet Michaela’s (former?) best friend, Lourdes, and the other follows up on the plane explosion that capped off the pilot.

First is the sneak peek with the scene of the passengers who were drawn to the airport at the end of the last episode being detained following the plane’s explosion. Each of the 20 passengers is questioned, and they are held for at least 8 hours, until Michaela informs them that she’s a member of the NYPD. She knows their rights, and if they’ve been questioned, but aren’t being charged, then they have to be released. Director Vance gives in and releases them, though I think he could technically hold them for longer, but he tells his assistant to put surveillance on all of them.

While they’re detained, Ben pleads with Michaela to stay under the radar so that they don’t draw undue attention that would alert the Feds to the fact that they’re hearing voices. Ben is so stealth that the captain, who’s sitting behind them, leans back and says that he’s seeing and hearing things, too. He’s worried that he’ll be blamed for everything, because they always blame the pilot. Ben thinks his plan to remain anonymous is blown when Michaela insists that they release the passengers, but I think showing up just before the plane exploded probably was what blew their cover.



In the second preview, Lourdes ambushes Michaela at the precinct. She has the grace to look contrite, at least. Taking her friend by surprise at her workplace is a low blow, especially since it sounds like Michaela has had a difficult time at work in the past, and doesn’t need more melodrama playing out in front of her fellow employees. She tells Michaela that she’s actually been stalking her, having already been to Michaela’s home and been told that Michaela’s not available.

Maybe that’s a hint that Michaela’s not ready to see you, hon, and you should let it be about the person who’s in crisis, instead of you, the husband thief. Michaela doesn’t need her friend’s guilt dumped on top of Jared’s guilt on top of her own guilt, but it looks like that’s what she’s going to get.

*Yikes, they took that video down fast! Here’s a different sneak peek clip to replace it. Ben is shocked to discover his baby girl drinks coffee, Olive continues to run circles around the rest of the family, Cal is not okay with his new clothes, and Grace wants to lead a double life for as long as possible. Ben starts hearing music instead of voices, which will lead to his mystery of the week.



In this promo for episode 2, the Feds aren’t giving up searching for answers to the plane’s disappearance and destruction. Their investigation has narrowed to the 20 passengers who answered the call to witness the plane’s explosion. Director Vance is certain that someone on the plane knows what happened.

Also, Ben tries to convince Grace to give their marriage another chance. We learn that the story of the reappearing plane has become a worldwide sensation. And Michaela reiterates that she’s not the one who knows what’s going on.



In a little bonus Reentry video I found on Facebook, we get a passenger profile featuring Radd Campbell, who is going to face the music tonight. Drama Alert!



Finally, the episode 3/Turbulence preview that played at the end of episode 2:


Brain scans!! 😍😍😍 I love medical scifi.

Image and videos courtesy of NBC.