Helstrom Season 1 Episode 9: Vessels Recap

Helstrom S1Ep9 Gabriella & Daimon Wake Up

In episode 9, the gang reunites to deal with some unusual circumstances. Basar’s demon mouth is still in Daimon, so he’s had a bit of a personality change. Ana, Louise and Victoria lock him up in Victoria’s old room while they work on a solution. Gabriella is held captive by Raum and Mother, with Mother is masquerading as Daimon. Chris and Derrick bond over painting a room blood red, but Keeper demon interrupts with an urgent message for Chris. Taker finally arrives in Portland and wants to whisk Louise away to Mexico. She’s busy coping with several demons and chemo.

There’s some knife play and sparks and an exorcism or two. Plus a fierce competition for cutest couple.


Gabriella wakes up half naked in a strange bed with Daimon. On the surface, it’s not the worst thing that could happen to her. Unfortunately, she doesn’t remember anything that’s happened since she got that terrible headache after kissing him. Thankfully, he’s not the type to roofie her before he got in the shower.

The really bad news is, they’re both suffering from demon possession hangovers and they were both demon raped last night.

Daimon is half naked as well, because Helstrom has developed a thing for Daimon with his shirt off. As they each put the other half of their clothes on, Gabriella realizes that the room doesn’t have a door. She opens the curtains and finds that the window opens onto a cement wall. The back of the fireplace opens while someone shoves a healthy meal through. At least their spooky captors want to keep them alive.

Gabriella pounds on the doggie door and Daimon continues to be confused. She begins to remember what happened, but then she vomits. Daimon tries to get her to eat something. Raum/Father Crow speaks over the intercom system, telling Gabriella that she’s very important to them and will soon get used to her new routine. She hasn’t been poisoned. She’s having morning sickness. He apologizes for his rudeness when they first met.

Congratulations! Gabriella is pregnant with Mother/Basar/Daimon’s triple demon baby! Her bad morning just got infinitely worse.

Saint Teresa’s is looking particularly ominous this morning, but all is well in Victoria’s room. Except that Daimon is late for the party and Ana is getting worried annoyed. When he doesn’t answer his phone, she leaves to go looking for him.

Taker meets Louise for breakfast in a local diner. He starts with an apology, but she throws herself into his arms, she’s so happy to see him.

He’s probably been missing for the last day because he drove his van up from San Francisco, approximately a 10 hour drive. This show has pretended that the 2 cities are just a quick hop apart, but they are actually separated by more than 600 miles. Even the 1 hour 45 minute flight would take a few hours, by the time you drove to the airport, went through security, etc.

Henry tells Louise about The Blood and their evil plans to go after Daimon, but doesn’t reveal the whole story of how he escaped. We know he was locked up in the back of his own van again and escaped the cuffs. Then he started a fight with his captors in the moving vehicle. Or so he says.

The fact that he refuses to say more could mean he was particularly violent with them and wants to spare Louise the gory details or it could mean he used the powers he’s kept hidden from Louise- or both. Hopefully he tossed The Blood on the side of the road and left them to rot.

He also says that Ana and Daimon are safe from The Blood, now that they have both pieces of “the weapon”. “The Blood couldn’t hurt them, even if they were stupid enough to try.” Um, what does that mean, and why didn’t he give them both pieces sooner, if that’s the case?

I did notice that the knife has penetrated the skin of both siblings now and it seemed like something was activated in Ana when the knife was in her leg. Maybe that whole “Power of Two” idea has some merit.

Louise is still worried that they’ll hurt Henry. Henry says Louise could be a target, too. He suggests they take a trip to Rosarito, a Mexican resort city just south of the US border on the Baja peninsula. He thinks it would be a great place for them to make a fresh start together.

Louise tells him she can’t go until she’s done with the chemo and surgery for her cancer. He promises to be there for her. They hold hands and smile adorably at each other. 😍

I can’t help but wonder if he has a reason for wanting to get both of them out of the country right now. Does he know what’s coming and figure she’s better off getting out of the way of it?

Ana goes to Daimon’s house and finds a trail of blood in the bathroom and blood on the bed from Daimon’s back. The stab wound on her leg reacts to the presence of the demon killer knife shard, which is still in the bag where Daimon left it. She takes the pack and leaves.

Demon Daimon/Basar shows up at the hospital and pokes around Louise’s office.

The Daimon who’s with Gabriella tries to console her, telling her it’s not their fault. She insists it is. They were weak and caught up in lustful sin. Daimon disagrees. He insists that their feelings, separate from what the demons did to them, are real.

Gabriella: “Daimon, I’m pregnant. I’m carrying something in me that could be pure evil.”

Daimon: “Our baby won’t be evil.”

Gabriella: “It’s not our baby.”

Daimon, smiling gently: “It could be. I love you, Gabriella.”

Gabriella, running away from him: “What? You’re not Daimon.”

😂 It was the gentle smile that gave it away. That was the most un Daimon like expression possible in this situation.

He’s all about being a sensitive guy and now that he has Gabriella figured out, he wouldn’t forget that this baby is a product of rape by demons. They might accept the baby eventually, but she’s in shock right now and he would be too.

It’s likely that Gabriella is always going to be more rejecting of the baby than he is, simply because he’s a demon himself and she’s very Catholic. This is a test of faith, in a sense. She cares about him, as a person, but that doesn’t change her overall feelings about demons. He knows from personal experience that demons are individuals. Some are good and some can be influenced by their upbringing. Gabriella’s faith remains with the way she was raised, not with what’s in Daimon’s heart or the way he was raised.

When Gabriella turns back to Daimon, he’s turned into Mother/Victoria. Magoth and Raum march into the room, drug Gabriella and strap her to the bed. Mother says they’ll have to do this the hard way. Gabriella thinks she’s hallucinating, but Mother tells her it’s real.

Helstrom S1Ep9 Vision Daimon & Gabriella

Helstrom S1Ep9 Henry Escapes The BloodHelstrom S1Ep9 Henry & Louise in DinerHelstrom S1Ep9 Mother

Helstrom S1Ep9 Angel Statue & Daimon at St Teresa's

Helstrom S1Ep9 Daimon:Basar Chokes Victoria

Daimon/Basar visits Victoria in her hospital room. She thanks him for taking care of her while she was possessed, saying she’s relieved it’s over. Basar says it’s far from over- this is only his first stop. He chokes her with one hand. Ana catches him and pulls him off, but she’s momentarily startled when she realizes that Basar has possessed her brother.

They fight their way into the hall. Ana drains him, then drops a light fixture on his head. Louise and Henry come around the corner just afterwards.

Chris and Derrick are painting a room blood red together to get their relationship back on track. Derrick got to pick the color as Chris’ apology. Are we going to discover someday that this is also a hint that Derrick is a vampire? Should make it easier for Chris to eventually reveal he shares his head with an ancient demon.

Said demon sends a jolt into Chris’ head in the middle of the conversation, which makes him leave the room to check his arms under the bandages. Raised symbols are appearing and disappearing. Time to look into that community college course in ancient demonic I was asking about a few episodes ago.

Taker and Ana move Daimon to the designated Helstrom padded suite at St Teresa’s. They argue as they strap him down- Ana missed Taker. Louise pulls out a sedative syringe with the dosage that worked on Mother. Ana explains that Basar is inside of Daimon, even though she didn’t think it was possible for him to be possessed. Daimon writhes as the demon core moves through his neck and torso.

They give him the sedative and Ana drains him again, but he burns through it in moments. He wakes up and taunts Ana, telling her that he and Daimon have fused into one, so he knows how Daimon really feels about her. Then he lies and says that Gabriella is dead.

Daimon’s demeanor is particularly cold and cruel in this scene. Maybe this is what the version who took after his father would have looked like.

Gabriella is kept in a drugged stupor and cared for by Raum and Magoth until she appears several months pregnant. When she wakes up, Mother tells her that she needs to stay calm, for both of them, since she’s carrying Mother’s new form. She apologizes for being so rough on Gabby when they first met. Like Raum, she says she would have been nicer if she’d known Gabby would turn out to be so important.

Gabriella attempts to break out of her bonds. Mother tells her to stop, since giving birth will be difficult enough. Gabriella insists that she’s not going to give birth to Mother’s new body. Mother tries to tempt her into motherhood by suggesting she’d enjoy giving in to the power to create life. Gabriella says that she doesn’t consider what’s growing inside her “life”- it’s pure evil.

Defining motherhood as a woman using her power to create life doesn’t hold with Christian patriarchal views and likely sounds extra scary and sinful to Gabby. Women are taught they’re barely capable of building a healthy baby without medical intervention, never mind being encouraged to feel powerful while doing so.

Of course, Mother and Basar possessed and raped both Gabriella and Daimon to conceive this child. Both biological parents were purposely rendered powerless while their bodies were used. Now Mother has Gabby strapped to a bed and drugged, so she’s giving Gabriella the full gaslighting/abuse victim experience while telling her vessel to revel in her own power. I can’t blame Gabriella for not going with the flow. Childbearing doesn’t get much more traumatic than this.

Mother tells another story of her tragic previous life. Basar was fishing by the river when men killed him. Those men revelled in Basar’s death. They were Mother’s first experience of true evil. The village elders didn’t believe her story. Basar rose up and killed the entire village in retaliation. He always did have a temper.

I think I can guess why Basar was murdered.

Mother tells Gabby to rest while she’s busy growing.

Ana, Louise and Henry realize that Basar is acting as a distraction for Mother’s evil plans, which they think involve using Gabriella as her new host. Ana feels guilty for setting Mother free from Victoria and playing into her hands. Henry suggests they split up. He’ll go after Gabriella and Mother while they deal with Daimon/Basar. He thinks the demon killer knife is the only option for cutting Basar out of Daimon. Ana is afraid it will kill him, since the demon core sits over Daimon’s spine, and vows to find another way.

Ana tells Victoria what’s happening and asks her to try to reach Daimon. Victoria isn’t sure she can face seeing her son filled with so much evil.

Ana: “Watching someone you love suffer from something that is destroying them from the inside out is the worst kind of pain.”

She convinces Victoria that she has to try to break Basar’s hold on Daimon. Even though Victoria is afraid of failing him, they have to keep fighting, the way Daimon kept fighting for them.

Helstrom S1Ep9 Derrick & ChrisHelstrom S1Ep9 Chris' ArmHelstrom S1Ep9 Gang Confront Strapped Down Daimon:BasarHelstrom S1Ep9 Mother and GabriellaHelstrom S1Ep9 Daimon:Basar Through Cracked GlassHelstrom S1Ep9 Ana & Louise

Gabriella continues to struggle to escape, making Mother furious. She complains that her children have been hunted and tortured thoughout time and all over the world, just for being different- stronger and better than humans. Gabriella says that she’s sorry Mother has had a hard time but humans didn’t do anything to her. Mother tells her that she doesn’t understand anything. Humans are sheep who live in perpetual ignorance.

Gabriella asks if Mother is using her as an incubator for revenge. Mother tells her that she could be more than that, if she chooses. Gabriella chooses to keep fighting her.

Mother doesn’t elaborate, but my guess is that women who have been violated the way Gabriella has often develop enough negative feelings to become a demon. The demons are excited and grateful to Gabriella for providing Mother with her own body, which will have normal sensations, not the mostly numb life in a human puppet that possession gives them. They’re willing to reward Gabby for her service by making her an immortal demon.

Gabriella has struggled so much that her wrists are bleeding. Mother tells her to stop, but doesn’t make her stop. Gabby realizes that she’s not possessed anymore. Mother is in the baby and putting her energy into growing, so Gabby is actually the one with the power in the situation.

Victoria asks to speak to Daimon/Basar alone. Ana is supportive, but Louise is worried the stress will affect her own sanity. Louise seems to be under the impression that Victoria was suffering from a severe mental illness for 20 years rather than a stubborn case of demon possession, but she gives in.

Basar doesn’t actually have much imagination and generally relies on brute force while Mother does the thinking, so when Vicky opens the view window in the door, he goes for the jump scare and asks how her neck is. He tells Victoria that Daimon is gone and he’s going to kill the rest of them next, blah, blah blah, like the Helstroms don’t hear that every week.

Victoria informs Basar that her son will metaphorically beat the energy out of him, cause Daimon is a much smarter, tougher demon. They trade insults for a while and my hero Vicky proves that she’s a true Viking who can twist words and emotions with the best of them. She reminds Basar that his beloved Mother was in her head for 20 years. She knows that Mother doesn’t care about him at all. He’s nothing more than a useful tool to be discarded when no longer needed. That’s why the others demons left him all alone in the demon proof padded cell.

If there’s one thing years of abuse teaches you, it’s how to abuse others right back when necessary. Vicky goes straight for the jugular and knows exactly where it is, just from listening to Mother’s thoughts.

Basar takes the bait. He always did have a temper. Louise takes it too- she can’t stand strong emotional confrontations between people she loves. Ana makes Louise wait while Victoria continues to taunt Basar, telling him that no one loves him, while Daimon has an entire family who loves him and wants him back. Lights flicker, the glass cracks.

Louise drags Victoria away from the door, insisting she’s not getting through to Daimon, just upsetting Basar.

It can be more than one thing. Victoria could have put on eye protection and taken a step back, but kept working on him. We’ve seen demons make mistakes when they’re angry or tired.

Louise is too close to the situation to be effective. She simply can’t and won’t risk violence in her family. I’d love to get her backstory. Who did she lose? The way she clings to Victoria protectively as she drags her from the door and has always fiercely protected Daimon suggests she’s not about to lose anyone else the same way.

Then she tells Ana that she’s taking Victoria home to Daimon’s and away for this terrible, evil place and “him”. Her patient needs rest and can’t get it in this environment. The way she separates Her Son Daimon from Possessed Daimon is also fascinating. He was still hers and she accepted his behavior when he was out of control and choked Victoria, before she knew he was possessed. But now that she knows for sure he’s possessed, she’s done with him until the other demon is gone.

Apparently, Louise does not handle exorcisms, just homicidal behavior caused by severe mental illness or a tendency to behave like a demon. The woman has standards, okay?

The lights are still flickering. Ana and Basar/Daimon are left staring each other in the eye, worthy adversaries ready to take each other on.

Raum thinks Gabriella is sleeping and talks to Mother while he prepares the next dose of sedatives. He hopes she’s noticing how hard he’s working for her and will consider rewarding him someday with his own body. Then he notices the blood pooling at Gabriella’s hips. She asks him to act as her priest and hear her last confession.

It’s a trick to get him to lean in close. She’s gotten her arm loose from the cuff and injects him with the sedatives while he’s close to her. She escapes from the room, which eventually leads to a long culvert and out into a park. Mother tries to stop her, but Gabriella keeps going. In a mirror of the the first time we met Magoth, Gabriella runs into the road and stops a car to ask for help.

Chris tries to decide what to do about his unique rash. Then the eyeball appears in his mouth again, like a cat with a hairball.

At Daimon’s house, Louise makes Victoria tea. Victoria is sad because she and Daimon still don’t get to be together. She thanks Louise for everything she’s done for them. Louise is gracious.

Gabby pounds on the door. When Louise brings her inside, she thinks she’s been gone for months, but it hasn’t even been a day. Then she passes out, just as she’s telling them to find Daimon.

Henry appears back at the hospital as Ana is coming to terms with the idea of cutting Basar’s demon core away from Daimon’s spine. Henry wants to do it instead to make up for all of the times he wasn’t there for her, but she knows that she’s the only one who’s strong enough to do this. She understands that The Blood wanted to kill her and Daimon, so he had to keep his distance. He explains that he was also protecting himself because he didn’t want to lose her and get hurt again. She tells him he won’t lose her.

Victoria calls to tell Ana about Gabriella’s pregnancy. Ana realizes she can’t put off dealing with Basar any longer. She sends Henry to Daimon’s house to help watch Gabriella. When she picks up the main piece of the demon killer knife, Ana sees the memory of her father giving Daimon his scar. She leaves for Daimon/Basar’s room, with the other half of the knife still out on Louise’s desk.

Victoria hates the idea of Mother incarnating into her own body, of her evil combined with Ana and Daimon’s strength. She says it could be the end of everything. Louise tells her it’s not up to them to make decisions about the baby.

When Victoria says strength, she means vitality and health rather than powers. While Mother was in Victoria’s body, she was more powerful than Daimon and Ana, but she could only do so much with her powers because a human body doesn’t handle possession well. Victoria only continued to live while possessed because she was hospitalized and her health was carefully managed- plus, she has a lot of fortitude, due to lucky genetics. That’s why Mr Helstrom chose her and why Mother wanted to use one of her children as a biological parent.

I’m surprised the demons would take the chance with Gabriella’s chronic illness, but maybe they don’t know about it. They were improvising a lot for a while and showed us that Basar chose Gabby as a last minute alternate for Spivey’s wife. No one else knew about or vetted her. Once Mother started paying attention to Gabriella, she had other things on her mind and had no choice but to use the alternate vessel.

When Gabriella wakes up, her belly has grown even larger. She looks close to full term. She sees Raum and Magoth outside and heads straight to the kitchen for a butcher knife. As she’s telling Louise and Victoria they’re in danger, the lights go out.

Helstrom S1Ep9 Daimon's Happy Family PhotoHelstrom S1Ep9 Crow:Raum Checks GabriellaHelstrom S1Ep9 Ana & HenryHelstrom S1Ep9 Chris on PhoneHelstrom S1Ep9 Ana with Demon KnifeHelstrom S1Ep9 Ana Uses Knife on Daimon

Basar is ready and waiting for Ana. He’s enjoying being inside a more powerful and intelligent body than Spivey’s and uses his knowledge of her relationship with Daimon to his advantage. He also knows how difficult it is for her to wield the knife. As they talk, he tries to force her to use the knife on herself, but she resists.

Basar tells Ana that Daimon felt so guilty after their father kidnapped her and Victoria was committed that he tried to kill himself. He says that memory is never far from the surface in Daimon’s mind. “Standing in the middle of St John’s Bridge, hopeless, alone. A monster in the making.”

He goes on to tell her that he’s Mother’s guardian because he’s the most ruthless demon killer. He’s just sad that Victoria isn’t there to watch her die, because that would have been poetic. Ana tells him that they have Gabriella, and thus Mother. If he kills Ana, they’ll kill Mother.

At that thought, his guard finally slips and he charges her. She’s able to lower the knife. He’s suddenly snapped back from her and forced to the ground, unconscious. I think Ana did it, but Daimon could have helped.

Ana goes to him and prepares to cut out the demon core. Just as she’s about to cut, Daimon wakes up- he’s himself- and asks where Gabriella is.

Aw, the first thing/almost first thing Daimon and Gabriella each did was ask about each other. 😍

The women do what they can to fortify Daimon’s glass house, then send Gabriella to the basement. Louise has a baseball bat.

Ana quickly tells Daimon about Gabriella’s pregnancy. He reminds her that he’s never been able to exorcise Mother. He definitely can’t while he’s also possessed. She needs to cut Basar out of him, while Daimon is still in control.

She tries, but the demon core moves around and Daimon burns through his shirt. He tells her to stop, because the knife feels wrong, different from the way it felt before it broke. They realize they need both pieces.

Daimon is also a difficult patient, let’s face it.

Chris calls Taker to get help with his demon eyeball problem.

Ana goes to Louise’s office, only to find that Taker took the other half of the knife to use on Gabriella and Mother. Daimon tells her to go to his house and protect Gabriella. He’ll do his best to stay in control while she’s gone.

Finn/Magoth uses telekinesis to unlock the door. Victoria throws boiling water on him, then Louise hits him with the bat. Excellent resourcefulness. But she should have hit him a few more times.

Gabriella still has the knife. She steels herself to perform a home caesarian, despite her pro-life beliefs. Crow/Raum uses telekinesis to take the knife from her.

Daimon uses his exorcism power on himself, which also activates his internal fire power. It has the effect of Daimon wrestling an internal demon, throwing himself against the walls and ceiling as he glows white and fire red. He finally lands on the floor unresponsive and with his eyes burned.

Helstrom S1Ep9 Finn:MagothHelstrom S1Ep9 Gabriella Makes a DecisionHelstrom S1Ep9 Raum:Crow with KnifeHelstrom S1Ep9 Daimon Wrestles with a DemonHelstrom S1Ep9 Unresponsive Daimon


Basar dropped a bombshell about young Daimon- once he was no longer responsible for Ana or Victoria, he tried to kill himself. He felt and still feels like a monster, which we already knew. But where does this fit in his timeline with Louise? Was it before he met her? Is this the real reason she didn’t want to risk taking Ana in?

Most importantly, suicide is still on Daimon’s mind all the time, and he’s only being held together by his connections to others. I think I’d guessed that his self image is dependent on his connections to his family. After Victoria was gone, he must have felt completely adrift and thought he’d be alone for the rest of his life.

This episode gave us the image of Daimon wrestling with an inner demon and losing the battle. He’s been fighting this battle with his own literal inner demon and his metaphorical inner demons for his entire life and barely coming out ahead. Basar voices the nightmares that are playing inside Daimon’s head. The true weapon of the demon is to prey on their victim’s insecurities. Since Daimon is more insecure than most, he’s an easy target. He might be strong enough to keep most demons out of his head, but Basar and Mother, like his father, are stronger than him.

If Daimon always had a psychic connection with Ana and maybe with his father and Victoria, to be alone in his head once he was separated from all of them would be devastating, when his entire personality was centered on those connections. Louise saved his life in a way that Ana didn’t need, since she’s able to connect with others, but Daimon did desperately need Ana back. He’s never found a way to believe he can exist on his own without the family and to believe that the rest of the family will be okay without him there to protect them. Or to follow Ana’s example and let the family go, knowing he could be okay without them while accepting that they were beyond his ability to save.

I’m pulling for Chris and Derrick, despite the obstacles they face. Including Derrick’s really bad taste vs Chris’ impeccable taste. And Derrick’s career in law enforcement vs Chris’ career as an accessory to murder/now promoted to murderer. Their relationship would be simpler if Derrick turns out to be a vampire in a potential S2. Just sayin’, potential S2 writers.

Elizabeth Marvel is so amazingly demented in this episode. Mother has taken her insanity to a whole new level, yet it’s also understated and chilling. It helps that the writers give her the best speeches.

Tom Austen also sinks a new level of loathsomeness as Basar possessing Daimon. I mean this in a good way- I could swear his entire aura changed to become the kind of putrid, slimy evil Gabriella is afraid of. Daimon was pouty and resentful early in the season, but he wasn’t slimy and cruel. It’s a subtle yet intense change that’s actually really scary because of what that person is capable of.

But smiling Daimon is just too weird. We need to build up to that slowly. Start with a little lip twitch and a twinkle in the eye.

I have to side with Mother on the issue of humans vs demons. Demons have knowledge of other realms and more powers and abilities than humans. Objectively, we are inferior beings. We (the audience) don’t know how the human/demon war started or what caused the hatred that led to evil demons, but given the typical behavior of humans, I doubt we were innocent victims in the whole thing.

The show probably wants the audience to feel morally superior to the demons. The problem is that we’ve seen demons perpetrate terrible fictional crimes which humans perpetrate on each other every day in real life. As long as good demons and The evil Blood exist in this universe, I’m going to need a lot more information before I choose a side in the war. Ana and Daimon are hybrids who ultimately have no natural side. That makes neutral the narratively correct side.

Gabriella and Daimon

Daimon and Gabriella have the potential to be truly tragic star-crossed lovers. They both see the world in terms of black and white, good and evil and come down firmly on the side of good. They both know demons are real, though this is relatively new knowledge for Gabriella, and want to protect others from the evil forces in the world.

But Gabriella’s happy little childhood origin story about her illness, exorcism and diagnosis with epilepsy is more important than she made it seem. That priest came through for her when her parents didn’t. She sees the Church as the embodiment of Good and exorcists as the agents who fight the war and spread the gospel. She became a nun and went to the Regina Apostolorum so that she could fight the good fight and help people the same way her exorcist did.

When we met Gabriella and Daimon, they were arguing over the case of the boy who was pretending to be a demon, and Gabriella was distracted by her instructions to spy on the Helstroms. But Daimon still did for that family what Gabriella’s exorcist did for her- he diagnosed the issues that caused the boy to act out and prescribed the necessary treatments. Despite himself, he showed Gabriella that he could do the job she expected an exorcist to do.

Then, she forced the issue and discovered what his real job is as an exorcist and how high the stakes are for him. She met Daimon’s mother, who he couldn’t exorcise, and saw him exorcise Magoth, saving the soul of the human he possessed. Gabriella realized Daimon’s work is even more noble and tragic than she’d believed. He realized maybe a human besides Louise could understand him.

But then they got caught up and carried away in the fight against The Blood and Mother and Basar. Things went too quickly and intensely. By the time they kissed, they had real feelings for each other, but they were also caught up in the intensity of the situation. Daimon realized this and gave her the chance to think things through for a minute when he took a shower.

I don’t think we know enough about Gabriella’s past to know what the right choice would have been for her in that moment if they hadn’t been interrupted. Her faith is important to her and Daimon isn’t religious, but many people find fulfilling ways to live their faith without becoming priests or nuns, just like Louise and Henry. Daimon doesn’t believe in Catholicism, but he’s understands deeper truths that Gabriella has yet to learn.

But both of them also have a long way to go in solidifying their own identities. Gabriella is still on the path to become a nun, so it’s not fair to start something with Daimon. She’s only just discovered the harsh reality of the demon world and now Daimon’s possessed. (It really wasn’t fair for the Church to throw her into this assignment without more preparation.) Daimon apparently keeps suicide as an open option in his mind, so he’s not exactly stable relationship material either. He’s got some complicated family relationships to work on, but that might never change.

People can heal each other in a relationship, especially with issues like Daimon’s where he desperately needs to love and be loved unconditionally and there’s probably no way around that. Some people just work better with a partner. Relationships can start with one or both in a bad place and become healthy relationships from there, so I’m open to that possibility for them. Often those are the strongest relationships, because they’ve already been tested.

Both of them have a strong need for stability. Daimon looks for it in family and Gabriella looks for it in the Church. Daimon has been failed by his family many times, but Louise kept him going. Over the course of the season, his faith has been rewarded and he’s grown stronger. It didn’t stop him from being possessed by Basar.

Gabriella turned to the Church after her family failed her when she got sick. Until now, she’s been able to depend on her faith and the structure of the Church. But the Archbishop told Louise that they wouldn’t protect her if she kept working with Daimon and a possessed priest is one of her kidnappers. Possessed Daimon, the person she gave up the protection of the Church for, is also one of the kidnappers, though she’s only seen him as a vision so far.

I think that’s the important thing to note here at the end of the episode where Gabriella is threatened by a possessed priest and a possessed member of The Blood- she gave up the protection of The Church for Daimon and the Helstroms because she believed they were good and could protect her. But here she is, pregnant with a demon, back in the house where she was raped, threatened again even after she rescued herself, and Daimon hasn’t protected her at all. Even his people are unable to protect her.

From her point of view, it’s becoming hard to tell the good demons and the evil demons apart. She’s going through an exhausting physical, mental and emotional ordeal. The good guys and the bad guys all look alike. She has no way to know who to trust anymore.

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