A Discovery of Witches Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: In Which Diana and Matthew Take a Giant Leap

Discovery of Witches S1Ep8 Axis of Evil

In episode 8, the season finale, Diana and Matthew’s enemies pose a greater threat than they ever have before. Friends, loved ones and new allies rally around them to find ways to thwart the species-separatist side of the Congregation. Diana’s magic and the Book of Life remain the key to a long-term solution, so they need to find a safe place for her to learn how to solve both puzzles.


We pick up where we left off, with Juliette confronting Diana and Matthew in the Bishop barn in Upstate NY. Juliette grabs Diana by the throat as Matthew belatedly realizes an enemy threatens Diana’s life and speeds to the barn to assess the situation. He asks if Gerbert is there too.

Juliette, breaking down in angry tears: “I’ve left him. You abandoned me! And now, you’re mating with her.”

Matthew creeps forward as Juliette speaks: “If you hurt her…”

Juliette: “I have to know how she did it. Kiss her. Or I’ll make her bleed”

Matthew strokes Diana’s face, calming her as if she’s a pet: “It’s going to be alright. It’s going to be alright.” Then he kisses her. She responds silently.

Juliette can’t stand to watch and nearly pokes a finger through Diana’s skin and vein: “You like how she responds to you? Gerbert sired me, groomed me to be the object of your desire. I had no value.”

Matthew: “I’m sorry.”

Sorry isn’t good enough, given the amount of suffering she’s been put through by and because of him.

Discovery of Witches S1Eo8 Juliette, Diana & MatthewDiscovery of Witches S1Ep8 Diana Shoots Fire Arrow

She tosses Diana aside and uses a sharp fingernail to slice Matthew’s neck. Then she reaches inside his chest and does some serious damage there. He quickly bleeds out, which is usually fatal even for a vampire in this universe.

Diana recovers and pulls Juliette off Matthew, who’s collapsed. Juliette screams that magic won’t be enough to save him. Diana forgets about saving Matthew and stands up to fight Juliette instead. Fireballs form on her hands, which then turn into a fiery bow and arrow. Diana shoots a fiery arrow through Juliette’s chest, sending her flying through the back wall of the barn and leaving her lying dead on the ground.

Diana rushes back to Matthew, who’s making the best of his imminent demise. He tells Diana that he’s glad he found True Love before his True Death takes him. Diana isn’t having any of that self-sacrificial cr… stuff.

Unless she’s the one making the sacrifice.

She calls on the Goddess to help her save her True Love. The Goddess tells Diana there will be a price for her help. Diana vows to do or give anything the Goddess wants in exchange for help saving Matthew’s life. The Goddess gives her a knife and tells her to pour her life’s blood into Matthew.

The rest of the household finally notices that there’s a disturbance in The Force. They run to the barn. Marcus wants to examine Matthew, but Diana won’t let him near.

Diana cuts her wrist and offers it to Matthew, but he’s too weak to take enough using that method. Marcus insists that her blood won’t be enough to heal his wounds. A magical bubble forms around Diana and Matthew so that no one can interfere with them. Sarah tells Diana that she can’t save him.

Diana tells the Goddess again that she’ll pay any price to save Matthew. He bites into her neck and feeds as if his life depends on it, since it does. While he feeds, she sees his memories of her and feels the related emotions. When he stops, she’s alive, but dying. He’s conscious again and the wound on his neck is almost fully healed, but the wound on his chest still looks raw.

Marcus makes a blood bank run for replacement blood for Diana. It takes a while, since they are in a rural area. When he gets back, Matthew is up and complaining that Marcus isn’t handling Diana’s medical care properly. Marcus explains that he has to put the IV line into Diana’s right arm, not her left, as Matthew demanded, because Matthew drank from that side in two places, so it’s full of vampire saliva and won’t absorb the new blood properly.

I’d like to hear more about the implications of Diana having so much vampire saliva in her. How much does it mimic the effects of Matthew’s blood? Is it helping to keep her alive? Does saliva help enthrall the victim?

Domenico pays Gerbert a visit, letting the older vampire know that he supposedly hasn’t heard anything from Juliette. Gerbert asks what Domenico has heard about Matthew. Domenico pretends that he doesn’t knows where he is. Gerbert tells Domenico that they need to find where Diana and Matthew are hiding.

The Bishops are a famous, old line of witches. It seems silly that Gerbert wouldn’t be able to figure out where they live. Are Domenico and Juliette his only minions? Are they unable to do a Google search on their phones?

Domenico reveals that he has more information to share, but he wants to be compensated for it. Gerbert insults him and refuses to pay. The terms they agree on remain unclear, but it’s obvious why Domenico hates Gerbert and the de Clermonts and plays them against each other.

Domenico sends Gerbert to the moldy basement where he’s currently holding Satu. Gerbert insults her, then asks where Meridiana is.

Satu: “I let her go. She’d been enthralled to you for long enough. No one should have to suffer centuries of slavery.”

She could be speaking for Juliette and herself as well as Meridiana, since despite her power, Satu is largely a pawn being passed between Domenico, Gerbert and Peter. They would like to get their hands on Diana and fight over who gets to enslave her as well, but the de Clermonts already have her loyalty all wrapped up. Diana wouldn’t even listen when Satu tried to get her to think through the de Clermonts’ motives for helping her.

Gerbert asks if Diana is as powerful as Meridiana. Satu believes Diana is more powerful. Gerbert becomes furious that Satu kept him from claiming Diana, allowing Matthew de Clermont to take her from La Pierre instead. She admits that was an accident she regrets. Gerbert looks at her more closely and realizes she drained her powers fighting Diana and they still haven’t come back.

Gerbert: “She really did defeat you.”

Satu: “Baldwin’s kept me in here because I’m dangerous to him. Don’t you want to know why?”

As they keep watch over Diana while she rests, Miriam tells Matthew that Diana surprised her by having the courage to heal him with her blood, since there was no guarantee that he’d stop drinking before she was dead. The witch fire surprised Miriam as well, since it wasn’t in her DNA markers. She wants to run more tests on Diana. Matthew immediately says no.

Miriam: “Matthew, she’s the most powerful witch we’ve ever encountered. And she doesn’t descend from the ancient clans. If we were to trace her genetic lineage, understand how powers we though were extinct have survived…”

Matthew reluctantly agrees to ask for Diana’s permission to do more tests. Diana stirs, so Miriam gives them some privacy.

Diana turns to Matthew and says, “You craved me all this time and you resisted.” She’s thrilled about it, as if now she’s completely sure of his love.

Diana asks if he loved Juliette. He says that he did once, but she was trained by Gerbert to spy on him and his family. Diana doesn’t regret killing her to save Matthew. Matthew is grateful to Diana for killing his ex girlfriend, then donating most of her blood to save his life.

Juliette, Lies and Love in the Creature World

Farewell, Juliette (Elarica Johnson), yet another female character who deserved better.

Diana and Matthew are not an emotionally healthy pair of lovers. He’s obsessed with death, which he’s slowly transferring into an obsession with her. She was a lost, numb soul, just as afraid of loss and death as he is, who was also desperate to belong somewhere. Now she’s obsessed with him as a savior and soulmate, the fairytale prince from her mother’s stories that she was destined to meet, the vampire who would rescue her from her dark and dreary life.

It all feels so heavy-handed in a story with so much scheming and intrigue. Surely if she and Matthew were destined to meet, her parents wouldn’t have had to work so hard for it, including isolating their daughter into desperation for connection as if she were Rapunzel in an ivory tower. Every time I rewatch it, this feels more like an arranged marriage to me.

Matthew and Juliette were together for decades. He dropped her when he found out that Gerbert created her specifically for him, as if she was a valuable object whose authenticity had now been proven false. In other words, they were also an arranged pairing. Juliette was still the same person before and after the revelation that Gerbert wanted them together for his own purposes- she was a victim of powerful men throughout her life. As are many of the women in this story, although they don’t always fully acknowledge it in universe, especially if the men are de Clermonts. It was understandable for Matthew to be angry that Juliette lied to him, but if he loved her he should have realized the truth of her situation eventually and forgiven her (at the very least). After all, by necessity, lying is a way of life for vampires. He’s already lied to Diana.

Since it seems clear that Diana’s parents meddled in their lives in some way in order to push them together and toward the Book of Life, this doesn’t bode well for Matthew’s reaction to whatever they might find out about her parents’ schemes in the future.

Matthew is worried that more of their enemies will find them in their super secret hiding place, such as Peter, who’s found Diana there before. He suggests they timewalk and hide in the past so that no one can follow them to their new hiding place.

Baldwin calls for the Congregation to reconvene, based on Peter finding out that Satu is back in Venice. He phones Matthew to tell him that once the Congregation meets he won’t be able to stop the investigation from pursuing them once again. Matthew tries to push for more time, but Baldwin has done everything he can.

Matthew wanders into the front sitting room, which rumbles with magic again. This time the fireplace spits out a very old poppet. Diana enters just as Matthew picks it up. She explains that poppets are used to help cast spells. Matthew reminds her that her ancestor Bridget Bishop got into trouble because of a poppet. Diana confirms that a poppet was part of the evidence used to convict her in the Salem Witch Trials.

Matthew vampire-splains witch lore to the witch again. Should turn it into a drinking game.

Diana notices a pearl drop earring inside the poppet. Of course it’s an earring Philippe gave to Ysabeau, which she then lost hundreds of years ago. Matthew wonders what the house is trying to tell them.

That the de Clermonts have been interfering with the Bishop witches’ lives for a very long time?

At Sept-Tours, Ysabeau pulls out the matching earring, while Marthe and Hamish gather other items that Matthew needs. Hamish is traveling to Madison to hand deliver them.

Back in Madison, the vampires and witches discuss the logistics of traveling to the past to hide out. Em has the most knowledge of how it works, since Steven explained his process to her. In order to reach a particular point in the past, the traveler needs to carry 3 items from that time and place. Those are the items Hamish is delivering.

Returning to the present involves pure spellwork, which is simple over short periods of time, but more complicated over longer periods. If Stephen shared more details with her, Em isn’t saying. Diana will have to figure it out through practice. She goes into the woods with Sarah and Em as her coaches. They instruct her to pick up her foot and focus on where and when she wants to be, then put her foot down and travel.

Em tells her that magic is in the heart, not the mind, so she should focus on her emotional attachment to where she’s going as much as the time and place- think about Matthew as much as she concentrates on the stillroom, 15 minutes ago. That advice works and she quickly learns to control her timewalking ability.

Gerbert: “Beware the witch with the blood of the lion and the wolf. For with it she shall destroy the children of the night.”

Gerbert bursts into the Witches’ Archives quoting the prophecy out loud to Peter, then tells him he’s been trying to figure it out for centuries. He thought it might refer to Satu, but since Diana beat Satu, he now believes she’s the witch from the prophecy.

Peter asks the right question for once- where’s Satu? Gerbert tells him that Baldwin has her, as a delaying tactic to give Matthew and Diana more time. If they can prove that he’s holding a Congregation member hostage to aid a family member who’s breaking the Covenant, they can throw him off of the Congregation. That would weaken the de Clermonts. Gerbert and Peter plan to take advantage of the ensuing chaos to capture Diana.

Discovery of Witches S1Ep8 Timewalk Practice in the WoodsDiscovery of Witches S1Ep8 Sophie, Em & SarahDiscovery of Witches s1Ep8 Em & SarahDiscovery of Witches S1Ep8 Marcus & Nate

Hanish arives in Madison with the items from Sept-Tours, along with Sophie and Nat. He promises that they’re trustworthy, even though Nat’s mother, Agatha, is on the Congregation. Sophie gives Diana the statuette that’s been handed down through her family for generations, the chess piece in the shape of Diana, Goddess of the Hunt. Matthew recognizes it as a piece he lost in a bet on All Souls Night, many years ago. No one knows how it came into Sophie’s family.

Nat wants to leave after Sophie has handed over the chess piece, but Sophie senses that they have more to do there. She recognizes that they need to tell the truth about their family to this group of vampires, witches and demons. Nat is still unsure, but Sophie trusts her Second Sight and tells the group that even though she’s a daemon, her parents were witches. The vampire scientist team perks right up and the daemons are invited to stay. Hamish reminds everyone that Sophie’s family history must be kept secret from the Congregation.

Matthew brushes off the warning about Sophie’s family, then tells Diana that the earrings were in the same place as the chess piece the night he lost it in a bet. Diana says that witches believe the veil between the living and the dead is especially thin between Halloween and All Souls’. Maybe that would make timewalking easier. It’s only 6 days until All Hallows’ Eve. Diana says she’ll just have to be ready in time.

Sophie, Sarah and Em carve pumpkins on the front porch, while Nat and Marcus bond over firewood. Sophie is glad that Nat has found a friend who also wants to change the world. Em asks how Sophie is doing, confessing that she heard her crying in the bathroom last night. Sophie acknowledges that she has nightmares, but doesn’t want to worry Nat. Em and Sarah haven’t had anyone to mother since Diana left home, so they offer their services in dream interpretation.

Sophie: “I’m in a room, with my baby. There are footsteps outside. I know the Congregation are coming for me. I don’t care about that, but I’m scared because they’re coming for my baby, too.”

Em and Sarah assure Sophie that she’s among witches now- they’ll do everything they can to protect her and the baby.

Sophie’s dream was a prophetic dream. Dreams and visions are especially scary when they tend to come true. But we know that Sophie also gets impressions and senses patterns, so it probably can be difficult to sort out all of that information in order to know what’s even worth sharing with other people and what will just make her sound crazy or like she’s overreacting. I’m sure Nat takes her seriously, but with him she’d have the opposite problem- a dream doesn’t give her many details that could be used to react in any specific way, so it just causes worry until the pattern makes itself clearer or the future changes on its own.

Agatha calls Nat on her way back to Venice to let them know that the Congregation is reconvening, so they should be careful, especially Diana. He tells her that there are 3 vampires, 3 witches and 3 daemons there- an alternate Congregation.

For practice, Diana and Matthew travel back in time 25 days to when they had dinner at Sept-Tours with Marthe and Ysabeau, then danced afterwards. Diana worries they’ll run into their past selves, but he points out that she hasn’t run into any of her past selves yet.

Vampire-splaining of magic to the timewalker. Drink up, everyone. Sometimes I wonder if the spellbinding gave her brain damage. Or maybe undoing the spellbinding did. She seems to have forgotten that she has a PhD and a career. She hasn’t even checked in on her apartment for the last month. Since she made the witch wind, all she cares about is Matthew.

When they get back to Sept-Tours, she asks how they know it’s the right night. He says they don’t.

Drink again.

They go downstairs and discover that it is the target night. They have dinner, then Matthew dances with Ysabeau again. Diana and Marthe watch the Matthew de Clermont show.

Gerbert and Peter continue to plot against the de Clermonts. Gerbert recalls that when Philippe created the Congregation, he weighted it in favor of the de Clermonts. They have a dedicated seat, so another de Clermont will replace Baldwin. They expect it will be Marcus, but figure he’ll be much easier to control than Matthew and Baldwin.

Apparently de Clermonts (and vampires in general) don’t let female members sit on the Congregation, since Matthew and Baldwin have living sisters, such as Verin, out in the world who should be next in line before Marcus. Ysabeau should take precedence over all of them.

Diana and Matthew return to Madison in time for a going away dinner with Diana’s family and their guests. Several people pressure Nat to agree to let the vampires do DNA tests on the baby. Perhaps sensing Matthew’s skeptical attitude toward his family, Nat declines. Sarah makes a toast to unusual friendships, showing how far she’s come in accepting everyone at the table after she was so suspicious when her guests began arriving.

After dinner, Matthew tells Hamish that he’s going to give up being in charge of the Knights of Lazarus. He believes the Knights will be called to protect many more creatures soon and they need an infusion of new energy to do so. He wants Hamish to become a Knight and continue the work he’s been doing.

He also gets in a snide jab at Sophie, suggesting she might be lying about her parentage. This is exactly why Nat didn’t want him anywhere near his baby. Who’d want to turn their baby into a science experiment for someone who otherwise treats your family like you’re beneath them, especially a vampire who already has a reputation for violence and cruelty? Daemons have a hard enough time in the world without exposing their secrets to the likes of Matthew de Clermont.

Hamish inexplicably insists that Matthew has to be the one to lead the Knights if they take on the Congregation. Matthew says he may not be able to, because Diana might not be able to bring them home.

I’m going to sail by Matthew’s lack of faith in Diana, despite the accelerated progress she’s made and her immense power. But Hamish gives him a dirty look, then goes to warn have a private conversation with Diana.

Matthew hasn’t told Diana, or anyone else, where they’re going. That means their friends can’t find another timewalker to go rescue them if they don’t come back within a reasonable amount of time. Hamish wonders if Diana wants to know where she’s going. She tells him she just wants to live in the now before she lives in the then.

Another sign of Matthew’s death wish and Diana’s lobotomy.

Hamish tries to gently tell her that Matthew will be an even more terrible person in the past and she won’t have any allies to rely on. She’ll be at his mercy. Hamish is probably remembering the way that Matthew craves her and thinking that Matthew might enjoy having her under his complete control. He might decide to keep things that way.

Diana is powerful, but it’s meaningless if she won’t protect herself from Matthew. Then again, Matthew drank her almost dry. I think his craving for her blood has been satisfied. Now he’s just possessive of her. As long as she’s compliant, he doesn’t need to hold her hostage in the past.

The Congregation reconvenes, as ordered by Baldwin, for the trial of Satu in the kidnapping of Diana from Sept-Tours. Satu’s power is returning. Peter offers her his support and tells her she may need to use her power today.

As everyone prepares to leave Madison, Matthew tells Nat to bring Sophie to Sept-Tours if they feel they are in danger. Sarah and Em will be there already, since Peter and Gerbert will inevitably show up at the Bishop house looking for Diana and Matthew. Matthew vampire-splains to the Black daemon that they have a serious fight ahead of them. Nat responds, “I’ve been fighting all my life.”

Diana asks Sophie to take care of herself and the baby, then thanks her for the statue. Sophie says she’s glad she brought it and that she met Diana. It feels like it was important that they met. Diana agrees.

Hamish asks Matthew if he’s considered that the witches could gain possession of the Book of Life while he and Diana are gone. Matthew explains that the book is damaged in the present, so its magic is broken. But in the past, it may be whole. Hamish tells him to bring the undamaged book back to the present with him.

Stephen brought a few inconsequential objects back with him, but removing an influential object from its place in the time stream sounds like a bad idea. The innate rules of Time might even make it impossible.

Discovery of Witches S1Ep8 Congregation HQDiscovery of Witches S1Ep8 Congregation Chamber with SatuDiscovery of Witches S1Ep8 Agatha Forces Congregation to VoteDiscovery of Witches S1Eo8 Domenico Votes to Acquit BaldwinDiscovery of Witches S1Ep8 Balwin Angry at Congregation

Baldwin attempts to rush through Satu’s trial, accusing and convicting her in practically one breath. She pleads guilty to abducting Diana. He sentences her to losing her seat on the Congregation, with further punishment to be determined by the witches, then attempts to adjourn the Congregation before anyone can bring up new business.

Satu isn’t silenced so easily. She tells the Congregation that she abducted Diana because she believed that Matthew and Baldwin had joined forces to keep the Congregation from questioning her and she was right. She explains that she took Diana someplace they could speak safely, but Matthew and Baldwin followed them there.

Peter points out that working against the Congregation is treason. Baldwin denies Satu’s accusations and points out that he hates Matthew. He’s unlikely to help him. Gerbert brings up the Knights of Lazarus, describing them as a parallel organization formed by Philippe de Clermont at the same time that the Covenant was signed. Gerbert claims the Knights are meant to “further the vampire cause.” Baldwin says their mission is to protect those who can’t protect themselves.

Actually, it’s both. The two missions provide cover for each other, allowing for more secrets.

Peter figures out the rest- Matthew, as Grand Master, ordered Baldwin to protect Diana. Baldwin denies it, but he’s obviously lying. Gerbert and Peter, who planned this confrontation before the trial, pretend to be shocked by this vampire conspiracy to gain the witch and the Book of Life for themselves. They demand Baldwin’s resignation from the Congregation. When Baldwin refuses, the argument escalates. Agatha steps in and reminds them all that this should be decided by a vote.

Gerbert takes charge and sets the terms of the vote- Baldwin is accused of treason and if he’s convicted his punishment will be death by beheading and fire. Baldwin protests that this is an ancient punishment which is no longer enforced, but Gerbert tells him that there’s no newer replacement written in the books. Agatha, ever the voice of reason, reminds them again that each member, including Satu and Baldwin, get a vote, and that they need time to discuss and think over their decisions.

Sarah and Em say goodbye to Diana and Matthew as they leave for Sept-Tours, a place the two witches never thought they’d be welcome. Em tells Diana how much she loves her. Sarah tells Diana to believe in herself and her talent.

The Congregation reconvenes for the vote. Gerbert asks for those who vote guilty to raise their hands. All 3 witches and Gerbert vote guilty. Domenico is the surprising swing vote who keeps his hand down. Baldwin asks for the not guilty vote. The 3 daemons, Baldwin and, at the last moment, Domenico raise their hands. Agatha pronounces Baldwin acquitted of treason. Peter demands that he tell them where Diana and Matthew are- no more stalling.

As the creatures leave the meeting, Domenico reminds Baldwin that he’s owed a debt. Baldwin thanks Agatha for her help. She tells him that she also has reason to protect Diana, but he owes the daemons as well.

Discovery of Witches S1Ep8 Miriam Takes Diana's DNA Sample

Miriam swabs Diana’s cheek for the DNA sample they need to continue their research. Then she and Marcus prepare to leave. She tells Matthew that she hates goodbyes and walks out. Diana also wanders away, leaving Matthew and Marcus alone. Marcus picks up his bag and waits for some kind of heartfelt goodbye from his father, maybe like Diana had with her aunts. Matthew just looks at him, so Marcus makes a face and turns to leave.

Matthew tells Marcus that he has something for him and hands him a letter, asking him to open it. It’s an official Knights of Lazarus communication, passing leadership from Matthew to Marcus.

Marcus doesn’t want it. Matthew didn’t either, when Philippe forced it on him using the excuse that he didn’t want the same person to sit on the Congregation and lead the Knights at the same time- it’s a lame excuse, since they alternate who sits on the Congregation and, as we heard earlier in the episode, it would come back to Matthew eventually.

Matthew explains that Philippe didn’t want Baldwin to have it, probably because Baldwin is an excellent soldier and businessman, but not much for empathy or charity. Or change. I’ve always suspected that Philippe knew Matthew wouldn’t keep it for long and his real plan was for Marcus, his young (by vampire standards) revolutionary grandson, to take over when the time was right. That time is now, as major change in the creature world becomes inevitable and many of the ancient vampires are unable to adapt as readily.

Matthew: “My son, you are the only one that I trust to do the job.”

Since the entire clan has always treated Marcus like a bit of a child, Matthew knows Marcus won’t be able to resist this vote of confidence in his abilities. Marcus gives a little nod of assent and they hug. In French, Matthew tells Marcus that he serves him as Grand Master now.

Once Marcus and Miriam leave, Matthew stares into the distance on the front porch, while Diana practices candle lighting magic on the Halloween pumpkins. Then he tells her it’s time to go to the past. They close up the house and change into clothing appropriate to the period they’re traveling to. Diana is in a long white nightgown and Matthew is in a flowing white shirt.

Diana shows him a piece that Ysabeau added to the suitcase of clothes (maybe a necklace?). “It’s engraved- ‘A ma vie de coeur entier.’ ‘My whole heart for my whole life.'”

Matthew hands her the chess piece and the earring. Baldwin leaves a phone message warning them that Gerbert, Peter and Satu will arrive any moment, so their time is up. They need to leave now and if they get caught, they should be prepared for anything.

Gerbert, Peter and Satu pull up to the Bishop house in a car surrounded by a magical stealth bubble which conceals their presence. The bubble continues to conceal them as they exit the car and approach the house looking like complete bada—s, mostly thanks to Satu.

If Satu weren’t so amazing, I might mistake that magical bubble for a giant hamster ball.

Oblivious to the danger outside, Matthew gives Diana the third item she needs to locate them in time and space when she timewalks to the distant past. It’s a very old book. She reads from it: “Settle thy studies and begin to sound the depth of that thou wilt profess. Dr. Faustus. Christopher Marlowe?”

Matthew tells her that he and Kit were close friends. They’re going to a dangerous time for creatures, when few can be trusted. Kit wrote the inscription in the book. And he’s the one Matthew lost the chess piece to in a wager on the (apparently memorable) night they’re traveling to. They’re going back to the Old Lodge in London, 1590. “Every year, a group of us would meet at the old lodge for the Catholic Holy Days of All Saints and All Souls.”

Peter, Gerbert and Satu reach the front door. They sense that Matthew and Diana are alone in the house, in a room in the attic. Satu senses the protective magic in the house and uses counterspells to break down the door.

Diana and Matthew get into position to timewalk. She tells him to lift up his foot. Just as she says to put it down, sending them to the 16th century, Satu blows the front door off its hinges.

Discovery of Witches S1Ep8 Terrible Trio ApproachDiscovery of Witches S1Ep8 Diana & Matthew TimewalkDiscovery of Witches S1Eo8 Satu Blows the Front Door OpenDiacovery of Witches S1Ep8 Diana Looks Back Through Time


Remember the Book of Life, magic, alchemy and the missing pages? Someday, I’d like to watch a filmed version of the books that keeps those front and center, rather than delegating them to the background most of the time. The emphasis of this show is on Matthew. And making the visuals look pretty, with little left over for the witches and daemons, which is so ironic, since in the books the vampires are always attempting to gain sole control of the creature world. In the TV series, they’ve found it.

Lately, I’m wondering if Diana is the unwitting pawn of vampires, as Satu suggests. Not all witches are Peter Knox- surely there are other powerful witches who would have protected her from him. But instead, Diana, the most powerful witch in generations, is herded into the arms of the most powerful vampire family. The more I think about it and pay attention to the smaller details of the story, the more I find that suspicious.

The de Clermonts as a group value family and loyalty to clan and mate. Miriam transferred her loyalty to Matthew when her mate, who was a close friend of Matthew’s, died. Matthew is shown a ridiculous amount of loyalty by others, in part because he’s given fealty as a de Clermont prince, but he doesn’t give much back, even to Marcus, his son. Diana brings Matthew and Marcus closer together, but in the books, before she arrives they don’t get along. I wonder if Philippe’s favoritism toward Matthew pushed the rest of the clan into feeling more affection and forgiveness toward him than they would have otherwise. Some, like Baldwin, resent Matthew anyway.

Was Philippe aware that Matthew would eventually be involved with a witch from a prophecy? Meridiana’s predictions aren’t the only ones floating around concerning Diana. Sophie has prophetic dreams about her and a family prophecy that’s been passed down for generations. Philippe could also have known of a prophecy that he connected to Matthew and a witch he’d meet someday, which caused him to groom Matthew for the role he’d eventually play.

Gerbert and Domenico are all about strategy and power. Gerbert values loyalty to people, but Domenico values loyalty to place, though I am intrigued by that wedding ring Domenico wears. According to the companion book The World of All Souls, long ago he was married to another vampire.

I find myself rooting for Domenico more and more. I’m not happy about Juliette’s death, but he doesn’t cause it in the book, so I’m ignoring that change. And Juliette isn’t as much of a desperate stalker who can’t let Matthew go in the book. She’s mostly over him and mostly trying to keep Gerbert, her owner/sire, happy, while also being angry that her life was stolen from her from the very beginning of it.

Diana’s sacrifice of herself to save Matthew from Juliette solidifies the de Clermonts’ loyalty to Diana and their understanding that she loves and is loyal to Matthew (to the death). It pulls her further away from her natural place with the witches and into viewing the vampires, specifically the de Clermonts, as her home. It makes the witches more suspicious of her and more convinced that the de Clermonts have her in some sort of thrall.

While events seem to unfold naturally in some ways, in others, it’s obvious that they didn’t. Stephen shouldn’t have been outside the library. Her parents shouldn’t have been prepared to spellbind her when Peter showed up. She shouldn’t be presented with the exact memories she needs to see at the exact moments that she needs to see them, every time there’s a crisis. I didn’t mention it before, but Stephen was blurring in and out during the spellbinding, just as Diana does when she’s not quite timewalking. It may mean nothing, but it may mean he went back later and tampered with the spell or the memory.

We know there are multiple conspiracies at work within this story- Peter and his coven have an agenda, Gerbert has been scheming for centuries, so has Domenico, Stephen and Rebecca set a plan in motion. I suspect some faction of the de Clermonts also knew Diana was coming and made plans to make sure she became their witch.

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