Forget Hugh Hefner: Helen Gurley Brown and Erica Jong Were the Real Feminist Sexual Revolutionaries

Or, Whatever Happened to the Cosmo Girl and the Zipless F*ck?

I’ve been sickened by the response to Playboy Hugh Hefner’s death this week. He’s been hailed as a feminist, a liberator of women, a liberal icon. The man was none of those things. He exploited, drugged, abused, raped, manipulated, degraded, and publicly humiliated women, and much more. If anything, the embrace of Hefner’s “philosophy” of treating women as objects and prostitutes set the women’s movement back. He was anything but sex positive for women. Hefner controlled the women in his orbit with little concern for their health or well-being, much less their sexual pleasure…

…Helen Gurley Brown gave young women permission to put themselves, their careers, and their own sexual desires first, and to put off marriage and caregiving for as long as they wanted. What is the role of women in Hugh Hefner’s world, if not another form of caregiver, this time as the ever-enthusiastic and willing sexual partner who fulfills the man’s every need with no thought to her own? That’s not Helen Gurley Brown’s Cosmo Girl, who takes care of herself and doesn’t depend on men. She loves to date men and look great when she goes out, but they don’t control or own her. This subtle difference gets missed a lot.

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The OA Season 1 Episode 4: Away Recap


Sorry for the long delay with finishing this series! Hopefully I’ll be able to zip through the rest of the episodes now that we’re through with sweeps and other shows are taking breaks instead of ramping up. There are only five left in season one, including this one, so my plan is to have them done within the next two weeks, at most. Then we wait for season two, now that we know that a season two is coming.

This episode is a big one. We finally get to see Hap’s experiments, Prairie gets her sight back, we see the beginning of the escape plan form, we see the origin of the name OA, and both of Prairie’s teams begin to grow closer. This feels like a major turning point in the season.

Prairie wakes up on some sort of rocky, mossy plain, with a wide open sky and mountains in the distance. She realizes she’s dead again. There’s an old, red shed nearby. She enters it, and is in Khatoun’s star field. She tells Khatoun that she can see now. Khatoun tells Prairie that she always could, and beckons her over. They debate whether this was Prairie’s true time to die or not. Prairie doesn’t want to abandon the other captives. Khatoun says that as things stand now, the prisoners will never escape. They will all die in Hap’s basement, despite their determination to escape.

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Latest Late Night Political Humor [VIDEO]


The man who lives in the White House just discovered that healthcare is a complicated subject, that our bridges, roads, and the rest of the infrastructure needs to be replaced, and he thinks that his relationship with the press is a business transaction that he can opt out of as easily as he can refuse to buy Girl Scout cookies. Sometimes all you can do is laugh. Then figure out how to protect your rights.

Here’s a little help with the laughter.

*Kudos to Buzzfeed, you’ve really arrived when you’re bannable.   *Jon, the spider’s name is Charlotte, of course.

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#Oscars So Sexist


That’s the hashtag that’s everywhere today, right? No, I didn’t think so. I mean, Patricia Arquette didn’t say anything to offend people by suggesting that women’s rights are as important as other causes, and the wrong movie was originally given the big award, so, as far as I can tell, virtually no one noticed that approximately THREE women gave acceptance speeches last night, and not many more won awards, even as part of a group. It was wonderful to see the diversity in the audience, as far as race and country of origin were concerned. But the women in the audience were either actresses, or plus ones. Very few were nominees for anything other than an acting award, and even fewer won. Among those who won as part of a group, almost none gave the acceptance speech. The speeches were given by the men.

Under the cut, the actual statistics on the gender of the winners and nominees.

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The 100 Season 4 Episode 4: A Lie Guarded Recap


After I threatened to never speak of Jasper again in last week’s recap, he earned his keep this week, starting with the screen cap above. Yep, Jaha finally got floated. While I’m starting to feel like I need to post a Talking Dead-style “Who Did We Lose This Week and How?” montage every February and May, unfortunately Jaha wasn’t one of this week’s losses. He’s this series’ archvillain/cockroach, that guy they can never quite get rid of, and always want to find a way to redeem, because they see themselves in him. Or Isaiah Washington has an excellent contract lawyer whom the rest of the cast should hire immediately.

Instead, we lost another series-long recurring character this week, and the loss was barely acknowledged. I’ll look at that in more detail after the episode summary.

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Agents of SHIELD/HYDRA 4×16 Promo and Returning Character Teaser [Video] [Interviews Updated]


Plus Interviews with Showrunner Jed Whedon

Aaah!! Spoilers ahead for the third pod of season 4 of Agents of SHIELD, and episode 15 if you haven’t seen that yet!

This is so exciting! Self Control was an amazing episode, and I’ll have my recap up in a few hours (it’s up), but I wanted to put up the interviews and promos that are being published first. I’m not sure yet if the pod title is Agents of HYDRA or Agents of Shield: HYDRA, but HYDRA flashes in place of SHIELD at the end of the episode and in the promos, so it’ll be something like that. I was so happy to see the Triskelion intact at the end of the episode, and then to see the HYDRA logo!  The showrunners are saying in interviews that the arc will be split between the real world and the Matrix Framework, so we’ll get to see what the world would be like if HYDRA had won at the end of Winter Soldier. There’s nothing like a good canon AU! It would be incredible if they would mention what the Avengers are all doing in this brave new world, if they aren’t dead.

The interviews, promo and teaser videos are under the cut.

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Recaps Will Be Late This Week


I apologize for falling behind on my recaps, especially during the height of February sweeps when it’s just one big reveal after another. I have multiple chronic illnesses, which normally require me to spend lots of time resting. That gives me a lot of time to write. Every once in a while, symptoms overwhelm me and it’s too much to think much or write consistently for more than a few minutes at a time. Flare ups like this usually don’t last more than a week or two, so hopefully I’ll be able to start catching up before long. In the meantime, it’s driving me crazy not to talk about this week’s Riverdale, Nashville, The 100, and Agents of SHIELD yet! OMG!

Riverdale Season 1 Chapter Two: A Touch of Evil Recap


Jason Blossom is still dead. Jughead feels that most people hoped that he was still alive until there was irrefutable proof otherwise. That he didn’t drown on July 4th, and he would walk into school Monday morning (we see Jason in the hall with the other football players) or would be spotted sharing a booth at Pop’s with Cheryl (the twins are in their white outfits, splitting a milkshake). We also see Cheryl and her parents identifying Jason’s body at the coroner’s office.

Archie is tossing and turning in bed, remembering being with Miss Grundy and hearing the gunshot on July 4th. He texts Betty, but she doesn’t want to talk. Archie gets up and goes for a run, straight to Miss Grundy’s house. They argue again about the gunshot and whether they should come forward. He has no understanding of the fact that her career would be ruined and what that would mean for her (whether or not she deserves it is another issue).

In the morning, Fred asks Archie where he ran to in the middle of the night. Archie is surprised that his father heard him. Fred replies that he’s been hearing Archie sneak out since he was 8 years old and sneaking over to Jughead’s tree house. He tells Archie to stop going on late night runs until the murderer is caught.

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Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 10: The Legion of Doom Recap


“My name is Damien Darhk. In 2016 I was murdered by the Green Arrow, but I was removed from the timeline 31 years before my death by a speedster named Eobard Thawne, together with Malcom Merlyn, the former head of the League of Assassins. The three of us are going to locate the spear of Destiny, a mystical object which can rewrite reality itself. With the spear in our possession we will change our past, and our future. And the world as you know it.”

Wouldn’t we all love to see that show, with the addition of a few more Legion of Doom members? We could probably write a popular post ranking our choices for who should fill out the remaining regulars in the Legion. (The Snart siblings, Carrie Cutter/Cupid, and Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress, for the record). Alas, it’s just the fake out opening for this week’s episode of Legends of Tomorrow.

Following that fun opening, we flashback 8 months to find Malcom watching Oliver Queen/Green Arrow killing Damien Dark to foil Damien’s evil plan to destroy Star City. Damien and Eobard pop into Malcom’s shabby little apartment and offer to take him away from all this. Malcom obviously accepts.

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Nashville Season 5 Episode 3: Let’s Put It Back Together Again Recap


Juliette is sitting at the kitchen table and listening to demos because Glenn wants her to consider recording again. She can’t perform in the way that would do her usual style of songs justice, so she’s not feeling motivated. This is a great time for artistic growth, Juliette!

Avery is multitasking, managing to both hover over Juliette and get ready to go to the studio. He’s working on producing the young Youtube sensation we heard about last week. Juliette has had enough of his mother-henning, and practically shoves him out of the house. As soon as he’s gone, she switches to researching Hallie Jordan, the woman who saved her from the plane crash.

Maddie is starting an internship working the front desk at the studio. She has entitled attitude to spare. Ashley Willerman, the Youtube artist, shows up and announces that she’s hungover and needs coffee. She’s pleasant, polite, and grateful when Maddie agrees to go. Maddie has already declared that Ashley’s Youtube videos are stupid, though not to Ashley’s face.

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