Almost Heaven in New Mexico… Cottonwoods and Sandhill Cranes Along the Rio Grande on a Perfect Fall Day

ABQ Sandhill Cranes 10:31:21 #1

The fall weather in Albuquerque is just too nice to spend inside writing, though I’ve written several partial recaps that will hopefully appear eventually. Have some photographs in the meantime. Here in the Southwest, most of the trees turn bright gold in the fall instead of the reds the Northeast is famous for. The color is stunning, glowing in the sunshine, contrasted with our deep cornflower blue skies and pinkish Sandia Mountains.

Sandhill cranes stop in Albuquerque on their way south for the winter. These were in a field not far from the river. There were flocks of migrating geese at the other end of the field, too far away to get a good photo, especially with a chainlink fence in between.

ABQ Sandhill Cranes 10:31:21 #3ABQ Sandhill Cranes 10:31:21 #4Fall Street View 10:31:21 #1Clouds on the Horizon 10:31:2120211031_165925.jpg

Uncropped version of the top photo.