Marvel’s Runaways: Review of Episodes 1-3


[Contains Minor Spoilers]

Marvel’s Runaways, now streaming on HULU, is based on the comics by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona. Vaughn serves as a consultant on the show. Runaways takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the shared continuity of the films, the Netflix shows, and the ABC shows (and probably more). HULU released the first three episodes this week, and will release new episodes weekly into January.

The first three episodes are meant to be watched together as a unit. Episode 1 gives us the perspective of 6 kids as they reunite as a group, after drifting apart for the 2 years since the death of Nico’s sister, and they make some life changing discoveries. Episode 2 gives us the parents’ perspective of the same fateful day, as they prepare for and hold a meeting of their charity group Pride, and we discover that they aren’t who they appear to be. Episode 3 unites the groups and moves the plot forward from the night of the parents’ Pride meeting in Episodes 1 and 2, giving us a sense of what the show will be like going forward.

It’s a good way to do an extended pilot for a show with a large cast and complicated backstories, so that each character gets their due and we get an introduction to all of the subplots. It’s hard to imagine how they’ll keep up with everyone on a regular basis, but Agents of SHIELD manages to keep up with a large cast by keeping the plot moving quickly, rather than dwelling on slow character moments and artistic cinematography in the style of the Netflix Marvel shows.

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