Supergirl Season 2 Episode 9: Supergirl Lives Recap


And, we’re back. That felt like a really long break. Let’s jump right into the action. Kara’s chasing criminals in a van. She catches the van and driver after an honest to goodness firefight between their gun and her eyeballs. The accomplices have gotten away, so it’s up to The Guardian to catch them. But one slips past him, so Winn becomes the C team. He opens his van door and smashes the thief in the face. Score! But he celebrates too soon, and with his back to the thief. No, Winn, no. Never turn your back until you’ve secured the prisoner. The thief teaches Winn this lesson, but James/Guardian rescues Winn just in time.

Kara’s not okay with having an unapproved B team helping her out. She could have gotten everyone on her own. He took away half the fun, damn it. Alex tries to help, but they end up giggling over Alex’s new girlfriend instead. The next morning, Alex and Maggie are also all giggly and cute and happy over the new girlfriend thing.

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Darren Criss Joins Supergirl/Flash Musical Crossover as the Music Meister

blaineseb Ha! I knew Berlanti and Kreisberg couldn’t stay away from Darren Criss forever. The producers of the four DC ‘verse shows on The CW have an affinity for casting Glee alumni (Melissa Benoist, Grant Gustin) and Michigan State/Starkid alumni as well (Carlos Valdes, Andy Mientus). Darren is the pinnacle of that trend, fitting both groups.

The Flash and Supergirl, starring Gustin and Benoist, are doing a musical crossover which will air Monday, March 20 and Tuesday, March 21. Most of the crossover will be on The Flash. Supergirl will probably get just enough to explain her presence in Central City, the way she did during the December crossover that incorporated all four Berlantiverse shows.


Winn/Jeremy Jordan will be crossing over with Kara/Melissa Benoist. Dr Stein/Victor Garber and Malcom Merlyn/John Barrowman will also be pulled in from other parts of the Berlantiverse.

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