Travelers Season 3: Did Carly Provoke the Director into Intervening with Jeff?


Spoilers Through Season 3 Episode 10, Protocol Omega.

In season 3 of Travelers, Jeff and Carly’s series-long battle finally ends with Jeff being taken over as a Traveler. Later, the Traveler who’s using Jeff as a host, 5416, suggests that the Director only took Jeff because Carly stood her ground during an argument and turned it into a kill or be killed situation, forcing the Director’s hand. In other words, he accuses her of causing Jeff’s death by making the Director choose between allowing both her and Jeff to die, or using Jeff as a host.

During the same conversation, 5416 makes it clear that he knows little about Jeff as a person or his history with Carly. Over the next few episodes, it becomes obvious that his training was lacking in other ways, because the future is getting worse, instead of better. His supposed “calling out” of Carly for causing the Director to take Jeff as a host, when it otherwise wouldn’t have, is based on ignorance, and should be dismissed.

When evidence from all three seasons is examined, it’s clear that the Director planned to use Jeff as a host, and planned to use him for this mission. Indeed, 5416 acknowledges that he’s been training for this mission, and has had training to function as “Jeff”, just not enough.

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Travelers Season 3 Episode 4: Perrow Recap


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Episode 4, Perrow, picks up the dropped thread of 001, who went into hiding at the end of season 2, and hasn’t been seen since. The Faction kidnaps Perrow, via car accident, because they want something from her. She’s injured so badly that Perrow’s body is no longer viable, but the Faction can offer 001 a new host in trade, and an army for her to lead.

001, the first Traveler, had been using Vincent Ingram as his host body since he accidentally transferred into Vincent, instead of another man, on 9/11/2001 in Tower 1 of the World Trade Center, minutes before the plane hit the building (S2 Ep1, Ave Machina). Over the course of season 2, he built a consciousness transfer device in the 21st century, with the help of Traveler 004/Simon, a highly trained Traveler who’d been institutionalized after his host developed schizophrenia.

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Travelers Season 3 Episode 2: Yates Recap


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Now that the worst of 001’s mess is cleaned up, the team moves on to a more normal mission and Mac gets a new partner, FBI Agent Yates. Neither is thrilled with the situation. They are ordered to protect a TV pundit who spreads fake news and has latched onto the Travelers as a good source of inflammatory rumors to keep his fanbase riled up. Some fans take the rumors too seriously and pull off a tragic attack on a candidate for Congress and his wife.

The Travelers and their significant others continue to deal with the fall out from the kidnapping. David, Kat and Jeff have been through multiple traumatic experiences, some at the hands of people they trusted and care about. The memory inhibitor might work for a mind wipe, but, as we were already seeing with David and Kat in episode 1, the physical, muscular memories of fighting back during an assault are still carried by the body. And, as Carly tried to point out, for David and Kat, the erased 24 hours is just the tip of the iceberg, as far as evidence that something is wrong and that their partners have changed.

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