The 100 Season 4 Episode 7: Gimme Shelter Recap


The Black Rain is finally here, and nobody’s really ready for it. But, it’s okay. If you have the right kind of protection, it barely affects you, mainly regular or recurring status on the show. The island gang is grappling with their own issues, and Emori realizes that it’s about time for a shocking death amongst the minor characters. She takes steps to make sure that this week an extra is chosen instead. This makes Harper very worried that she’ll be chosen soon. We also have another therapy session between Kane and Bellamy disguised as a dangerous, hopeless rescue attempt. Fun times, kids.

Octavia and Helios are riding through the forest after last week’s near miss with executing Lincoln Ilian. She knows Ilian is following her, because he’s a homeless puppy now who’s going to imprint on the last person who was nice to him. Octavia stops, grabs Ilian, and puts a knife to his throat. Ilian has the balls to tell her she won’t survive in the forest without him. Is that the best pick up line he’s got? He must think she accidentally wandered off the side of that cliff. He moves on to more sensibly offering to help her in exchange for her having spared his life.

We’re spared more of his awkward flirting by the arrival of the Black Rain. Octavia grabs Ilian up onto Helios with her, and they head for the nearest cave.

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