The 100 Season 4 Episode 7: Gimme Shelter Recap


The Black Rain is finally here, and nobody’s really ready for it. But, it’s okay. If you have the right kind of protection, it barely affects you, mainly regular or recurring status on the show. The island gang is grappling with their own issues, and Emori realizes that it’s about time for a shocking death amongst the minor characters. She takes steps to make sure that this week an extra is chosen instead. This makes Harper very worried that she’ll be chosen soon. We also have another therapy session between Kane and Bellamy disguised as a dangerous, hopeless rescue attempt. Fun times, kids.

Octavia and Helios are riding through the forest after last week’s near miss with executing Lincoln Ilian. She knows Ilian is following her, because he’s a homeless puppy now who’s going to imprint on the last person who was nice to him. Octavia stops, grabs Ilian, and puts a knife to his throat. Ilian has the balls to tell her she won’t survive in the forest without him. Is that the best pick up line he’s got? He must think she accidentally wandered off the side of that cliff. He moves on to more sensibly offering to help her in exchange for her having spared his life.

We’re spared more of his awkward flirting by the arrival of the Black Rain. Octavia grabs Ilian up onto Helios with her, and they head for the nearest cave.

The Arkadians are hard at work doing whatever it is they’re doing now that they can’t use the Ark as a lifeboat when the Black Rain starts. As soon as everyone feels the raindrops sting, they panic and run inside. Some people are knocked down in the rush, and one doesn’t get up. Harper sees him, but doesn’t stop at first. When she does try to go back, the force of the crowd and her survival instinct keep her moving. Bellamy and Kane go back outside for him. Everyone strips off their clothes and uses fresh water to wash off the radioactive fallout.

Bellamy wants to leave to find Octavia. He’s frantic thinking about her out in the forest alone. Kane convinces him that it doesn’t make sense to go, but Bellamy is never going to be okay with trusting Octavia’s fate to anyone or anything else but himself. He held that baby in his arms and swore to protect her, and she’s the only thing he counts as his in this world.

Octavia and Ilian reach a cave with a spring they can use to rinse themselves and Helios off, conveniently leaving them in their underwear. Octavia tells Ilian to make a fire, since that’s his specialty.

Abby and Clarke reunite in Becca’s lab, which, Jackson tells us, has six levels. How many Arkadians could survive underground there? Abby was looking at Raven’s brain scan, which shows that she had an ischemic stroke. She’ll be able to recover from it. Clarke asks how Abbey is doing. Abby says she’s fine, but Jackson doesn’t agree. Abby’s going to keep working anyway.

They can’t go to space to create the night blood serum, so Abby’s moved on to a possibility that she and Jackson hadn’t wanted to consider. They can inject themselves with Luna’s bone marrow to turn themselves into night bloods. But they would need to test the treatment by exposing a test subject to devastating amounts of radiation to see if it worked. If it didn’t work, it would kill the test subject.

Emori overhears their conversation.

This is getting into Mount Weather territory. Won’t the supply of bone marrow be too limited to make much of a difference? How much of Luna’s bone marrow are they going to need? The Mount Weather people were ready to kill all of them for their bone marrow to be able to survive on the surface. Are they going to decide they need to kill Luna after all?

Harper is taking care of the man who fell down in the Black Rain. He won’t survive. Harper feels like it’s her fault, because she didn’t go back when he reached for her. Kane tells her that all she can do for him now is keep him as comfortable as possible.

Bellamy puts on a space suit so that he can go rescue two people who got caught at one of the outlying work zones. They are under an overhang. Kane tells him that the suit was damaged in the fire, so even duct tape won’t be enough to seal all of the tiny holes. Bellamy tries anyway, because duct tape can do anything. He runs for the rover, but the parts of the suit that he didn’t tape are too leaky. It’s definitely not a tape failure.


Bellamy makes it to the rover, and tells Kane that he’s going to get Mark and Peter even without a suit. He can’t help Octavia, but he can try to help them. Peter was one of the hundred, so he’s Bellamy’s responsibility. Kane gives in to the inevitable, and tells Bellamy not to take any unnecessary risks.

Emori walks Clarke across the island to Becca’s house. Everything that has to do with Becca or ALIE is so creepy. I keep waiting for something off of The Island of Dr Moreau to jump out at them. That’ll be the next revelation. One or the other will have been doing terrible genetic research. Emori already knows that she’s the one from The Island of Dr Moreau to them.

She tells Clarke how much she admires Abby and Clarke, and how upset she is about the failure of the rocket to space plan. Clarke tells her that they are still trying to save everyone, not just Skaikru.

They arrive at the house, where Murphy is cooking. Clarke is amazed that he is a good cook, and teases him about being able to read. Both Emori and Murphy agree that he’s a catch. Clarke goes to her bedroom. Emori quickly tells Murphy they need to get out, before she’s the one sacrificed to the bone marrow plan. He asks her to explain what’s going on.

Clarke takes a hot shower and a nap in what’s probably the nicest room she’s ever seen. She’s woken up by the sound of someone breaking in. Emori is in the kitchen, gathering supplies when the intruder attacks her. He easily overcomes her, which I’m going to assume/hope was a strategy on her part to appear sympathetic in front of Clarke, because Emori can normally take care of herself.

Murphy rescues Emori, then she jumps up and stops Murphy from killing him. She says she wants to kill him herself, and implies that not only does she know him, but he’s raped and beaten her before. She kicks and screams at him, calling him Baylis. Clarke calms her down and sends Murphy out to check the perimeter, in case Baylis wasn’t alone.

Bellamy checks in with Mark and Peter when he’s almost to Factory Station, where they’re stuck. The wind has shifted, and they’re starting to get wet. Bellamy tells them he’ll be there in a minute, but then something goes wrong and he ends up stuck in the mud. This is why we don’t hero and drive, Bellamy. Kane is on the other radio channel, trying to keep Bellamy from doing something even more stupid. Bellamy is forced to tell Mark that he won’t be able to get to them until the rain stops. They both know that will be too late. Bellamy is wracked with guilt that he’s failed to keep people alive yet again.

Clarke tends to Emori’s wounds, while Emori tells her a little about what her life has been like and her history with Baylis. She says that Baylis will never stop coming after them if they let him go. Clarke stops Emori from actually beating Baylis once she starts, asking, “What if his death could save us all?” Took her long enough to figure it out.

Ilian and Octavia are still hanging out in their underwear. He asks where she plans to go. He doesn’t want to go home, because the memories are too difficult to face. She tells him he’s not a murderer, so he should go home. I think she’s missing the point here. Death and loss are painful, no matter how they happen. Blaming himself is only part of it. He tells her that he can see that she’s not numb when she kills any more, even though she pretends she is. He wants to hear her story. She’s as angry and insulting as she is with most people.

Ilian goes over to her and says that he thinks the person she used to be is still inside her. She says he’s wrong, and gets up. She walks toward the entrance to the cave, and the Black Rain, with her arms outstretched. Ilian shouts, “Octavia, no!” and rushes over to pick her up and forcibly carry her away from the rain. Octavia struggles, yelling that she needs this. Ilian wrestles her to the ground to keep her from trying to run away again. She leans up to kiss him. Ilian is so surprised that he stands up and backs away toward the cave wall. Octavia sits up, and asks him to make her feel something else. She stands up and backs him the rest of the way to the wall, then climbs him like a tree. I’m kind of shocked a rebel like Octavia would go for something as trendy as wall sex.

Abby continues to work on the bone marrow project, but notices her hand is shaking. Stroke symptom? Kane calls her on the radio to let her know about the Black Rain. He tells her it burns on contact and their water situation is now dire, with only two weeks worth left. But no pressure.

Abby says she might have a solution, but she might have to take a life. They discuss this issue as if they’ve never faced it before, which is odd. The ethics of choosing who lived and who died and how to live with making those choices were something they both had to deal with everyday on the Ark, and still do with dwindling medical supplies and other resources on the ground. But, they like to remind us of Abby’s humanity, and how far Kane’s come, so we get this conversation again.

Harper cries out when the man she’s been taking care of dies.

Bellamy radios Mark to let him know that the storm is almost over, so he’ll be able to get them soon. He realizes Mark and Peter are dead. Kane is listening, and jumps in to console Bellamy.

Kane: Bellamy, you did your best.

Bellamy: I failed. They’re dead.

Kane: It’s not your fault.

Bellamy: I can’t protect anyone. I couldn’t protect my sister. It was my responsibility and I failed. My mom passed out. She was there. She was in my arms, so helpless. And now, what is she? Is she, is she even alive? What is she? I…

Kane: You did everything you could for her. You went to the ground for her. You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved. Your mother would be proud of the man you’ve become. I know I am.

Bellamy: You floated my mother.

He drops the radio.

Kane moves on to Harper. He puts his hand on her shoulder, and says, “Who you want to be doesn’t always win.” Skaikru Jesus is having a tough f**king day.

This whole sequence was so amazing for what it showed in each character, but especially for Kane, who absorbed each person’s pain and gave what little comfort he could in a situation that’s so incredibly, painfully hopeless for everyone on an existential level, and then a personal nightmare for each of them on top of that. He was gracious to the end as each situation reminded him of his own worst moments.

When the rain ends, Octavia and Ilian get dressed. He tells her he’s decided to go home after all, and leaves. She hesitates, then throws two of her knives in the water and rides after him. She catches up to Ilian, and tells him she’ll give him a ride home. I hope we get to see Octavia as a farm wife, for the whole three hours that it will last.

Kane meets Bellamy at the Arkadia gate. He tells Bellamy that they still haven’t heard from Octavia. Bellamy looks at Kane and repeats back to him, “You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved.” Then he walks past Kane, into the Ark. It sounds chillingly like he means that he doesn’t want to be saved. Somebody needs to send Clarke home, or him to the island, right away.

Baylis is prepped for the bone marrow procedure. Clarke gives Abby a final pep talk, then he’s injected with the bone marrow. Emori admits to Murphy that she doesn’t even know Baylis. She saw an opportunity to make sure she wasn’t the test subject, and she took it. Murphy admires her for being such a survivor.


Bryan, Miller and Jasper are nowhere to be seen. They aren’t ready to kill Jasper yet, so they can’t let him near the Black Rain. He’s probably passed out drunk somewhere. Miller and Bryan, along with Niylah, are probably the safest characters on this show. If you don’t know why, you don’t spend much time on the internet.

We don’t see Luna this week either. How does she feel about all of this bone marrow extraction? Will Abby be able to culture bone marrow cells? Maybe Becca has some equipment that will allow them to quickly mass produce the treatment if it works.

Even if the treatment does work, they still face the issue of the water being contaminated, and every other living thing dying from the radiation, so it’s hard to see where they’re going with this, unless that’s something that will be conveniently forgotten. This show doesn’t bother to do remotely realistic science, but surely they can’t intend to say that the people and the bottom of the food chain will die, but the mammals, birds, fish, and useful plants will survive?

Kane goes just one step too far by trying to speak for Bellamy’s mother. A lot’s been forgiven and forgotten on this show, but you don’t forget who killed your mother for the crime of keeping your sister. Without the draconian Ark rules, Bellamy wouldn’t be going through this alone.

Not sure what the point of Ilian and Octavia going to the farm would be, with the end of the world at hand, other than to wait to die. Either they won’t make it there because they get distracted by something else, or there’s something important at the farm, like a GIANT CAVE SYSTEM. 😘   Ilian told Octavia she could find his farm by following the setting sun. The setting sun is in the west, obviously, which is the direction that the Blue Ridge Mountains would be from the Arkadian’s position. The farm was in a mountainous area.

Maybe the bunkers that the doomsday cult built were decoys for the uninitiated, while the chosen went to a mountain hideout on or near Ilian’s farm.