Manifest: Watch the First 10 Minutes of NBC’s New SciFi Show

Manifest, or Prince Charming Takes a Plane and Gets Lost, as I Like to Think of It, Premieres Monday, September 24th at 10 ET/9PT.

Update: My recap of the Pilot (episode 1) is HERE.

NBC has released the first 10 minutes of this year’s entry into the broadcast network scifi genre, where the real suspense is whether the show will get a second season, or the unicorn of the genre, a third. (#NeverForgetRevolution)

Much of the first act has already been seen in clips and trailers, but seeing it all together and in order gives it a sense of context. The new footage is some of the most meaningful, which could lead to interesting, original storylines if they pursue those avenues.

The video and more after the jump.

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