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Hedwig 12-10-16 Mat Review – EUAN AND HANNAH TIME

These were my initial thoughts after seeing Euan and Hannah the first time, with some minor edits to make it a little more coherent. (I was very excited and fangirling all over the place.) My main impression was: HANNAH. My review of the evening show is below my review of the matinee.

As soon as she came out on stage I was taken with her. She looks a LOT like Lena, more than Shannon does, and she has a catlike quality that I haven’t seen in a Yitzhak before. The way she carries herself is captivating. When she made her announcement just before the show, I loved the way she spoke. She sounded a little like she was singing even then, particularly in one little part where she almost did a little trill, of sorts. Then she started SINGING. Her voice is beautiful. It’s very clear and pleasantly high-pitched but full and husky, and the way she uses it is effortlessly smooth. The little riffs and trills she does are amazing. She tends to slide down at the ends of notes (called a glissando, I’m a huge fan). Her voice reminds me of a stream, the smooth transitions she makes from note to note.

(Audio at the bottom)

Her style is similar to Lena’s, except for the catlike way she moves, as I described above. She’s confident and sexy, but also beaten down and sweet, as is Yitzhak’s way. She loves her Hedwig a lot, which I always appreciate in a Yitz. The way she’d look at Hedwig when Hedwig was mean to her seemed to me to be her thinking, why are you being so mean to me? In an adorable way. She looked very darkly threatening towards the “kissee” (who wasn’t actually kissed today, I’ll explain that later), and snapped out of it slightly when Hedwig called her on it.

Her relationship with Euan’s Hedwig is soft and sweet, which makes sense with her seeming genuinely surprised and confused by Euan being mean to her. One of my FAVORITE moments of today: after Wicked Little Town, when Yitzhak went over to Hedwig, they put their foreheads together and just stayed like that for a good ten seconds. I dearly loved that, the two of them silently connecting in that quiet, emotional moment. After Yitz spits Hedwig in the face, Hannah seemed particularly beaten down to me. I thought she might hit the door in frustration, as other Yitzhaks have, but she seemed too devastated to make an angry gesture like that.

At the end of the show, I watched her run to the back of the theater (she ran out a door in the side rather than running all the way to the back – it’s a long theater), and I kept glancing back throughout Midnight Radio, waiting for her to return, even though I know perfectly well when Yitzhak usually comes back into the theater. I was a little too excited to see her all Krystaled up. When she finally came out, she was waving her arms around in beautiful, slow, graceful motions. When I would watch Lena walk through the audience, she just had her arms outstretched, not moving them. I loved the addition of waving her arms around before she started singing. It fit with the fluidity of her voice, symbolically. Yitzhak wanted to be beautiful and graceful all along, and at the end he can let both his voice and his body move.

WHEW, okay. I should move on to other things now. (I really loved Hannah.)

Euan was very good. His voice reminds me of Neil Patrick Harris sometimes and John Cameron Mitchell at other times. His comedic style and interactions with the audience are very much like Michael C Hall, only I liked Euan much better than MCH. Euan’s singing in Sugar Daddy and Angry Inch, in particular, remind me of NPH’s. His Origin of Love and Wig in a Box were beautiful. Particularly in Origin of Love, I very much felt the power of that song.

His Hedwig is one of the old, stiff ones. I got the sense that he was capable of doing much more with his body than he did, but made a conscious decision to make his Hedwig more old and inflexible. During Exquisite Corpse, he was very flexible and all over the place, which I liked a lot.

His Hedwig was a little too much about comedy and not quite emotionally dark and intense enough for me, but I’m saying this as someone who still has Darren in her head. Euan did the emotion beautifully. Most of the more emotionally charged songs got me. The only one that didn’t, I think, was WLTR. I was left a little underwhelmed by that compared to other Hedwigs. BUT!!! WE GOT OUR SILENCE AFTER THAT SONG! So thrilled. Euan was great during this part, and very relieved during Midnight Radio.

– At the end of Exquisite Corpse, Euan didn’t pull down his dress or take his tomato boobs out. Time saving? I don’t know. (Hannah was excellent during this song.)

– When Hedwig walked to the center of the stage with the Hurt Locker music sheet stuck to her foot and Yitzhak ran over to get it off, Hedwig started running and yelling that an animal had escaped the Denver zoo. After a minute she calmed down and said to Yitzhak, “Oh, it’s just you. Don’t run at me like that.” (Yitzhak was like ????? but also not surprised.)

– Hannah’s Yitzhak was SO EXCITED to sing the Hurt Locker. She was beside herself even as Hedwig started talking. ^.^

– When Hedwig promised us a punk rock gesture and started drinking, someone in the second (or maybe the first?) row started covering themselves with their coat 😂

– I thought the sound mixing was a little off during the loud songs, like Angry Inch. If I didn’t know the line “my sex change operation got botched,” I don’t think I would have understood it.

– When Hedwig went to pick up her wig after WLTR, Yitzhak turned farther away from her. Hannah was completely still and withdrawn throughout this.

– When Yitzhak tried to put Hedwig’s wig on her at the beginning of Midnight Radio, he tried to do it twice, not really ready to believe Hedwig when she told him no the first time. My poor babe.

– Rather than staying on the left side of the audience to play in someone’s lap after the carwash in Sugar Daddy, Euan went to the center of the front row. That’s where Hedwig walks back up onto the stage in the Buell theater.

– Instead of kissing someone, Euan licked his glasses all over multiple times.

– During Exquisite Corpse, I noticed that there were images of apes (chimpanzees? I don’t know, I’m not very familiar with non-human primates) flashing on the wall behind the stage, and not many images of humans. I don’t remember those being there in San Francisco.

– Euan YELLS “then love the front of me,” rather than saying it more quietly or heartbrokenly like other Hedwigs have. Afterwards, he puts his face in his hand for a few seconds, losing it.

ROUND 2! Hedwig 12-10-16 Evening Review

Euan was quite a bit more energetic than he was this afternoon. He was more jumpy and rolly. He made more of an impression on me tonight. I’m not at the point of ranking him yet, but I think he’s below Andrew Rannells and above Neil for me. Or possibly equal with Andrew, but it’s been a long time since I watched Andrew’s bootlegs, so don’t hold me to that. Same thoughts as earlier, but more so. He’s so good, and my love affair with Hannah has intensified. I realized that sultry is a good word to describe her. She’s the darkest Yitzhak I’ve seen.

Miscellaneous time!

– After the second time that Yitzhak opens the door to let the sound of Tommy’s concert in, he walks back down the stage as Hedwig walks up to the door, and for a moment they’re right across the car from each other. They pause while Hedwig yells something we can’t hear to Yitzhak and Yitz just gives her this LOOK. He’s like BITE ME ASSHOLE.

– Tonight, when Euan stood up off the stool after he couldn’t sing the Long Grift, he stumbled forward like he was going to fall for a second, and Hannah sort of leaned forward reflexively like she was going to run over to help. When Euan walked over to her, she looked like she wanted to help really badly, but he just aggressively threw the wig at the floor and gave her an angry look. He wasn’t letting her comfort him at all this time.

– When Hedwig said “I was in my early late twenties,” that got a pretty big laugh, and she turned around, glared at some people, and mouthed “fuck you” in their general direction.

– The audience tonight was much more enthusiastic than they were this afternoon. Lots of Hedheads who clearly knew exactly what was up, which I appreciated.

– Where I was sitting tonight, Hedwig and Yitzhak often ended up being right next to each other from my perspective, usually with Yitzhak closer, lower down, and in darker lighting. It created a really cool view, very symbolic.

– We were right by where Yitzhak runs up the aisle after getting his wig back, and Hannah looked SO thrilled to have it. As she ran by, clutching her wig and looking upwards, I could hear her laughing with joy.

– Among the Exquisite Corpse pictures being projected on the wall tonight I noticed there’s the famous painting of George Washington flashing throughout it, and there’s a moment where there’s a picture of a bird as well. I think Marilyn Monroe was there briefly as well. I don’t remember those ever being there before.

– THEY DID THE FOREHEAD TOUCHY THING AFTER WICKED LITTLE TOWN AGAIN. Afterwards, when Hannah started to walk away, Euan touched her arm and she turned back to him for a moment, wondering if there was something else he needed, and he shook his head like nah, I just wanted to touch you one last time boo. It was adorable.

– This Origin of Love was even more beautiful than this afternoon’s. The way Euan uses his voice on that song kills me. I very much miss certain things that Darren does, but I really love some things Euan does as well.


– Hannah’s voice. It’s clear yet husky and sweet yet sexy. Her performance is very subtle, like Lena’s, but there’s so much going on there. I wish I could see her super close up like I saw Lena to pick up on all those subtleties. (Rebecca and Shannon don’t require as close up a view, I feel, though of course it’s always good.)

– Euan’s Hedwig REALLY HATES HAIR. Tonight, when she was freaking out about Yitzhak being an escaped zoo animal, she told Yitzhak he really needs to get rid of all the hair on his face. “After you shave my back you might start on your whole body.” Yitzhak only looked mildly bothered by this.

– Yitzhak didn’t look bothered at all by Hedwig kissing the guy (there was an actual kiss tonight), but he was VERY bothered by Hedwig talking to the guy afterwards. She was super into the kissee tonight. Very straightforward and matter of fact about it, and Yitzhak was not happy. He was glaring at the guy the whole time Hedwig was talking to him.

– The tomatoes happened tonight! No idea why they didn’t do them this afternoon.

– Yitzhak doesn’t help Hedwig make her way behind the car at the end of Exquisite Corpse like he normally does.

– Forgot to mention earlier, in Tear Me Down, Euan doesn’t climb the stage on the right, but in Sugar Daddy he climbs the stage on the left as usual.

– Hannah’s the least vulnerable of the Yitzhaks, but she’s just as emotional. She’s stoic and steely-eyed, but simmering and heartbroken beneath that. Then she’s pure joy at the end. She spun around about four times tonight when Yitzhak spins.

– After the show I saw a lesbian couple a few rows behind us being openly affectionate and it made me happy. 🙂

The Long Grift:


Tear Me Down:


Trail of Rainbow Carnage (Hansel Meets Luther Monologue):


Sugar Daddy:


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