Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 7: Who’s the Cool Girl Josh Is Dating? Recap

This week, we all learn some lessons in relationship maintenance and proper pet care. Neither exes new girlfriends nor pets should be followed too closely with a car.

Mostly random observations and meta this time, because most of my week has been taken up with musical theater fun (Hedwig!). Next time, a review and analysis of the first half of season 2. I’ll try not to linger on Greg’s departure too long, or embed every song he sang.

Josh is really needy, desperate, and looking for love. He’s in awe of Anna, who just might be taking advantage of the fact that he thinks she’s out of his league. I still don’t trust Anna, even if she’s not a drug dealer. What does she need from Mexico? But she’s Brittany Snow, who I’m preprogrammed to want to keep around as long as possible, so this sets up mixed feelings about their relationship in my mind.

Poor kitty. Bad owner, leaving the door open.

Frida Kahlo foam drawings. Coffee made from mixing individual beans. I think my son goes to that coffee shop. The metawitches drink more tea than coffee. We’ll compare chai blends with you anytime.

Valencia insists Anna weighs herself, and that she weighs 115. Then Val correctly guesses the security code as Anna’s goal weight of 113. Valencia continues to be a perfect human being. Also, she doesn’t want to binge watch a TV show after finding out that Josh thinks he never really loved her or Rebecca the way he loves the new girl- she wants to get laid, so she dispassionately picks the most viable candidate available at Home Base. See above. Also, Valencia stole the keys to Anna’s shop. Val, Rebecca and Paula together could be really frightening, because Val would whip their caper strategy into shape with her efficiency.

HAHAHA Called it! Paula has moved on from Rebecca and now thinks she’s outgrown everyone else in her life too. (Not that I am actually happy to be right about this.)

No show, not Scott! You can’t take Greg AND Scott. Scott may not be Paula’s idea of perfect and exciting, but he’s actually a darn good husband. Always there for her, always supports her, has never put her down or asked too much of her. She’s the one who’s self-absorbed now. Grad school will do that to you, but she’s got to find some balance before she loses everyone. She was even extra rude and condescending to Daryl, like he isn’t a lawyer, too.

Paula has new interests, DARYL, so the fun tchotchkes hit the trash. No more “go to hell hell hell” or “honking if you’re horny,” Still hogging the pink highlighters though. Some things are too important to give up.

Scott’s hit the big time with the West Brovinas. He’s performing for the coworkers, his uniform is a collector’s item, and his opener’s doing Hamilton. It’s nice to see the character fleshed out a bit.

Rebecca has developed Valencia into an effective caper partner. Instead of cancelling CEGF, can’t we turn the gang into some kind of quirky crime investigation unit? Turn the law firm into a private investigator’s office. That’s all it would take for people to watch. It could even be on one of the Big 3 networks.

Heather is a fantastic Only Sane Woman, who isn’t quite so sane herself. When does she get some action? She’s taking her role as Miss Douche seriously, girl deserves to have some adventure, too.

Research Me Obsessively–oops, it’s 3 days later. Who amung us hasn’t fallen down that hole?

Val SAYS she’s a stalking virgin, but I don’t think she’s a shoplifting virgin. She’s a natural at stalking. Valencia and Rebecca’s online stalking skills are fast and slightly frightening.

You Go First is a perfect take off on Heart’s Alone, since they are, in fact, alone.

Paula managed to ignore the needs of Daryl, Scott, Rebecca and Sunil in this ep. Don’t think her issues with Rebecca can be blamed solely on Rebecca any more. She even ignored her shiny new friend talking about his dead wife. I’m worried Scott is going to find comfort with his coworker who’s obviously into him. Paula’s so complacent in her marriage that what she could lose doesn’t even occur to her. Ugh, I feel like all I do is Paula-bash lately, when I actually love the character. Please wake up and realize what you’re doing, Paula.

Meanwhile, Rebecca and Valencia slowly work their way through another step along the way to accepting that Josh is really gone, and seeing themselves as whole people without him. It’s a long, winding road, filled with loop de loops, Josh stalking, following and unfollowing Josh on social media, and making den mother Heather crazy.

Josh’s new girlfriend Anna is one of those girls who’s better than you, knows she’s better than you, and wants to make sure you know she’s better than you. She’ll drop Josh as soon as a boyfriend with more potential or better connections comes along. It won’t end well. He wants her to be the rock who keeps him from failing, but she’s just using him as an attractive boy toy to prop up her ego until someone better comes along.

On January 6th, the show returns with a double episode, and Rebecca loses Paula’s son while babysitting him. Oops. That’s probably not going to help repair their friendship. I guess no one paid attention to this week’s lessons.