Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 13: Can Josh Take a Leap of Faith?


Welcome to the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Finale. Things just got a little more “Ex” and a hell of a LOT crazier. This episode definitely answered its title question, Can Josh Take a Leap of Faith? I don’t think anyone saw the answer we got coming, though.

The previously on… reminds us that Josh called Rebecca weird when he broke up with her at the end of camp, and that she’s always felt that marrying Josh would make her problems magically go away. He’s not just the person who makes her feel loved. He’s the arbiter of normal. If Josh says she’s normal, then she’s not crazy or weird.

We find Rebecca sitting on her couch texting her dad. It’s word for word the same as her first text to Josh when she arrived in West Covina. She’s hoping to spend time with him before the wedding. Paula arrives with Rebecca’s wedding veil, which she’s made for Rebecca. They take a second to marvel over the fact that Rebecca managed to nab Josh Chan. Then they duet on a punk metal song called What a Rush to Be a Bride. There might be a bit of underlying panic and anxiety in the room. They go back to cooing over wedding accessories.

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 12: Is Josh Free in Two Weeks? Recap


This week, Rebecca goes into full melt down mode as she tries to plan her wedding by herself. She has very little time and no idea what she wants her wedding to be like, other than “normal.” The episode highlights Rebecca and Nathaniel’s unhealthy goals in life. Rebecca needs to feel normal, or at least appear normal, by marrying the normal boy in a normal wedding. Her standard of normal isn’t even well-defined in her own mind, making it impossible to reach. Nathaniel’s standard of manhood is very well defined. He needs to live up to his father’s unrealistic ideals, or die trying.

Rebecca spends the episode on what amounts to random busy work, flailing around in an unorganized way, trying to recreate other people’s weddings. Her disorganization is notable in someone who is known for being a top-notch attorney, which requires a high level of analytical and organizational skill. This is self-sabotage.

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 11: Josh Is the Man of My Dreams, Right? Recap


Much to Dr Akopian’s dismay, Rebecca and Josh are still engaaaged. But, the devil winds are a-blowin’ into town and they bring all manner of strange thoughts with them. Well, I don’t think Karen’s thoughts actually got any stranger. Just even more inappropriately public.

I can’t help but feel like Rebecca’s taken a huge step backward this week, while Paula took a couple of steps forward. Rebecca ignores every warning sign the universe and her psyche send her, to the point where we get a brief reprise of You Stupid Bitch. That song is the lowest of low points for Rebecca, and it’s incredibly painful to hear even one line of it. Paula, on the other hand, learns some things from Rebecca and Daryl, and makes some positive changes in her own life.

It’s windy in West Covina, this week. Welcome to the desert, kids. Rebecca’s seen weather before, though. She’s all about her ring, which is a family heirloom, but it was bought back for her by Josh and he put it on her finger and proposed and she said yes OMG!!! High pitched SQUUEEAAALL!!

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 10: Will Scarsdale Like Josh’s Shayna Punim? Recap


Tovah’s back!! I haven’t been this happy to see her since she charged a hallway full of zombies! She brought Patti Lupone along with her, who sings about suffering, as one would expect, and has the honor of being the person who finally gets through to Rebecca that Josh Chan can’t save her from her issues. It doesn’t stick, yet, but the seed is planted.

This episode was spectacular. One of the best of the series.

Rebecca and Josh are ADORABLY IN LOVE and EVERYBODY needs to know. They are selfie-ing and hashtagging and creating new forms of social media to post evidence of their love on. They are so in love that when Heather doubts them, they turn into ABBA, embarrassing jumpsuits and all, and sing about how they’ll never have problems again. Everyone knows that once you put it in a song, it’s really true.

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 7: Who’s the Cool Girl Josh Is Dating? Recap

This week, we all learn some lessons in relationship maintenance and proper pet care. Neither exes new girlfriends nor pets should be followed too closely with a car.

Mostly random observations and meta this time, because most of my week has been taken up with musical theater fun (Hedwig!). Next time, a review and analysis of the first half of season 2. I’ll try not to linger on Greg’s departure too long, or embed every song he sang.

Josh is really needy, desperate, and looking for love. He’s in awe of Anna, who just might be taking advantage of the fact that he thinks she’s out of his league. I still don’t trust Anna, even if she’s not a drug dealer. What does she need from Mexico? But she’s Brittany Snow, who I’m preprogrammed to want to keep around as long as possible, so this sets up mixed feelings about their relationship in my mind.

Poor kitty. Bad owner, leaving the door open.

Frida Kahlo foam drawings. Coffee made from mixing individual beans. I think my son goes to that coffee shop. The metawitches drink more tea than coffee. We’ll compare chai blends with you anytime.

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 Episode 5: Why Is Josh’s Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs? Recap


It’s a New Era.

Oops, that’s another $5 for Heather’s Josh swear jar.

Sob, it’s the beginning of a new Gregless era. But Valencia’s back, and she was perfect even in the caveman days. This is my first stab at a recap/review type post. I’m just going to post some stream of consciousness comments about the episode, then a few more ideas I’ve thought out more at the end. We’ll see how it goes.

-Rebecca’s book is called Blood and Lice, a follow up and probable inspiration for the blood coven a few weeks ago.

-Josh is now a toxic male! And Bex owes Heather $300+ for the toxic Josh swear jar. That’s some major progress right there, practically Josh-aholics Anonymous.

-Heather doesn’t need a real job; de-Josh-toxing Rebecca is enough of a job.

-Brittany Snow in the credits!!!!!!

-Paula gets mommed a little when Rebecca drops her off for the first day of school, but then Bex blows it by taking the extra juice box.

-Sunil actually wins the episode with the “mom farm upstate, where moms run around all day.” Bonus points if he sticks to it until his kids are adults.

Roxanne Gay. We get it, Rachel, you want us to read her. On it already.

-Valencia looks great to me. She no longer looks like she’s using her appearance as armor to keep people at a distance.

-Hector and his mom started a dating advice podcast. Miss Douche has a real Twitter account. Could we please, please get a few of those podcasts?

-Josh likes organizing and sorting. An actual strength of his that he could use for a career that they’ve never shown us before.

-Josh thinks in thought bubbles and is worried he won’t measure up to expectations. Where is Father Brah when we need him?

-Bex is still focused on everything outside herself, rather than what’s inside (Waitress reference!): mmm, babaganouj, Josh has narcissistic personality disorder (really Bex, looked in a mirror?)

-Love the spaceship notes app. Why am I not surprised Paula has caper clothes in multiple colors and patterns? That’s right, skulk for YOU, and no one else!

-(Rebecca probably has caper clothes in colors and patterns that match Paula’s. 😥  All will be right again when they wear their outfits together on a caper that doesn’t involve Josh.)

-Valencia’s ballet is romantic and traditional. She’s idealized Josh and their relationship. Rebecca’s is childlike, raw, and visceral (like raw meat). Bex is projecting all of her anger onto Josh, even though she blames herself, since she casts herself as the dinosaur and Josh as a handsome prince. First she made Daddy leave, then she made Greg leave, and now she made Josh leave.

-Feminist bikini area 😏

-Of course Val loses the weight in one weekend, without trying, as soon as she feels good about herself again. Her weight was just a little situational depression weight gain, not about her genetics, build, or slow metabolism. Bex and I will totally outlast her during the next famine.

-Brittany Snow! Is Josh’s break from girls already over? She’s a good reason to give up celibacy, but he also needs the personal growth. Tough call for a viewer!

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