Crazyhead Season 1 Episode 5: Downward Facing Dog recap


Tonight we pick up right where we left off in episode 4. Raquel is setting off on her date with Harry, and Amy is chasing Harry’s car down the street. When Amy calls Raquel to warn her that Harry is the guy from her dream, Raquel turns her phone off. Amy can take care of herself for a while.

Raquel and Harry attempt to make appropriate first date small talk, except neither of them is capable of appropriate small talk, period. Raquel finally goes to the ladies room to take a break from the awkward. A demon appears behind her as she’s washing her hands, and Harry jumps in out of nowhere to tackle it, then shove its face in the toilet. Raquel is freaked out and doesn’t know what to think. Harry explains that he’s a demon hunter who knew her dad. Sawyer asked him to keep an eye on her. Harry engineered their first meeting, but he really has come to like her, like her, and wants to date her. Raquel accepts his explanation and decides the whole thing is kind of romantic. They have an intense makeout session right there in the ladies room over the body of the unconscious demon. They continue their date, and now they have tons to talk about. Harry asks her to go out again the next day.

Raquel is flying high when she gets upstairs, but Amy is outraged. She’s really worried, even more so when she finds out that Harry has been following Raquel. She doesn’t want to lose Raquel along with Suzanne. Amy asks Raquel if she’s sure Harry’s not possessed. Raquel is certain. She cautions Amy against being paranoid that everyone is possessed. It messes with your head. She’s never had anyone like Harry. He doesn’t care that she’s half demon, and she can be honest with him. She really likes him. Amy suggests that they double date.

Harry is watching them from the street again. Raquel needs to learn to close her curtains. Safety starts at home, Raquel. But, hey, who knows, maybe that dead-eyed stare is just Harry being protective. And watching Raquel change for bed, just like her dad would want.

We all go bowling for the double date. Jake’s working, so he gets to be extra rude to Tyler, who has no idea what’s going on. Jake tells Tyler that he’s a Coldplay song. Not a complement. Tyler is crushed. Except not really. Meanwhile, Amy is taking the opportunity to get to know investigate Harry, in an equally pleasant manner. It’s a superfun date.

Amy finds a Halloween party invitation in Harry’s wallet. It looks suspicious, so she asks Jake to drive her to the venue to look it over. Jake once again gloats that she asks him, instead of Tyler. He tells her that the lies will eventually eat away at her relationship.

Raquel goes to her therapy appointment with Callum. They talk over what’s been happening in her life. She tells him about Amy and Harry. He tells her to be careful about trusting her friends.

Jake and Amy arrive at the party venue. It’s a castle. They find a giant poster of Raquel with the legions of hell flowing out of her crotch. Amy leaves another message with Raquel. Meanwhile, Harry and Raquel have sex in Raquel’s apartment. Amy and Jake get discovered and captured. Raquel and Harry follow them to the castle, but Callum has ordered that Jake and Amy be taken somewhere to be killed.

Harry and Raquel follow the car Jake and Amy are in. They’re tied up in the trunk. Jake gets himself and Amy untied on the drive, but they can’t escape. Amy gets the henchman to explain the big legions of hell plan before he kills them. Raquel and Harry overhear. At the stroke of midnight on Halloween they plan to use Raquel as a gateway to open the gates of hell and let millions of demons fly out. The demons will each then slaughter thousands of people to create hell on earth.

Raquel steps out and starts taunting the demons, because they can’t kill her. They need her. She beats up one of the demons, while Jake beats up the other one. Jake learned how to fight overnight. Amy grabs the gun and points it at Harry. She knows from her dream that he’s a threat to Raquel. She also found the party invitation in his wallet, so Raquel shouldn’t trust him. Raquel is confused, but still doesn’t want to lose him, and doesn’t want Amy to let dealing with demons change her. One of the demons wakes up, grabs the gun from Amy and aims toward Raquel and Harry. Harry lunges in front of Raquel. It’s the image from Amy’s dream. He gets shot instead of Raquel. Raquel screams, and flames burst from various places in the room as she kisses Harry. They rush him to the hospital, using the canoe as a stretcher.

As they wait in the hospital, Amy apologizes for misjudging and doubting Harry and Raquel. Raquel accepts Amy’s apology, since Amy was looking out for her. Raquel goes in to see Harry once he’s out of surgery. He asks about her powers and says he’s not afraid of her. She says she needs to go away somewhere for a while, somewhere she can’t be found. She’ll come back for him when it’s all over.

The gang packs the canoe and their bikinis and heads off to the seashore to hide out until after Halloween.

Callum shows up in Harry’s room and introduces himself as Dr Weaver, then makes a joke. It turns out Harry is a demon who works for Callum. In fact, they seem to be close friends. He complements Harry on the stellar job he’s doing, going above and beyond to make Raquel trust and care about him. Raquel is the gateway to hell, and Harry is the key that unlocks her. Harry getting shot and triggering Raquel’s powers has worked out like a trial run. The whole thing gives Callum a hard on.

So, Amy was right about Harry after all. The specific moment Amy saw was sinister, in that Harry was only saving Raquel to increase her trust in him. The other half of the dream, Amy falling, must be in episode 6. Harry does seem like he might really care about Raquel. He seemed conflicted while he was talking to Callum, like he was forcing himself to be happy about what he was doing to Raquel. I wonder what his relationship to Callum is.

Raquel also missed that Harry was possessed, even insisted over and over that Amy stop being so paranoid about it. I don’t really understand the rules of this universe yet. It’s strange that the demonhunters can only spot a demon when the demon allows them to see it. Not a terribly useful skill. I’m also not clear about whether Amy and Raquel have extra strength and agility. The show hasn’t been very consistent with either woman’s fight skills. But then, they also haven’t explained the demons very well yet, either. Raquel said some of them have special powers. Sawyer had telekinesis, and Mercy has her dementor’s kiss, but no other demons have shown special powers that I can recall.  Raquel has some undefined power to control energy that she hasn’t developed yet. Amy and her mother get glimpses of the future, but we don’t know why. All we know about the revenants is that they drink blood and are hard to kill. This season feels like a very brief but fun introduction to the Crazyhead ‘verse, kind of an extended pilot.

Both Raquel’s therapist and boyfriend have turned out to be evil demons who are gaining her trust so they can use and then kill her. That should do wonders for her self-image and mental health. She was deeply depressed and alone when we met her. At least this time she’ll still have Amy and Jake to talk to, but all of the boys are in love with Amy, which is kind of obnoxious. Unless Harry redeems himself somehow in episode 6.