Nashville Season 5 Episode 4: Leap of Faith Recap


This week, Juliette rushes her recovery while people push her to take pain pills, Rayna finds a new investor, and Will and Kevin’s relationship falls apart. The leaps of faith are subtle. Avery gives Juliette another chance. Juliette learns to trust her physical therapist, Avery, and God. Rayna takes a chance with a new co-owner/investor of Highway 65 who wants to have input on how the company is run.

Juliette is having a physical therapy session on her bed. She’s having difficulty stretching as far as she could because she didn’t take a pain pill before her session. Avery and the physical therapist are frustrated with her. Juliette is frustrated with her slow progress. She brings up a device that she saw online that would allow her to try walking now. The therapist tells her that she’s not ready for it. Juliette doesn’t want to take no for an answer.

Kevin and Will are house hunting, but can’t agree on a place. Will is being distant with Kevin. Kevin found an apartment that’s perfect. He’s set up an appointment for them to look at it together.

Rayna and Bucky are trying to figure out how to make an amazing video for The Exes on the tiny budget they can afford. Rayna has a meeting with Zach Welles, the tech billionaire who’s her life long fan and potential stalker candidate. Her other potential stalker candidate, Randall, passes by the office. Rayna calls him in for a moment to congratulate him on the excellent work he’s been doing. He’s speechless with happiness from the great Rayna James noticing little ol’ him.

Juliette cancelled her counselling appointment because she wants to focus more on physical therapy. She doesn’t need to keep talking about the crash. She takes a few jabs at Avery while she’s at it, as she does virtually everytime they’re in the same room. Avery tries to be patient, in a tense, curt sort of way, then flees the room.

Rayna and Deacon discuss Zach. Deacon, who is apparently now the voice of white, middle class, male conformity, and Trump voters everywhere, is confused and threatened by Zach. Given the history of their relationship, and Zach’s huge admiration for Rayna, I can understand Deacon getting a little territorial. But not understanding what a Silicon Valley billionaire is typically like? Or a tech billionaire in general? That’s what’s weird, not Zach. Where has Deacon been for the last 30 or so years?

Kevin ends up having to miss the apartment tour appointment. He tells Will to say they’re roommates, in case of homophobia. Frank, the complex’s agent, is clearly gay, and the end of the tour is a veiled come on. The veil is very sheer. They have the talk sitting on a bed. Frank would be happy to have Will in the building, since he lives there, too. Emphasis on the word “have.” I think Will was sweating by the end of the conversation.

Juliette goes over her physical therapist’s head to the clinic director to get permission to try the device that will allow her to walk now. The therapist straps her in, gives her a few instructions, then tells her to give it a go. The straps are very much like airplane seat belt straps. Juliette has a flashback to the crash, which leaves her panicking. The therapist gets her out of the device, calms her down, and they talk. The therapist went through something similar, and knows how flashbacks feel. She understands how easy it is to focus on the physical and forget about the emotional. Juliette will walk eventually. She’s strong.

The Exes are playing at the Bluebird Cafe. It’s nice to be back there so much this season. They play their new single. At the end of the night, Zach has fallen in love with The Exes music. He wants to invest in Highway 65. He proposes a business marriage.

Two new Sun Records promos, featuring the ladies in the cast! I can’t find them online anywhere to post, but if I can work it out, I will.

Later that night, Deacon is confused by Zach’s enthusiasm for Highway 65. Why would he want to invest in something so quickly? Did he get his billions just by doing something he loved? Classic spit take line, right there. Why yes, Deacon, he did, just like you and Rayna. Haven’t you ever heard of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Mark Zuckerberg, or any of the other tech billionaires as young as Zach? They got rich so young because they were smart kids who fooled around with technology in their spare time for the love of it, starting when they were very young. They created something that people wanted, Windows, the Apple personal computer, and Facebook, while they were still considered “kids” by many people. Sort of like the way musicians start when they’re very young and sometimes get discovered as teenagers, like your wife. I don’t like the direction they’re taking Deacon this season. He’s not that old, or that sheltered. He was never a prejudiced old conservative before.

Kevin stops by Will’s house since he hasn’t been answering his phone all day. Will’s in full on avoidance mode. He pretends he’s not home, but Kevin figures it out. They agree to fill out the apartment application. Will is being torn in two different directions, but doesn’t want to disappoint Kevin, so he doesn’t say anything.

Zach and Rayna meet for lunch to discuss his investment in Highway 65. He proves he’s not just a pretty face, or a goofy kid, by talking knowledgeably about contracts and what he’d expect to get out of the partnership. He’s done his homework. Like many tech billionaires, he has a lot of money to invest, and invests in things he’s interested in. He probably has a standard procedure for vetting companies and developing a contract. I’m going to be so sad when he turns out to be the stalker.

Juliette falls while trying to maneuver herself onto the toilet. Avery tries to help her up, but she stops him. He goes to get her a pain pill, and realizes there are too many in the bottle. They get into another screaming argument. He doesn’t understand why she won’t take them. She doesn’t want to become addicted again, which seems perfectly valid. Doctors usually try to wean patients off pain pills as fast as they can for acute injuries, rather than encouraging them to take more. They try to keep the dosage as low as possible for chronic pain. The show is being unrealistic with this storyline and I’m not quite sure what to do with it, other than ask for the name of Juliette’s doctor and wonder why on earth Avery would encourage her to become dependent on pills again. Why aren’t they encouraging other forms of pain control? Oh right, massage and hot packs don’t make for exciting TV. But, honestly, you get muscles to stretch further safely through heat and massage before the stretch, not by blocking the pain with drugs. Kids, don’t try this at home.

Back to the argument. It escalates into an airing of all of Juliette’s usual complaints and insecurities. Avery finally tells her that, yes, she is totally annoying, but it has nothing to do with the accident. He feels the same way about her he’s always felt. Then he storms out.

Will and Kevin and didn’t get the apartment. Will looks nauseous as Kevin says he’ll keep looking.

Juliette goes to Hallie’s church to pray, but she isn’t sure how to start. The pastor tells her it’s just a conversation between her and God. Her survivor’s guilt is still eating away at her.

Rayna gets a hand delivered love letter from her stalker at her house. It’s filled with rose petals and tells her he’s so happy to finally be near her. Bucky thinks the letter is harmless, but they could beef up security if it would make them feel better. They used to get letters like this all the time.

Zach calls with an idea for an A list director who owes him a favor to direct The Exes’ video. Rayna tells him to slow down, they haven’t signed the contract yet. Bucky and the lawyer both look at the contract, and it’s legit. Zach brings the director, Damian George, in for a pitch. Everyone loves his ideas.

Will and Avery go out for the night. Avery tells Will he has FOMO. Will’s still trying to decide if he should be insulted by that when Avery explains that it means Fear of Missing Out. Will went straight into a serious relationship after coming out. Maybe he needs to play the field.

When Avery gets home, Juliette apologizes for pushing him away and being an invalid. Avery tells her he wants to take of her and the baby, because he loves them. It’s not a hardship. She kisses him as an invitation for sex. He’s interested, but not ready yet. He’s still hurt from everything that’s happened between them.  He loves her so much, but he needs time to learn to trust her again.

Will knocks on Kevin’s door with flowers, and invites Kevin out to his gig that night. Kevin found the apartment application that Will threw out, and wants an explanation. Will slowly comes clean. He doesn’t want to live with Kevin. He can’t handle being in a relationship any more. They break up. I want custody of Kevin in the divorce. He’s not a series regular, so I have a feeling we may not see him again. Kyle Dean Massey will get another job and be unavailable before we know it.

Will goes to play his gig that night, but can’t finish the opening song. He switches to a song he wrote with Keven. It’s gorgeous. And it’s montage time! Kevin throws all of Will’s stuff in bags and onto the front porch. He’s gonna wash that man right outta his hair. Rayna signs the contract with her stalker Zach. Gunnar and Scarlett are together at Will’s concert. Avery picks Juliette up off the couch, carries her to bed, and starts making love to her. He’s gotten his priorities straight once again.

Next week, Scarlett falls apart at the thought of being sexy in public, and the A list director throws an Oscar-worthy tantrum. Maddie faces the realities of Clayton’s life. The stalker hunt begins.

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