Crazyhead Season 1 Episode 6: Beaver with a Chainsaw


It’s party time! Raquel’s invite got lost in the mail, but Callum will surely find a way to make sure she attends his big demon coming out party.

I don’t know if I’ve said how much I love the opening of this show. The theme song (The Kill of the Night, by Gin Wigmore), and the entire soundtrack to the series, are fantastic. As is the neon and skulls 80s junkyard look that ends in the title card. It sets the perfect mood for a sarcastic and silly, but smart, comedy-horror show about normal young women who find themselves demon-hunting and more, with little guidance but the internet. Modern, but also a little bit of a throwback to historical roots, with DIY heroes who don’t come from some grand tradition that’s been handed down for generations. They’re on their own, a couple of junkyard strays who are fierce and feisty and frequently underestimated, even by themselves. But they shouldn’t be. And they’re learning that. I really want this show to continue so that we can see the characters come into their own.

Raquel, Amy, Tyler, and Jake are enjoying their trip to the shore, but Tyler can tell something’s wrong with Raquel, and he’s worried. He’s a good brother. If this gets another season, I hope they tell him the truth before long. For now, Amy tells him that Raquel and Harry broke up because Harry’s a Neo-Nazi racist. Amy always goes all out with her lies.

Harry and Callum are discussing the big plan in Harry’s hospital room. Harry asks what will happen to Raquel. Callum says there will be no reason to keep her alive after the ceremony. Harry’s giant puppy dog eyes finally clue Callum in that Harry has developed feelings for Raquel. He’s surprisingly understanding. He knew Stockholm Syndrome was a risk. The psychiatrist side of Callum’s persona can be hilarious. With Harry’s consent, Callum smother’s him with a pillow until Harry passes out.

Raquel gets a call telling her that Harry stopped breathing, but is okay now, while Amy and Jake have yet another argument about Tyler. Raquel wants to race to Harry’s side, but Amy is adamantly against it. It’s too dangerous, and Amy’s not above blackmail to keep Raquel from leaving. Raquel is not above drugging her loved ones so that she can get away from them without another argument. It seems out of character for her to ignore the demon threat so easily. But, she is panicking over Harry, and is probably overconfident because she knows the demons won’t hurt her.

Amy is awake enough to see Raquel leave. She wakes up Jake, and they follow her as soon as they can, though they’re both still drugged and groggy. They barely make it to the hospital without a major accident.

Raquel spends a few minutes with Harry, then leaves. She runs into Callum, who’s also her psychiatrist, on her way to the elevator. He brings her to his office, saying he has something he needs to talk to her about. Once they get to his office, they chat for a minute, then he reveals his true self and drugs her into unconsciousness. Before she passes out, he tells her that Sawyer always said it was impossible for demons to father children. They’re so evil they kill their own sperm. Callum’s waited 800 years for someone like her. She’s as rare as a unicorn.

That sounds like Sawyer was originally evil and friendly with Callum, then became good (redeemed?). Being evil makes the demon’s sperm cold, and sperm can’t survive cold temperatures. Raquel didn’t notice Harry’s cold sperm, though when she told Amy about that demon tell in the pilot, it sounded like she had experienced it first hand. I assumed she and Harry had used a condom, and that had masked the temperature, but maybe Harry’s love for Raquel warmed him up?

The demons bundle Raquel up and stuff her into a van to take her to the party venue. Amy and Jake coast into the hospital parking lot just in time to see Raquel being kidnapped. They follow the van.

Callum is so excited about the upcoming demon ceremony and apocalyptic slaughter that he’s hugging Raquel with glee. She tells him she’s not a toaster who’ll open up the gateway  to hell on command when he pushes a button. He reminds her that he’s her therapist. He knows which buttons to push when the right time comes. She’ll be so emotionally devastated that she won’t be able to help herself.

Jake and Amy stop on the way to the party to get costumes. They realize everyone they know plans on attending. Amy is thinking about her dream. She knows she’s going to die trying to save Raquel. Jake isn’t sure saving Raquel is worth losing Amy. Amy won’t walk away from Raquel, or spend her life running away from her fears. She’s going into this balls out, wind in her hair, ready to die trying. Jake decides he’s with her, as always.

At the party, they split up.

Amy runs into Callum, who turns her over to Mercy, who’s STILL holding a grudge over her bra. It must have been a really comfortable bra. Mercy gives Amy the mini-Dementor’s Kiss. They drop Amy on the floor, unconscious, next to Raquel. Callum wants Amy to watch the gates of Hell open. Raquel asks for a cigarette, then jams the lit end into Callum’s ear. He gets angry and says he’s Belaros (?) of the Ancient Ones, who sprang from the loins of the Dark Lord Himself.

Does this mean Sawyer and Harry are also Ancient Ones? Callum seems to treat Harry as an equal and old friend. He talks about Sawyer as an equal, and one who’s been around forever, plus Sawyer was very powerful. Mercy, like Sawyer, has special powers and was the one to send Sawyer back to Hell. She could also be an Ancient One who’s serving Callum for some reason. What would it mean for Raquel to be the daughter of not just a demon, but an Ancient One, granddaughter of the Dark Lord, and a very unusual creature?

On his way out of the room, Callum tells Mercy to make sure her son is ready to be possessed when the gates open. Mercy doesn’t look happy. Callum tells her she’d better not be having second thoughts. Hmm, second thoughts are kind of going around, aren’t they?

Amy wakes up, and Raquel apologizes for going to the hospital. She’ll listen next time. Amy accepts her apology, because if characters never made those kinds of mistakes, we wouldn’t have TV shows. Amy says there might not be a next time. She reveals that she saw her own death in her dream. Raquel is touched that Amy came anyway. They bond over their mutual weirdness.

It’s showtime! The key players are taken up to the balcony over the main party hall. Amy is chained to a nearby pillar. Mercy and her son stand to the side. Raquel is chained between two pillars, arms stretched out to her sides. At the stroke of midnight, Callum pulls off Harry’s mask to reveal that Harry is really a demon. Harry didn’t want to do it, and says he’s sorry to Raquel after the mask is off. Raquel goes insane, screaming, writhing and opening the gateway to hell, as planned. Flames and demons pour out, and partygoers begin to be possessed. Callum is enthralled.

Jake rushes at Harry and appears to knock him down into Hell, then wrestles with Callum.

Amy tells Mercy she knows how to stop it. Mercy looks over at her frightened, but still human, son, and releases Amy. Mercy and her son escape. Amy grabs Raquel, who’s snapped her chains, and tries to talk her down. Amy tells Raquel that she’s a strong, independent woman, and quotes lyrics from Beyonce’s Single Ladies at her, minus putting a ring on it. (We’ll save that for the season when they figure out how to open the gate to Hell and call specific demons back, so they can get Sawyer and Harry out again.) Amy tells Raquel the she doesn’t need a man to love her, she has Amy, and Amy loves her. Amy kisses Raquel. Raquel settles down and closes the gate.

Callum has been beating up Jake, but lunges for Amy when he notices that the gateway is closed. He and Amy fly over the balcony railing as Raquel looks on in horror. We see the image of Amy falling that was in her dream. Callum is impaled on a trident and lies twisted on the floor in a pool of blood. Amy lands on an inflatable zombie. She’s unconscious, but wakes up after a moment. She and Raquel did it, they saved the world.

The next morning, Amy wakes up in the canoe in the middle of a field outside of town. The canoe is this universe’s answer to Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’s towel. Raquel is still asleep, but Jake is awake, looking back toward the city. Amy walks over to him. He wonders aloud how many demons made it into the world. Amy thinks somewhere between 10 and 50. Jake imagines the families waking up for breakfast who are about to be slaughtered, and how the demons choose who’s first: Eeny, meeny, miny, mo. He points at her, and reveals that he’s possessed. She runs. Jake catches up to her in the woods. I thought Callum’s demon might have moved into Jake, but he goes on and on about the first kill being the best and being happy to have gotten out of the underworld at last, so I guess not. Jake’s phone rings while he’s in the middle of strangling Amy, but she fools him into reaching for his taser instead, so he tases his own head. Time for another exorcism.

Before the exorcism, Raquel and Amy clarify that they love each other as friends, Raquel misses Harry but should have let Amy shoot him, and Raquel can’t help with the exorcism. Amy pees on Jake and gets the exorcism started. She knows it succeeded when he complains about the pee. It’s a thing. Amy gives Jake a quick “glad to have you back” kiss, and looks surprised. Maybe the demon left a little bit of danger in Jake that’ll take him out of the friend zone?

Amy and Raquel spend the next few weeks cleaning up the demon invasion. We check in with them right after number 36, on their way to an old church with a demon infestation. They’ve mastered their demonhunting techniques, showing complete confidence when confronted with 8 or 10 demons at once.

Amy is still seeing Tyler. Tyler still wants to know what happened on Halloween, when Raquel spiked the drinks and everyone disappeared.

Suzanne watches them from the rooftops, her decapitated head having been clumsily reattached to her body. She’s drinking blood from a two liter soda bottle.

It’s a good ending, if that’s where the series ends. They left so many avenues open to explore that I hope we get a few more seasons, though. We’re just getting started on the mythology. We don’t even know why Amy can see demons, or has prophetic dreams. Is Suzanne watching as friend or foe, and who tacked her head back on? How many more revenants are out there?

Callum’s body died, but his demon is floating around somewhere, betrayed, defeated and angry. Mercy’s out there, too, having helped Amy and Raquel. Sawyer and Harry are gone for now, but they could come back in different bodies. Might be a nice peace-offering from Mercy. She knows how to send demons back to Hell, maybe she knows how to call specific demons out. They’re going to need to help each other out when Callum comes looking for revenge.

Grade for the season= A