Supergirl Season 2 Episode 14: Homecoming Recap


Supergirl and Mon El spent the night together, leaving us with no doubt that Kara has been devirginized by the show. This doesn’t seem to have been her first time in-universe, because you’d think a romantic like Kara would make a bigger deal of it, but possibly it’s the first time she didn’t have to hold very, very still.

Mon El wakes up alone in Kara’s bed and wonders for a moment if he did something wrong, but then his natural cocky optimism returns, and he wonders if it was that good? As he gets up and moves around the apartment, we learn from the TV news that it must’ve been that good, maybe even better. Kara’s already prevented 5 armed robberies, taken over for a tugboat working in the harbor and delivered puppies! Mon El turned her world up to 11! Mon El is a hero! All of Kara’s early morning heroing happened because of him! You don’t deliver puppies for anything less than spectacular.

Kara arrives home, and the sex was so good that she brought him flowers and morning-after coffee. Those other guy(s) must’ve been serious disappointments. Mon El’s finally found his calling on Earth. Keep Kara happy and inspired so that she can be the best hero she can be.

I guess the other guys really were disappointments, because she’s broken 4 guys noses just by kissing them. What else has she broken?

Kara asks Mon El to keep their relationship a secret at the DEO, because she doesn’t want to face comments from everyone else. Mon El agrees, but then announces it the entire office as soon as they walk in the door. On Daxam, they throw a party, sometimes a parade, when new couples get together, he tells her, so she’s lucky he didn’t do more. I’m thinking the parade part might’ve only been because he was the prince. But, he’s right. It’s not like everyone in the office wouldn’t have figured it out by the end of the day. Neither of them is exactly subtle. And the opinions of friends and family are just something you have to live with.

J’onn informs them that they will have to fill out HR forms in triplicate and attend a sexual harassment seminar. Do people still fill out forms in triplicate that often? Aren’t these things usually digital now? Winn needs to update their system right away, if not. Pam in HR shouldn’t have to do all that filing like a glorified secretary.

Winn discovers that Cadmus is very obviously sending out a convoy of trucks. Kara and J’onn fly off to meet it. The two of them are able to take out all of the Cadmus goons easily. They discover that Alex and Kara’s father, Jeremiah Danvers, was being transported by the convoy and rescue him.

Everyone at the DEO is thrilled to have Jeremiah back, Alex especially. Jeremiah explains that Cadmus forced him to turn Hank Henshaw into Cyborg Superman, then kept him prisoner while he was forced to work on other projects. After he helped Kara and Mon El escape from Cadmus in The Darkest Place, he was tortured. His hand is extensively damaged from the torture. Alex examines it carefully.

Mon El points out that the way Cadmus was caught red-handed with the convoy and Jeremiah was recovered was just too easy, compared to the way Cadmus usually operates. Alex and Kara feel he’s being too paranoid. Jeremiah says that Cadmus has a nuclear fusion bomb that they forced him to create using the power that they drained from Kara. Jeremiah suggests that Winn look for Kara’s heat radiation signature, but he won’t be able to use that until the bomb is armed.

Mon El tries again to convince Kara to keep an eye on her father. Jeremiah lived with the enemy for many years, and could be being forced to do things that he wouldn’t want to do otherwise.


Kara throws a dinner party to welcome her dad home. Alex introduces Maggie to her dad. He’s thrown for a minute, but then supportive. Eliza is there, and Jeremiah tells her that they can make up for lost time. She tells him that they can’t, because it’s been too long. They’re going to have to start over and learn each other all over again.

J’onn arrives and Jeremiah makes a toast. He thanks J’onn for taking care of his daughters. Then he says that Cadmus made him dangerous, and he can’t leave his past behind, but he’d like to start back at the DEO ASAP. No one sees a problem with this except Mon El, who is shot down by Kara, as always. J’onn tells him he can start tomorrow, because we wouldn’t want to hurt the feelings of the guy who might be brainwashed. People never turn out to be lying, or to have been brainwashed or even to be impersonating someone else, J’ONN, do they?

Kara tells Mon El to say something nice to her dad to make up for his suspicions, like Mon El’s a five year old. But Mon El can’t bring himself to lie, which tells you something about his character.* He only makes things worse as he expands on all of the reasons that there are not to trust Jeremiah. Kara pulls him into another room, and we have our weekly “whatever Kara says, goes, and Mon El has no input into how this relationship works” rant from Kara. Jeremiah quickly jumps in to throw Mon El out, then waits outside the door to threaten him with exposing the secret of his identity to make sure that he won’t voice his suspicions again. Which isn’t suspicious at all.

Mon El meets with Winn at the intergalactic bar to make his case for keeping an eye on Jeremiah to someone who’s not so emotionally involved. Winn sees his point immediately, as any logical person would, and agrees to help. Lyra comes up to say Hi and make out. Mon El is thrilled for Winn, because he knows how to be a supportive friend and coworker.

J’onn gives Jeremiah his tour of the DEO and a new badge, then gives him the run of the place. Jeremiah runs straight off to hack the DEO’s mainframe. Winn is watching him and figures out what he’s doing. Winn and Mon El tell Kara, who questions Jeremiah.

Jeremiah is very smooth, and has his story ready. It was old case files from his daughters’ cases, so that he could catch up with their lives. Alex, who’s had a bit of a lobotomy this season, totally buys into this explanation. She accuses Kara of blindly doing whatever Mon El says, which is hilarious when you think about it. Kara explains that they need to stay objective and examine the situation keeping in mind that Jeremiah was with Cadmus for a long time. Alex won’t hear anything about it, and becomes threatening with Kara.

Winn goes on another date with Lyra. He and Mon El agree that Winn is a great partner, and Mon El is a terrible partner. Before I have a chance to voice an opinion, Winn’s alert goes off telling him that Cadmus is moving the bomb. The bomb isn’t where it was supposed to be, meaning it was a distraction to get the STRIKE Teams out of the DEO. Jeremiah goes Winter Soldier-style rogue, complete with robotic arm. Bucky should sue. The DEO is trashed, J’onn is beat up by the arm, and vital information is stolen. Mon El was being a good partner when he voiced his concerns, and sometimes even Kara needs a little protecting.

Winn was also a bad boy and put a tracker on Jeremiah, so they have a shot at finding him, even though he’s escaped. Alex has the sense to keep her mouth shut about trusting her father, this time.

Jeremiah meets Hank and Lillian in the forest to give them the information he stole from the DEO. Kara and Alex confront them. Hank destroys a railroad bridge to distract Kara. She flies off to save the train that’s about to cross. Lillian and Hank escape, but Alex stops her father. He tells her she won’t take him alive, and he’s working with Cadmus for her. She can’t bring herself to shoot him, so he escapes.


Later, Maggie finds Alex at home, drinking. Alex hasn’t told Maggie anything that’s happened that day. She ends up crying in Maggie’s arms.

Mon El finds Kara laying in a depressed stupor on her couch. He starts to talk, but then takes Winn’s advice, and asks her what she needs. She just wants him to be with her.

Winn figures out that Jeremiah stole the National Alien Registry. Lillian congratulates Jeremiah on his good work, and he reminds her that they have a deal. We see what looks like a giant space ship. Jeremiah may not be as pro-alien as he once was. Does he still really think of Kara as a daughter, or is she just an alien to him now?


OMG, Kara gave it up to a Daxamite. What would Laura Benanti think?

Winn asks if the new DEO facility is bomb proof, which, of course, it isn’t. They were so much better off in the underground facility. Easier to hide, easier to defend, easier to protect from radiation.

Mon El and Eliza sound very similar in their cautiousness around Jeremiah.

Why didn’t Alex notice that Jeremiah’s arm was robotic when she did the medical exam? The DEO really needs a budget increase so they can hire some qualified medical professionals.

No one but J’onn acknowledged that Mon El was right all along, and even he didn’t give Mon El credit to his face. Given how much time is spent telling Mon El he’s a failure, that would have been nice to see.

It was a little scary to see how quickly Kara was shut out of her adoptive family when she disagreed with them. That’ll be great for her abandonment issues. There is a nice little family of mostly aliens being built, with J’onn, Mon El, Lyra, and Winn, all of whom are otherwise alone in the world, and who want Kara as part of their family. They just need M’gann back to be the mama. Alex and Maggie are on the edge of that family, but, as we saw tonight, when it comes down to it, Alex has a birth family that comes first, even when it means betraying Kara.

Lillian now has a list of every alien in the country, and their address. This why registries are a bad idea. Do you hear me, Tony Stark?

Where has James been for the last two weeks? Getting superhero training with his pal Superman? Kidnapped, but nobody noticed? Or in the process of being written off the show, and out looking for work during pilot season?

Alex is no longer the strong, intelligent, rational professional that she was in season 1. Now, she’s Joss Whedon’s favorite kind of female heroine: the physically strong badass who can’t handle her emotions or personal life, and always needs to be rescued from the mistakes she makes due to her emotions clouding her judgement. Moment of silence for the amazing woman Alex used to be. I miss the woman who could play cat and mouse with genius inventor Maxwell Lord, and keep her cool through any crisis. It’s as if the writers decided someone had to be the “girl” in her relationship with Maggie, and since they wanted Maggie to be the more stand-offish, experienced one, it couldn’t be her. It would have been so much more fun to watch two strong, confident women in a flirty, sexy relationship, once Alex got past her initial uncertainty. But, what do I know? There’s no “girl” in my heterosexual marriage, either, so I’ve been doing it wrong for decades, according to Joss Whedon and the Berlantiverse.

Jeremiah: If I’m going to move forward I can’t ignore my past. Cadmus changed me, they tried to break me, but in the process, they made me dangerous. [Jeremiah told them that Cadmus had done terrible things to him and he couldn’t leave them behind. But Mon El was the only one who really heard what he was saying.]


*Yes, Mon El is a liar. In the immortal words of Dr Gregory House, everyone lies. Kara wanted to lie about their relationship this episode. If Mon El’s secret is that he’s the prince of Daxam, then there’s a few reasons he might be keeping up the lie. For one thing, he had to work hard to get past Kara’s prejudice against all Daxamites just to earn her friendship. Imagine how she’d feel if she knew that he was part of the family who made the unfair rules, enslaved the slaves, and handed out the excessive punishments. Second, people are looking for him. The fewer people who know who and where he is, the better. Kara is loyal and trustworthy, as long as she’s on your side. But would she be on his side if she knew who he was? We don’t know who’s looking for him, but he’d clearly rather not be found, and that should be respected. Third, Kara thinks of herself as a good person, and her planet as superior to Daxam, but her culture destroyed his planet along with their own. Her high-handedness is typical of Kryptonians. This is rarely acknowledged by the show, but it’s been there from the beginning. Mon El has good reasons not to trust her completely, and to withhold information until he’s sure that he can.