The 100 Season 4 Episode 11: The Other Side Recap


Things are getting tense on The 100. I know, they’re always tense, but with Praimfaya only two episodes away, it’s finally becoming real to everyone. This causes all kinds of behavior changes. People who thought they were ready to die suddenly want to live. People who’ve been threatening to die for years finally do. Sensible people don’t make sense. And the Grounders learn to cooperate.

The ‘previously” cruelly taunts me by showing Roan. At least his head is still alive in a glass jar on Agents of SHIELD.

Bellamy is still arguing with Jaha and Clarke. Not sure who’d ever win that stubborn-off. With Octavia involved, Bels isn’t going down easy. Clarke doesn’t have any real skin in this game, beyond the usual fight for the people. Jaha is just fighting for control and his ego, so his usual as well. Bellamy points out that he missed the election where Jaha got re-elected chancellor.

Abby comes in and breaks the stalemate. I knew she wouldn’t be okay with leaving Kane outside. She and Bellamy get on the radio to Octavia, who tells them that she won and decided to share the bunker with all of the clans. 100 people from each clan. Kane is keeping the people outside at bay. Bellamy says he’ll fix this.

Jaha comes into the office with a group of armed guards, including Miller, who seems to have turned to the dark side his boyfriend, Brian, was on last season. Bellamy insists that they open the door and honor Octavia’s plan. Jaha keeps reiterating that it’s not safe to let any Grounders in. He’s only willing to save the members of Skaikru who are already inside, despite the fact that the people outside don’t know that Skaikru stole the bunker yet, and are peacefully choosing who will enter from their clans. But Jaha is sure that having any Grounders involved in any way will lead to violence. Because Skaikru isn’t known for slaughtering innocent people. They didn’t do cullings, or murder Grounder armies while they slept. Jaha himself hasn’t put hundreds of people to death for petty crimes. Nope.

Jaha has Bellamy arrested, chained, locked in a dungeon room and guarded.

Raven is still working on going to space, but is doubting her plan. Her IVA suit wasn’t meant for EVA, and is proving difficult to convert. Then Raven has another seizure.

Back at the Ark, Jasper’s death cult is in full party mode. Monty is wearing a radiation suit and nagging them, apparently not having gotten the message that they’re serious about dying. Everyone has the beginnings of radiation sickness. Riley dies from an overdose of Jasper’s hallucinogenic tea. This gives Jasper the idea to make some that’s the right dose for everyone to go out like Riley did. Monty continues to nag Harper and Jasper to leave.

Clarke and Abby feel guilty for what they’re doing to save Skaikru. Jaha spews poison to justify their his actions. After Abby leaves, he tells Clarke that she’s stronger than Abby. He’ll release Bellamy after the death wave passes. Does Clarke really believe that Bellamy won’t murder them both the first chance he gets, and be justified in doing it? Jaha is sentencing Kane and Octavia to death for no reason, along with 800 other people who could fill those beds. Since when does Clarke just do what ever Jaha says? She’s become nothing more than his puppet. Logic alone says that his argument is deeply flawed. If he’s trying to save the human race, then 1200 is a much more genetically diverse number to start with, and a much larger number to withstand illness, famine and natural disasters.

Clarke has Murphy guard Bellamy, since he’s the only one she trusts to be selfish enough to ignore Bellamy’s cries. Bellamy practically chews his own paw off trying to escape.


Echo discovers that Skaikru has locked the bunker door, and threatens to tell the other clans. Why? Who knows. She wouldn’t get anything out of inciting panic. Octavia stops her, reminding Echo that Azgeda cheated during the Conclave. Echo agrees to keep quiet so that her clan can have a place in the bunker when Bellamy opens the door.

Abby arrives at the dungeon to treat Bellamy’s wounds. He convinces her to help him escape from the cell and open the bunker door. They disable Murphy easily, but opening the bunker door is a two-man operation, involving gaining entry to the main office. Bellamy says he intends to open the door or die trying.

Clarke goes to get some rest. She joins Nyla in bed. Nyla gently reminds Clarke that they were all supposed to be her people, but Clarke still believes, for no good reason, that opening the bunker door equals death for everyone.

Abby finds Jaha in the office. He has assumed the unquestioned position of leader. She tells him that she thinks they should open the door. He tells her this is the same situation as when she killed Jake. Jaha is being masterful in his manipulation during this episode. He’s got Abby and Kane separated, Clarke and Bellamy separated, Clarke to use as leverage against Abby, Abby and Bellamy to use against Clarke, and he’s weaving more and more exaggerations about what’s happening on the surface into every answer he gives to someone’s objections. He’s already declaring people dead who are still alive and healthy.

It was clear when they had the radio on that there wasn’t any panic going on around Octavia or the entrance, so they could have pulled Octavia and Kane in right then, plus a few more allies, at the least. But he doesn’t want that, so he cut the radio off. He wants to be the sole leader, so he’s trying to keep everyone else off kilter.

Abby stabs Jaha with a sedative injection when he stupidly consoles her over Kane’s “death.” She’s not giving up just yet. She lets Bellamy into the office and they figure out how the door system works. Bellamy heads to the door itself.

Clarke discovers Bellamy’s escape just as Bellamy reaches the bunker door. They have a stand-off at the door. Bellamy tells Clarke that this isn’t like the other times, when they had no other choice but to make the terrible decision. If she wants to leave all of those people to die unnecessary deaths, she’s going have to kill him. Clarke can’t do it. Bellamy opens the door.

Bellamy steps outside and into Octavia’s arms. She tells him that she knew he’d come through. He says he loves her. Octavia turns and tells the waiting clans, “We are one people and this is our home.”

Except for Echo, who Octavia denies entrance because she cheated during the Conclave. The rest of Azgeda’s chosen may enter.

Raven wakes up from her seizure to find Sinclair waiting for her. He helps her figure out a way to get the rest of ALIE’s code out of her head so that she has a chance to survive. The last trip into space and the space walk are off. What’s one more dropped plotline at the end of the world, after all? Instead, she creates a giant tub full of ice water so that she can stop her heart long enough for all electrical impulses to leave her brain. That should get rid of the code. Being kept cold will allow her brain to survive until she restarts her heart. She goes through with the process without a hitch. Too bad no one thought of it before the death wave was about to kill her. Guess she can spend the next five years alone in Becca’s bunker, or maybe the lab itself is deep enough under ground, not that these writers understand the science well enough to tell. Collect food fast, Raven! Or did the boat somehow end up on the island side of the water, so she can escape the island and die somewhere else? Personally, I’d head for the deepest part of the lab. It seems like a fun, well stocked place.


Monty finds Jasper looking at the red sky and moon caused by the approaching death wave. Jasper is dying from having drank the koolaid extra strong tea that he made for his suicide cult. Monty is extra slow this episode, because he’s continuously shocked that they all really intend to die. He and Jasper tell each other they love each other, and Jasper dies. I wish I wasn’t so happy to see him go. I liked his character seasons one and two, but he’s long overstayed his welcome.

Monty realizes that everyone else drank the tea, and runs out to check on Harper. Everyone else is already dead, but Harper is still alive and waiting for him to find her. She’s decided that she loves him and wants to live after all, because this season is about setting up exciting plot situations rather than making sense. Now we get to watch them spend the next episode or two racing to make it to Polis in time to be denied a place in the bunker. I can’t wait to watch more characters that I like die for stupids reasons. This is definitely making me think that The 100 is a brave, well written show. Who cares about complex, well written, consistent plots and characters? It’s all about suspense and cliffhangers, even if your show doesn’t make sense any more.

The other 11 clans are taking their places in the bunker. Skaikru needs to choose 100 survivors to stay. Jaha is reeling, wondering how he lost this fight. Octavia and Indra have no patience for him. Octavia reminds them that they have 12 hours. The death wave will be there in 24. Bellamy gets one of the beds. Other than that she doesn’t care. But every clan has had to reduce its population from hundreds or thousands to 100. Skaikru should be no different. Jaha looks like he hasn’t given up yet.


Major character assassinations going on in this episode. Miller, who resisted Pike and the City of Light, is now just fine with following Jaha. Harper inexplicably changes her mind about dying at the last second, putting Monty and herself in danger of not getting to the bunker on time, if they’re allowed in. Clarke becomes a zombie who’s unable to think for herself, or think much at all.

What was the point of Riley’s character?

Who knew Becca had a giant ice machine. She must have really liked her cold drinks.

Jasper’s suicide cult looked like it must have taken care of most of the original 100 who were still living. Only the named characters left, I’m guessing. Unless the writers cheat, which they definitely do.

Honestly, given the choice between death by radiation, fighting over the bunker because Jaha won’t stop ruining things, or quietly passing out, I can’t blame the kids. This show has chosen to become so dark that it’s pointless this season. Why would any of the characters want to survive, when the Earth will be a barren wasteland for centuries to come? The character deaths are coming so fast that I’ve become numb to them anyway.

At least Bellamy was given his heroic, redemptive moment. He rose to the occasion and saved the Grounders, not just his sister. It feels hollow, given the bleakness of the situation, but he did get it.