The 100 Season 4 Episode 13: Praimfaya Recap Plus Season 4 Review and Season 5 Speculation


What’s that in the sky? Not a bird, and not Superman, that’s for sure. It could be several other things, depending on where we are in this week’s season finale of The 100. Maybe it’s Clarke playing with a satellite dish, maybe it’s Becca’s rocket, maybe it’s a mysterious prison transport ship or maybe it’s the Death Wave. The 100 ends a chapter with this episode, and sets up its next era. Our babies are growing up.

Bellamy gets his goodbye with Octavia, finally, as they talk over the radio between Becca’s lab and the bunker. He shores up her confidence so that she can face leading Oneclan for the next five years, and she tells him that she loves him. The radio dies before he can say it back, and before Clarke gets to say goodbye to Abby, but Octavia knows how Bellamy feels, and Abby made sure that she and Clarke said goodbye before Clarke left for the island. Octavia and Bellamy were the ones who needed to talk, and he needed to hear that he’s forgiven and still loved. Bellamy’s reference to Octavia as Prometheus is disturbing, since, as she points out, Prometheus ends up being punished and living in perpetual torment until he’s rescued by Hercules. Foreshadowing?

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The 100 Season 4 Episode 9: DNR Recap


In a season which has largely been meant to set up the end of the season and season 5, this episode is even more guilty of mainly functioning as set up for the events of the rest of the season. Octavia and Ilian try being farmers, but Octavia still manages to kill people. Murphy and Emori try being part of Skaikru, but Emori can’t bring herself to trust them. Raven’s brain has a mind of its own. Roan and Echo outsmart Clarke and Indra, forcing them to give other clans a chance at the bunker. As with the rest of the season up until now, nobody’s plans play out exactly as they expect, and some seem like outright failures.

Murphy, Emori, and Raven are packing up essentials from Becca’s lab to bring to the Polis bunker. Emori doesn’t trust that someone will be back to pick them up. Raven assures her that, while Murphy and Emori are indeed expendable, Skaikru wouldn’t leave Raven herself behind, so Murphy and Emori will get to tag along. That’s not as reassuring to Emori as Raven probably thinks it will be, especially since Raven starts to go into another Grand Mal seizure immediately after she says it. The seizures form a new round of narrative dreamlike hallucinations, starring Becca the aeronautical engineer.

Skyripa as farm wife has arrived! She enjoys it about as much as expected. Ilian’s justification for Octavia’s field work, and the seeds he’s planting, is that the fields will be ready for whoever comes along after Praimfaya. He seems to still be missing some important facts about Praimfaya, like that it will destroy all life on Earth, and the ground will be too radioactive to grow things for years. At least he’s cute.

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The 100 Season 4 Episode 12: The Chosen Recap


It’s time for Culling number 4,652 on The 100. This time, Octavia is in charge, and, while it would be going too far to say she’s enjoying rubbing the irony of it all in to the Arkadians, she’s not pulling her punches, either. Clarke, Bellamy, and most of the rest of the younger generation of (still-living) named characters are on a time-sensitive quest of their own that takes them far from the bunker, as the Death Wave approaches. What could possibly go wrong?

The Grounders are herding the Arkadians out of their dorms and into the central meeting area. The Arkadians are clueless as to why, but Emori, ever the sharp survivor, picks up on the fact that only 100 spots are reserved for them, according to Octavia’s plan. Everyone who overhears her is stunned. Jaha takes a moment to guilt Bellamy about all of the people he’ll be murdering because he opened the door, since Jaha can’t do the math or open his eyes enough to look around and notice how much more crowded the bunker is suddenly. Pretty sure Bellamy just saved a net 800 lives. They just aren’t people who will listen to Jaha when he tries to play God.

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The 100 Season 4 Episode 8: God Complex Recap


It’s 10 days until Praimfaya. Desperation is setting in, causing some to become more ruthless, some to become more calculating, and some to party like it’s 1999.

It’s time to test out Luna’s bone marrow in the radiation chamber. Baylis is placed inside, still sedated, and the radiation is slowly turned up to 11 until it’s higher than the level of the Black Rain. Baylis survives Black Rain level radiation, but when the levels continue to increase, he writhes in pain as the radiation consumes him. He dies a horrible, painful death while the others watch.

The Ark lost 18 people to the Black Rain. They are holding funerals and burials by fire for the dead. Jaha gives the eulogies and lights the funeral pyres. He’s very comfortable being the prophet of the apocalypse after recruiting for ALIE for months. He’s also aware of the power that even appearing to be an authority figure holds.

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The 100 Season 4 Episode 11: The Other Side Recap


Things are getting tense on The 100. I know, they’re always tense, but with Praimfaya only two episodes away, it’s finally becoming real to everyone. This causes all kinds of behavior changes. People who thought they were ready to die suddenly want to live. People who’ve been threatening to die for years finally do. Sensible people don’t make sense. And the Grounders learn to cooperate.

The ‘previously” cruelly taunts me by showing Roan. At least his head is still alive in a glass jar on Agents of SHIELD.

Bellamy is still arguing with Jaha and Clarke. Not sure who’d ever win that stubborn-off. With Octavia involved, Bels isn’t going down easy. Clarke doesn’t have any real skin in this game, beyond the usual fight for the people. Jaha is just fighting for control and his ego, so his usual as well. Bellamy points out that he missed the election where Jaha got re-elected chancellor.

Abby comes in and breaks the stalemate. I knew she wouldn’t be okay with leaving Kane outside. She and Bellamy get on the radio to Octavia, who tells them that she won and decided to share the bunker with all of the clans. 100 people from each clan. Kane is keeping the people outside at bay. Bellamy says he’ll fix this.

Jaha comes into the office with a group of armed guards, including Miller, who seems to have turned to the dark side his boyfriend, Brian, was on last season. Bellamy insists that they open the door and honor Octavia’s plan. Jaha keeps reiterating that it’s not safe to let any Grounders in. He’s only willing to save the members of Skaikru who are already inside, despite the fact that the people outside don’t know that Skaikru stole the bunker yet, and are peacefully choosing who will enter from their clans. But Jaha is sure that having any Grounders involved in any way will lead to violence. Because Skaikru isn’t known for slaughtering innocent people. They didn’t do cullings, or murder Grounder armies while they slept. Jaha himself hasn’t put hundreds of people to death for petty crimes. Nope.

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The 100 Season 4 Episode 10: Die All, Die Merrily Recap


Welcome to the first and last annual Hundred Games! The winner will be whoever is the last warrior standing at the end of the fight to the death. No cheating, unless you really, really want to, and are a named character. Alliances are allowed, but discouraged, because, as usual, Grounders don’t really understand the meaning of the words cooperation, apocalypse, or last chance for survival. Even Roan, normally one of the most sensible characters on TV, has lost his mind on this one.

This is Octavia’s episode, on screen anyway. We’ll talk about the off screen machinations happening throughout the episode later. Bellamy finds her waiting to be called out to accept her place as champion for Skaikru and they have a moment. Then Clarke gives her a bit of reassurance before sending her out to the public platform. Gaia is acting as Master of Ceremonies. Stanley Tucci didn’t loan her his blue wig, but overall, Gaia’s always enjoyable to look at, so we’ll let it slide.

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The 100 Season 4 Episode 7: Gimme Shelter Recap


The Black Rain is finally here, and nobody’s really ready for it. But, it’s okay. If you have the right kind of protection, it barely affects you, mainly regular or recurring status on the show. The island gang is grappling with their own issues, and Emori realizes that it’s about time for a shocking death amongst the minor characters. She takes steps to make sure that this week an extra is chosen instead. This makes Harper very worried that she’ll be chosen soon. We also have another therapy session between Kane and Bellamy disguised as a dangerous, hopeless rescue attempt. Fun times, kids.

Octavia and Helios are riding through the forest after last week’s near miss with executing Lincoln Ilian. She knows Ilian is following her, because he’s a homeless puppy now who’s going to imprint on the last person who was nice to him. Octavia stops, grabs Ilian, and puts a knife to his throat. Ilian has the balls to tell her she won’t survive in the forest without him. Is that the best pick up line he’s got? He must think she accidentally wandered off the side of that cliff. He moves on to more sensibly offering to help her in exchange for her having spared his life.

We’re spared more of his awkward flirting by the arrival of the Black Rain. Octavia grabs Ilian up onto Helios with her, and they head for the nearest cave.

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The 100 Season 4 Episode 6: We Will Rise Recap


Almost exactly a year after Lincoln’s death, the Arkadians become an angry mob again, and someone ends up on their knees, waiting to be executed. This time, Octavia is the one holding the gun, and she’s forced to confront her dependence on violence and killing as a coping mechanism. Almost exactly a year after Lexa’s death, a stray arrow seems to kill the hope of creating more night bloods. It’s another disappointment in the long line of disappoints suffered while trying to find a way to survive the radiation.

It’s starting to rain as the Ark is burning. Jaha watches as the rain dampens the fire, and Arkadians start to salvage what they can. Jasper notes that it’s not Black Rain. This prompts Jaha to give us the show’s definition of Black Rain, because we are undoubtedly going to see it before long. Jaha says:

“When it comes it’ll be colorless. [Jasper: How will we know?] Pain. Chaos. Death.”

Jasper gives Jaha another of his patented nihilistic speeches and wanders off. Jaha hasn’t given up hope yet. I prefer Jaha to Jasper at this point, and that frightens me. Jaha looks down at the seal from the doomsday cult with the bomb shelter that wasn’t sealed. Jaha, I’m glad you’re still thinking about alternatives. Shouldn’t they be considering building bomb shelters, or looking for deep caves? Virginia is riddled with cave systems.

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The 100 Season 4 Episode 5: The Tinder Box Recap


Okay, let’s all breathe. This episode was a tough one. Arkadia’s Mama Bear and Science Genius are facing threats to their lives, and the Ark is gone. We knew it was coming, based on the Season 4 poster, but the enormity of the loss didn’t hit me until it was actually burning. They haven’t just lost a potential lifeboat. They’ve lost their homes, their possessions, their medical supplies, their computers and all of the generations of knowledge stored there, their weapons, their farming equipment that wasn’t outside, their food supplies, everything. I don’t understand why someone hasn’t already shot Ilian between the eyes, but, based on the fact that they cast a cute young male actor to play him, he’ll probably be with us for a while. Cute boys can be forgiven anything in the CW world, and often in our own. 😡

Abby, Jackson and Raven have taken over Becca’s lab to try to recreate night blood. Raven hallucinates herself floating, then has a grand mal seizure.

Back in Arkadia, Niylah has brought the food she dries for the group. The hunters have been less successful than usual, probably because the increasing radiation is killing off the bottom of the food chain. Clarke has given Niylah a radio, and makes sure she has it charged.

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The 100 Season 4 Episode 4: A Lie Guarded Recap


After I threatened to never speak of Jasper again in last week’s recap, he earned his keep this week, starting with the screen cap above. Yep, Jaha finally got floated. While I’m starting to feel like I need to post a Talking Dead-style “Who Did We Lose This Week and How?” montage every February and May, unfortunately Jaha wasn’t one of this week’s losses. He’s this series’ archvillain/cockroach, that guy they can never quite get rid of, and always want to find a way to redeem, because they see themselves in him. Or Isaiah Washington has an excellent contract lawyer whom the rest of the cast should hire immediately.

Instead, we lost another series-long recurring character this week, and the loss was barely acknowledged. I’ll look at that in more detail after the episode summary.

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