Travelers Renewed for Season 3 by Netflix Exclusively [Updated 3/15/18]


Update 3/15/18: The renewal has been announced officially, but Showcase is no longer a producing partner. Travelers season 3 will be produced exclusively by Netflix.

My full post., and are reporting that Travelers has been quietly renewed and will start production at the end of March, with the usual release date schedule. None have any more details than that at the moment. I’ll update when more info becomes available, but for now, YAY! 🥂👏🏽🎉🍩💃💖😸

Still waiting on Altered Carbon.

Here are the very brief Travelers renewal reports:




“Travelers 03” has a listing in the 3/1 issue of Production Weekly, a trade journal for TV and film professionals that “continuously tracks and compiles up-to-date data on projects in various stages of development, both domestically and international.”


Photo Credit: Showcase/ Netflix